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Supplement, November 2000

Introducing... new products

Glasslam Introduces Fire-Resistant Coating

Glasslam NGI of Pompano Beach, Fla., recently introduced a new fire-retardant coating, FR2000, which has passed the ASTM E-84 Steiner Tunnel Test for flame spread and smoke emission.

According to the company, the two-part polymer coating offers a standard wood door one-hour fire rating, yet reduces the cost of the door itself. Glasslam says FR2000 is available in a range of sizes and can be applied by various modes, including brush, roller or spray.




Amesbury Lengthens Window Lives

The Amesbury Group of Amesbury, Mass., has developed a coating for glazing beads which it says will provide the beads with extended weatherability and a high tolerance for heat. By covering each piece of hardware with chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the beads are able to tolerate high temperatures of up to 217 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the company. Likewise, the company has tested its new coated glazing beads in an ultraviolet simulated weathering machine, where they withstood more than 3,000 hours of weathering. The beads, once completed with the chlorinated-PVC, hold lites of glass within a window or door, making weatherability an important feature.


LCS Updates Corner Key

LCS Precision Molding of Elysian, Minn., has introduced a new innovation, Locking Corner Key Technology. According to the company, the piece of hardware is particularly useful when replacing corner keys that require screws or staking. LCS suggests installers employ its lock corner keys in screen corners, storm windows, composite profiles and clad corners.

In addition, LCS has created a gasket coupled with the locking feature that, when used with a sealant, insures against moisture leakage, according to the company. LCS says some of the corner keys are even designed with gaskets to join and seal at a mitered corner.


Automated Window Machinery Rolls Out New Line

An array of new products for the vinyl and aluminum industry are available from Akron, Ohio’s Automated Window Machinery. The company now serves as the U.S. distributor for Emmegi products, which are already distributed throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. The line includes more than 30 new products, including the Super-V-Cut sawing center. The Super-V-Cut is able to cut two profiles simultaneously in a working cycle of seven seconds, according to the company.


Graco Heats Things Up

Graco Inc., based in Minneapolis, is heating up the market with its new Therm-O-Flow™ Plus system. The system features heated, ram-mounted supply pumps which transfer hot-melt and warm-melt sealants and adhesives up to 204-degrees Celsius for industrial and automotive applications, according to the company. In addition, Therm-O-Flow systems have a Teflon® inductor plate, heated outlet hose, heated dispense valve and a patented MegaFlo™ plate. Graco says its brand-new MegaFlo plate offers quick melt-rate applications, an advanced pump heat design and new electronic controls.

In addition, the new system employs Graco’s Check-Mate pumps, which the company says are designed to deliver high output and reliability even when pumping thick sealants and adhesives. Graco says its newest system has been used successfully for dispensing insulating glass sealants, laminating, bookbinding and dispensing sealants for automotive door panels.


ULTRAFAB Speeds Weatherstripping

ULTRAFAB Inc. of Farmington, N.Y., has developed a new manufacturing process to produce pile weatherstripping on a kerf-mounted base. According to the company, its new line of products for making this process easier is ideal for low closing force and sliding applications in vinyl, aluminum and wood windows or doors with .078- or .125-inch kerf retention slots. The line includes the Ultra Pile®, Ultra Fin®, Soft Touch Fin®, Tri-Fin® and Ultra Reach®, each of which is available in a range of pile heights, densities and colors.


REHAU Introduces 600
Series Sash System

REHAU Incorporated of Leesburg, Va., offers its 600 series double-hung window replacement sash system. The system is designed for a traditional wood window frame and fits with a range of jamb liners, according to the company. The sash system features dual weather stripping at the meeting rail, along with reinforcements to strengthen the entire system. Designed with double-wall construction and internal screw bosses, the sash’s corners are miter-cut and fusion-welded to fortify its joints and to protect the window from air and water penetration, according to REHAU. The 600 series is available in white or beige.


Roto Hardware Systems Feeling Secure

Roto Hardware Systems of Essex, Conn., has two new additions to its line of door and window hardware—the SBML single-point sliding door lock and the new G5 locking system for wood and vinyl casement windows. The first, the SBML single point sliding door lock, complements Roto’s existing multi-point patio sliding door options, according to the company. Among the lock’s other features, Roto says it installs easily and fits into narrow stiles. In addition, the lock is available in an array of trim designs and finishes.

Roto’s other newest product, the G5 non-handed locking bar system, features mushroom-head-style locking pins for security and adjustable locking pin bars for improved field adjustments. The system, which can be used with either wood or vinyl casement windows, includes a removable handle and is available in various powder coatings and architectural finishes.

TruSeal Increases Footage on Swiggle® Seal Spools

TruSeal Technologies of Beachwood, Ohio, has increased the footage included in each of its Swiggle® Seal spool packages. The wraps of Swiggle will now be closer together, due to a reduction in paper width, allowing more footage to fit on each spool. “This change is part of our ongoing effort to help customers increase insulating glass room efficiency,” said Lori Postak, market manager. “The footage increase will result in fewer spool changes, less downtime, fewer boxes to order and reduced storage requirements.”

The change will affect all ¼-, 7/16, ½-, and 11/16-inch spools of Swiggle, along with a few other non-standard spool sizes.

Custom Service Hardware Promotes Products

Custom Service Hardware Inc. is busily promoting its glass and wood panel moldings, which are now in stock. According to the company, its moldings make glass replacement easier, keep glass from rattling when a door is closed and provide a finished look when installed around corners of doors. Made from a soft rubber, the company says the moldings also fit easily around curved door shapes, cut cleanly and sit securely within the frame.

In addition, Custom Service Hardware also is encouraging buyers, installers and manufacturers to check out its newest, updated tape measures, MeasurePro Centering Tapes. According to the company, the MeasurePro Centering Tapes not only measure, but also display fractions on the top line and indicate the centered measurement in red along the bottom. The tape measures are available in two sizes, 27-foot with a 1-inch blade and 16-foot with a ¾-inch blade.

Truth Hardware Develops Two New Window Operators

Truth Hardware of Owatonna, Minn., is introducing two new products, the Rear Mount Maxim® Operator and the Ellipse® Operator. The Rear Mount Maxim Operator, designed for use with casement and awning windows, utilizes a sealable-case to help reduce air and water infiltration, according to the company. In addition, the operator, made specifically for the aluminum and composite window market, is compatible with casements as large as 40- by 84-inches and awnings up to 60-inches wide.

Likewise, Truth Hardware’s new Ellipse Operator has a sealable case, created by placing a special lip around the operator’s base that accepts a gasket and thus seals itself. The company says that in addition to blocking out water and air, the sealable case also makes for a less messy installation process by eliminating the need for slow, expensive caulking.


Hy-Lite® Introduces Versatile New Product

Hy-Lite Products Inc. has established a new line of eight perimeter trims and muntins for its windows, panels and partitions. The Beaumont, Calif.-manufacturer of acrylic block windows says the new product covers caulk lines and the perimeters of its acrylic block products. “Builders and remodelers can offer this trim package to homeowners as a terrific way to add a personal touch to a home,” said Mike Shon, vice president and general manager.


Weather Shield Creates Coats of Many Colors


Weather Shield Windows & Doors has three new Flexicolor exterior finishes for its all-wood and aluminum-clad window and door exteriors: brick red, woodland green and cameo. According to the company, all three of the new colors resist fading, chipping, peeling, cracking, blistering and chalking. In addition, Weather Shield has its own line of standard exterior finishes including western adobe, Hartford green, desert tan and painter’s white.

“The new Flexicolor choices allow architects, builders and remodelers to easily customize a residential or commercial project,” said Bob Eckert, director of marketing and communications.


H-O Products Corp.
Offers New Adhesives

H-O Products Corp. of Winsted, Conn., is attempting to relieve the stress and high costs of installing simulated divided lite windows with its newest line of mounting tapes. The series includes three adhesives, SUP-R-MOUNT™, SGT Tape, and BGT Tape. SUP-R-MOUNT has a solid, clear, acrylic base with double-acrylic adhesive; SGT Tape is made up of high-density polyurethane tape with double-acrylic adhesive; and, BGT Tape is comprised of cross-linked, closed-cell polyethylene tape with double-acrylic adhesive, according to the company. Each tape is available in a variety of thicknesses from .020- to .125 inches.




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