Volume 2   Issue 3               Fall 2001

OpeningUp reader feedback

Energy Efficiency on the Mark

Dear DWM,
I have received a copy of Door & Window Maker, Volume 2, Issue 2. I find the articles very interesting and informative. I agree with the comments in “Energy Efficiency, Round Two,” From the Publisher (see Spring 2001 Door & Window Maker, page 7). Educating owners, architects, contractors and suppliers about high-performing, quality products is a major portion of my consulting activities. I hope to continue to receive this publication.

George J. Muyres
GJM Consulting Inc.

Good Job, DWM!

Dear DWM,
The first issues arrived today. I think they’re terrific! I particularly like the layout and design, which is ... how should I say this? ... much more aesthetically pleasing than to what I’ve become accustomed from the average trade publication.

Please make sure we’re on the subscription list. Congratulations!

Leonard Greenberger
Potomac Communications Group Inc.
Washington, D.C. 

Dear DWM,
Thank you for your thoughtful letter and the additional copy of the premier issue of Door & Window Maker. It is very exciting that my article was included in such a well-read and well-respected trade publication. Thank you for making the opportunity available.

If there is ever any information or assistance I can provide, please do not hesitate to contact me.

John Imbriale
Customer Service Supervisor
G-U Hardware
Newport News, Va.

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