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Supplement, Fall 1999

Tech Tips
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Ask the Doctor

by Walt Gorman

Q: I have had some problems with simple star breaks “running.” This usually happens when the temperature is generally in the mid 80s and I try to use minimal pressure with my injector.

The outdoor temperature can be in the 85- to 90-degree range, but inside the vehicle heat build-up could be from 100 to 110 degrees. In hot weather, always open all the windows and get the vehicle in shade because a large temperature differential between the inner and outer lites of glass is a major cause of cracked windshields.

Also, be aware that the laminates soften in hot weather. In addition, too much pressure could cause a halo or daisy effect.

Q:I have a great deal of trouble when repairing a surface crack. I almost always get air in it and have to go over it again and again.

Slide your injector slowly along the crack, applying pressure lighter and keeping the resin -inch ahead of the injector. If you get your injector ahead of the resin you will surely trap air in the break.

Q:I have been told that there is a type of resin used for windshield repairs other than ultraviolet (UV) light. How does it differ?

As you know, UV light and the absence of oxygen cure UV resin. The other type is a two-part resin. It is mixed just prior to the repair and the amount of catalyst or hardener added determines how long it will take to cure.

Q:I have been in the windshield repair business for several years and am concerned that someone with little or no experience, but is a good test taker, will be able to pass the Certification Test and will be assumed to be my technical equal.

That is an understandable concern, but in order to take the exam a person must:

• Have been in the auto glass repair business for at least six months and personally completed 200 or more repairs; or

• Have successfully completed an auto glass repair training course and completed at least 200 repairs.

 wpe16.jpg (1539 bytes)Walt Gorman is the owner and founder of A-1 Windshield Repair Inc. in Seekonk, MA. He also runs a training school for windshield repair technicians.


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