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Supplement, Fall 1999

Our technician of the month

by Neal Golding

I am so excited to be part of this new publishing endeavor: AGRR magazine. The editors of this magazine made me an offer I could not refuse. They said I could write about any industry subject of my choice. Wow! That sounds easy enough. After contemplating a variety of topics, my thoughts turned to the men and women of the industry that actually go out and get the jobs done. Specifically, I am referring to the auto glass technicians, the group that constitutes the highest portion of people in the auto glass industry. Other than certification, the auto glass technician is rarely recognized for his/her skills and abilities. This column is about to change all that.

In each issue, I will profile an outstanding auto glass technician. Why? Because choosing to become and remain an auto glass technician is a choice to be a growth-oriented professional. This column will give readers insight regarding the personal and professional attributes of an auto glass technician. Aspiring trainees will learn what it takes to succeed as a technician. And finally, those technicians who agree to become the focus of a profile will experience a high level of personal pride and achievement and be the “centerfold” for a month.

This profile column is not recruiting in disguise. It is designed to showcase the achievements of individuals who demonstrate pride in their chosen profession. Let’s face it, our industry rides on the backs of these skilled professionals. Let’s give them their due. I would be nave to conclude that auto glass companies do not recognize its employees. On the contrary, many auto glass companies in the country implement outstanding recognition programs. But most of these programs are for internal use only. This column is designed for external use and for those companies that may not have a recognition system.

And now to you, the professional auto glass technician. On behalf of the auto glass industry, I want to know everything about you! When and why did you choose this as your career? What are your excellent professional skills? What secret techniques are you willing to share? What makes you happy? What makes you mad? What are your hobbies? This is your chance to share yourself with the auto glass world. C’mon don’t be shy. You deserve the recognition.

I realize this type of personal exposure is not for everyone. Therefore, with the help of AGRR magazine, you will need to submit an application as a candidate for the bimonthly profile. After a winner is chosen, he or she will be given an extensive phone interview. We want to really know you so we may accurately share your story with our readers. We will also request photos for the winner. If you are not immediately chosen, we intend to keep all applications alive and review them prior to each issue.

I hope all readers interpret this profile column as a good faith effort to recognize the outstanding individuals in our talent pool of professional auto glass installers. Without dedicated and high esteemed installers, our industry would still be perceived as a backyard garage supplier. Be proud of what you do and send in your applications soon. Remember, we’re looking for a few good men or women.


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Neal Golding is the CEO of Keystone Auto Glass in Toledo, OH.


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