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Supplement, Fall 1999

classic car installations

Windshield Installation on the
1967-1972 Chevrolet Pickup

by The Performance Achievement Group

With the significant technological advances in windshield installation and materials during the past ten years, it can be difficult for a young newly-minted installer to know how to work on “classic” cars from the 1950s and 1960s. In an effort to help these installers AGRR magazine and The Performance Achievement Group will detail an installation of an older car found on America’s highways.

1. Removing the Existing Windshield: Remove the wipers by using a wiper removal tool and pulling the wiper arms upward and away from the post. The windshield and backlite design uses a rubber gasket for installation. To remove the windshield, push outward on the glass from inside the vehicle while easing the gasket off the pinchweld. Start this process in the upper corner and work across the top and down the sides.

2. Preparing for the Installation: With the inside surface of the glass facing upward, place the gasket on the replacement glass. You may apply sealant between the glass and gasket before or after placing the gasket on the glass.

3.Installing the Moulding: If the glass has chrome moulding, you will need to place the moulding in the gasket before installing the gasket into the vehicle. The chrome moulding is a three-part unit. One section of the moulding fits across the top and the other sections fit along each side and half of the bottom, respectively. Begin moulding installation by placing the glass on a windshield cradle with the outer surface facing upward.

Fit a side section of the moulding into the slot in the bottom corner of the gasket. Slide the moulding across the gasket, stopping in the center. Next, ease the gasket over the lip of the moulding across the bottom and up the sides. Be sure the moulding is set entirely into the gasket. Repeat the procedure for the other side. Now slide the ends of the top moulding into the upper corners of the sidepieces. Work the gasket over the moulding as you did for the sidepieces. If the gasket falls off, continue to install the moulding and use a stick to apply the gasket and moulding onto the glass.

Turn the glass over so the inside surface faces the ceiling. Place a 1/4- or 3/8-inch rope into the slot in the gasket beginning in the bottom center area. Insert the rope into this slot around the entire windshield. Overlap the end of the rope a few inches, fold up the rope onto the glass and apply tape to prevent the rope from falling. Apply a small bead of sealant along the outer edge of the gasket where it will meet the pinchweld.

4.Installing the Glass: Place the full glass assembly into the opening of the vehicle by placing the bottom edge onto the pinchweld and centering the unit into the opening. From inside the vehicle, place your arm around the outside of the glass and apply pressure by pulling the unit against the pinchweld. Applying suction cups to the inside of the glass and pulling can also do this. With slight pressure applied, begin slowly pulling the rope parallel to the glass and toward the center, keeping the gasket moving over the pinchweld and inside the vehicle. Continue this process on both sides of the windshield by working across the bottom and half way up the side. Be sure both ridges of the gasket have come over the pinchweld.

Apply downward pressure on the unit to ensure the bottom is set properly into the pinchweld. Again, apply inward pressure from the outside of the glass and proceed up the side and across the top. You will most likely need to follow the rope with a hook to be sure the gasket is completely over the pinchweld. Continue across the top to the opposite corner. Now, work up the remaining side and pull the upper corner of the gasket over the pinchweld. You will need to pull on both ends of the rope. Apply pressure from the outside and work the gasket over the pinchweld with a hook or plastic stick in areas that did not set. Finally, install the wipers and detail the installation.

The Performance Achievement Group runs a training school for auto glass installers in Madison, WI.


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