Supplement, November 2000

WDMA Opens Up


Welcome to Our World

by alan j. campbell

The Window & Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) welcomes Door & Window Maker magazine to our world. We are delighted to be a part of this new publication’s premier issue. It is most appropriate that we join forces with the magazine’s publisher, as the objectives of this publication, and those of the WDMA, run parallel so obviously.


A Bit of History

For more than 73 years, the WDMA has boasted a record of serving the interests of window and door manufacturers across the country. Since our founding in 1927 under the name of the National Door Manufacturers Association, our sole purpose has been to promulgate policies that advance quality manufacturing for our members and quality products for their customers—the exact same objectives as this new publication.

Through a merger with Ponderosa Pine Woodwork in 1946 and a name change to the National Wood Window & Door Association in 1975, we never wavered in our commitment to quality products and service to the customer. Now, as we enter this new century with a new, more encompassing name, our objective remains the same and is strengthened through a strategic plan adopted over the past two years.


Strategic Plan

This strategic plan contains several basic doctrines. These include promoting the interests of the window, skylight and door industries while enhancing the WDMA position of leadership. We also look to formulate and promote high standards of performance for the products we produce, and we seek to increase the use of our products throughout the world. In addition, we collect and disseminate pertinent industry data. Finally, we want to serve as the focal point for the exchange of technical expertise throughout the industry.

The more than 140 members of this association, including 64 regular (or manufacturer) members, 66 associate members and 11 professional members, work together on committees and task forces to accomplish these objectives through a variety of programs. Bolstered by an experienced professional staff, these committees constantly seek to improve how we—our industry and our members—operate our businesses.

Working with our highly-competent professional staff, members of the association strive to be the leading information source concerning issues impacting the window, door and skylight industries. Our partnership with this new publication promises to strengthen that role even further.

One of the major association activities over the years has been the development of standards for manufacturing a variety of products. Under the auspices of the various standards committees, this ongoing process seeks to ensure that the products we produce meet the highest possible manufacturing criteria.

These WDMA standards are available from our offices, as well as other literature offerings, including a series of test methods. In addition, we publish a Specifiers Guide to windows and doors that is a compendium of all relevant WDMA standards and informational literature as well as a variety of publications concerning issues related to the industry.

Hallmark Certification Program

Perhaps our most exciting effort to date is the establishment of the WDMA Hallmark Certification Program. This program gives builders, contractors and architects a method of identifying windows, doors and skylights manufactured in accordance with WDMA standards. Under the program, manufacturers demonstrate conformance to the standards, thus becoming eligible to participate. For example, the program features a design pressure rating for window, skylight and patio door products. This rating is based upon the particular product’s performance on such measures as air infiltration, resistance to water penetration and strength to structural test loads. This conformance is determined by in-plant inspections of the manufacturing facilities and by sampling and testing of products at independent, certified test labs. The manufacturer receives a certification number along with marking devices for applying the Hallmark to conforming products.

Products certified under the program include window units, sliding patio doors, water-repellent preservative treatments for millwork, skylights, roof windows, swinging patio doors and wood flush doors. The program gives specifiers assurance that the products they choose for their projects meet the highest possible manufacturing standards.

Any or all of these publications are available from our offices at 1400 East Touhy Avenue, Suite 470, Des Plaines, IL 60018-3337. Phone us at 847/299-5200 or fax us at 847/299-1286. You may also contact us by e-mail at For an ongoing look at our activities, visit our website at

Having said all that, I return to the main purpose of writing this piece—to welcome our new partner in our efforts, Door & Window Maker magazine. We trust that our relationship will be a long and fruitful one, with the major winners being the readers—quality manufacturers and suppliers of windows, doors and skylights.


wpe6.jpg (2957 bytes)Alan J. Campbell, CAE, serves as president of the Window and Door Manufacturers Association, based in Des Plaines, Ill.


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