Volume 2   Issue 3               Fall 2001

Introducing... new products


Bystronic Promotes TPS Technology

Bystronic Inc. of Hauppauge, N.Y., has available its thermo plastic spacer (TPS) technology, which it says enables architects and specifiers to design structural glazing with gas-filled, silicone-sealed insulating glass for the first time. According to Bystronic, TPS technology has been used all over the world for more than six years, with certified lab evaluations predicting a life expectancy of more than 80 years.

TPS technology can be used in insulating glass units for both commercial and residential applications. Its properties include thermal insulation and low condensation, which increase energy savings and provide enhanced occupant comfort, according to the company. The technology is equipped with a flexible edge seal, which reduces the stress load from other technologies, Bystronic says. Likewise, the black spacer is invisible from normal angles. TPS also permits flexibility in the design and application of insulating glass, most any shape and up to 4-sided stepped units.


CRL Releases Husky Retrofit Overhead Concealed Door Closer

Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has introduced a new Husky Retrofit overhead concealed door closer, according to John Geukens, product manager. “This new Husky ‘Retro’ Overhead Concealed Door Closer incorporates a spindle set in the diamond position, instead of a squared position at 0 degrees.” He continued, “This enables door installers to retrofit existing pre-1998 Kawneer original-style ‘Husky’ closers without the need to change the door arm, which requires a diamond-pattern spindle engagement. With the addition of our optional ‘Husky’ retrofit clips for either 4- or 4 ½-inch headers, the existing closer can be replaced without the need to replace any additional door hardware. The existing center-hung or offset arms can be used, as well as the existing pivots.”

The Husky retrofit overhead door closers are available in 105-degree hold-open and non hold-open styles, with regular-duty spring tension and an 8.5-pound model for exterior door applications in compliance with American Disabilities Act regulations. Also available from CRL is a full range of standard overhead concealed closers and accessories, including a diamond pattern, husky-type, end-load and center-hung replacement arm.


Ultra Hardware Offers Eternity Finish

Ultra Hardware LLC of Pennsauken, N.J., is introducing the Eternity Finish product line. The line includes locksets, deadbolts, house numbers, door knockers, letter slots, kick plates, hinges, coat hooks, sash locks, surface bolts, cabinet knobs and pulls, flagpole holders and wreath hooks.

The Eternity Finish line is manufactured with a physical vapor deposition finish that the company says is four times harder than brass or gold and provides levels of adhesion that are unattainable via wet electroplating. The company says the line won’t tarnish, corrode or discolor, and comes with a lifetime warranty.


Vinyl Doctor Releases PVC Glue

Vinyl Doctor of Portland, Ore., has released its new patented PVC glue for use in the manufacture and repair of window frames. According to the company, the Vinyl Doctor glue creates cosmetically pleasing, weatherized seams, mull connections, miter joints and screw penetrations. In addition, the glue melts and combines with the existing extrusion, forming a tough, durable bond, the company says. The glue also can be color-matched to standard window frames and is 100 percent compatible with PVC.

Amesbury Lengthens Window Lives

The Amesbury Group of Amesbury, Mass., has developed a coating for glazing beads which it says will provide the beads with extended weatherability and a high tolerance for heat. By covering each piece of hardware with chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the beads are able to tolerate high temperatures of up to 217 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the company. Likewise, the company says it has tested its new coated glazing beads in an ultraviolet simulated weathering machine, where they withstood more than 3,000 hours of weathering. The beads, once completed with the chlorinated-PVC, hold lites of glass within a window or door, making weatherability an important feature.


G-U Hardware Expands Line

G-U Hardware Inc. of Newport News, Va., has expanded its line of corrosion-resistant and stainless steel window and door hardware. The complete line of multi-lock door hardware features stainless steel faceplates, strikes and flush bolts for doors, stainless steel multi-lock bars and hinges for casement windows, PVC levers and trim kits for doors, new stainless steel trim kits for doors and the company’s composite-based operator for PVC casement and awning applications.

LCS Extends Muntin Family

LCS Precision Molding of Elysian, Minn., has introduced its second generation of adjustable muntin-to-muntin connectors. The LCS500 and LCS550 series of muntin connectors reduce the fabrication time for non-traditional muntin shapes, according to the company. Both feature a secure center connection.

The LCS500 is a non-traditional connector option that allows the use of butt-cut muntins for additional fabrication time savings, according to the company. The LCS550 features a center button that conceals muntin ends and is available in colors or brass plating. Both connectors are available in most muntin sizes, according to the company.


ODL to Unveil Products at NSDJA

ODL of Zeeland, Mich., plans to release its Dimensions™ line and its Light-Touch® raise/lower blind at the NSDJA convention in October (see page 76 for more info). According to the company, the blind is built in between clear insulating glass in doorlites and allows the consumer to control light and privacy with the touch of a finger. The blinds tilt a full 180 degrees and are sandwiched between tempered safety glass.

ODL’s Dimensions line consists of doorlites, transom and sidelites with BREAKTHROUGH® resistant glass. According to the company, the doorlites incorporate a new contemporary pattern of intricate design and elegant shapes made of a triple-layered decorative panel featuring laminated glass, resin and glass.



NAPG Offers Extrusions; Introduces 2300 Series Door 

North American Profiles Group (NAPG) of New York, which includes the former companies of Fiberlux and Enerpro, has available a number of vinyl lineals for framing windows and doors, along with its own series of windows and doors. NAPG’s series 2300 door is equipped with an extra wide, 3 ½-inch sash and is available in a variety of configurations, colors and kick panels. In addition, the company says the series 2300 has been approved by the National Fenestration Rating Council and the Canadian Window and Door Manufacturers Association. Its frame has also been certified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association and the American Society of Testing Materials.

NAPG guarantees that its hollow-core extrusions and glazing and sash options will not blister, fade, peel, rot or warp, will operate smoothly for years, are virtually maintenance-free and are energy-efficient and sound reducing.

Spectra Provides Aluminum Extrusions

Spectra Aluminum Products Inc. of Woodbridge, Ontario, offers its aluminum extrusions for framing windows and doors. The company also provides both paint and anodizing finishing. In addition, Spectra offers CAD design and project planning, bright dip and etched custom anodizing, pre-anodized mechanical processing (buffing, grinding and custom surface finishes), organic dying for full-color spectrum, full-color range of paint and powder coating, custom fabrication, automated packaging and material handling and transportation logistics for global delivery.



RSL Fabricates with Glasslam Laminations

RSL Inc. of Egg Harbor, N.J., is now using Glasslam’s lamination to fabricate an array of styles of security glass, including the Grooved Elegance and Ornate Bevel series. Both series are available in eight different sizes. The company plans to debut two new series of decorative glass, the Longport and Asbury Series, developed with Glasslam’s technology at the National Sash and Door Jobbers Association’s show in October in Reno, Nev. (see page 76 for more info). While both of these are manufactured with plastic resins, RSL says both look like high-quality glass products with three-dimensional bevels and patterns.

In addition, RSL is marketing Glasslam’s Breakthrough® resistant lamination. According to RSL, this laminate reduces sound transmission by 40 percent, blocks 99 percent of ultraviolet rays and protects the glass from forced penetration. The company says glass equipped with this laminate can withstand the force of a .22-caliber bullet.


Beveled Glass without the Beveling Process

To bring the look of beveled glass to windows and doors without the beveling process, 3M, Glass Equipment Development (GED) and Silver Line Building Products have joined forces to create 3M™ Accentrim products.

According to a news release, Accentrim products are available in ½-, ¾- and 1-inch edge bevel and V-groove patterns, and are applied professionally either manually, for existing home and business applications, or with automated equipment for high-volume applications in manufacturing products such as windows and doors.

Originally developed by 3M, the company partnered with Silver Line in 1999, who worked with 3M on development and testing procedures. GED created the automated equipment that would be needed to apply the product for large-scale users, such as Silver Line. 

According to information from GED, the new application table creates the look of beveled glass quickly and at an affordable cost. GED says the machine comes equipped with user-friendly software that allows the operator to save and recall a variety of patterns, colorful visual aids for assistance in calculating and entering position values and a maintenance screen that allows for adjustment of system variables or the fine-tuning of table operations. 

According to the release, the first two levels of automated application equipment are available now. The equipment applies the products in either horizontal and vertical directions on a standard-size lite of glass in less than three minutes.


Fleetwood Redesigns Norwood Exterior Multi-Slide System

Fleetwood Windows & Doors of Corona, Calif., has designed a screen upgrade for the Norwood 3070EX exterior multi-slide and pocket system. According to the company, the standard screen for this sliding system is already heavy, but the new upgrade is more substantial in weight, and is available up to 12-feet tall. The product also is available in four stock finishes and thousands of custom colors, according to the company.


Metallon Completes Production on Initial Orders

Just one month after the introduction of its METALLON™ finishes, METALLON Inc. of Parkersburg, W.Va., has completed production on initial orders coated with the product at its West Virginia facility. According to a news release, METALLON is being used as an upgrade option for products such as Hy-Lite’s® acrylic block windows, Style Solutions™ urethane millwork and trim moldings and on frames of Simonton Metallure™ windows.


Spectrum Opens Doors with Customized Transoms

Spectrum Door Lites of Terrebonne, Quebec, has available a number of services and ways to customize the glass in its doors. The company can change the glass texture and color according to its sample glass chart, which is composed of more than 50 different pieces of glass. In addition, Spectrum offers a number of caming finishes, including plated gold, plated copper, plated chrome, plated bronze, plated black satin, patina and natural lead. The company says it will make transoms in any size and style the customer desires.


Demountable Concepts Introduces Truck Body System

Demountable Concepts of Glassboro, N.J., has available a demountable truck body system which allows a standard, straight truck to utilize multiple bodies similar to a tractor-trailer fleet. While the truck is out making deliveries with one body, the second body can remain at the dock to be loaded. Upon the driver’s return, he can simply swap the bodies and prepare for deliveries for the next morning, according to the company.

The system can be used for a number of items, including windows, doors and other fenestration products.

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