Volume 2   Issue 2               Summer 2001

Introducing... new products

Door & Window Hardware
Hager Offers First Family of Door Hardware
St. Louis-based Hager’s First Family of Superior Hardware includes the Roton Continuous Geared Hinges, Hager Commercial Hinges, Hager Sealing Systems, Hager Trim & Auxiliary and Hager Sliding Door Hardware. According to the company, its Roton hinges are designed for dozens of applications, including ultra-high traffic openings to hidden-hinge design applications. Hager also says its sealing systems block out rain, heat, cold, light and sound before they can even attempt to enter an area. Hager commercial hinges are available in many sizes, shapes, finishes and designs, according to the company.

Also available are Hager’s Trim & Auxiliary line, which includes push plates, door pulls, door stops, edging and guards, flush bolts, coordinators, latches, holders and other specialty options. Likewise, its line of Sliding Door Hardware covers all sliding, bi-fold and pocket door applications, according to Hager.

Roto Hardware Systems Feeling Secure
Roto Hardware Systems of Essex, Conn., has two new additions to its line of door and window hardware—the SBML single-point sliding door lock and the new G5 locking system for wood and vinyl casement windows. The first, the SBML single point sliding door lock, complements Roto’s existing multi-point patio sliding door options, according to the company. Among the lock’s other features, Roto says it installs easily and fits into narrow stiles. In addition, the lock is available in an array of trim designs and finishes.

Roto’s other newest product, the G5 non-handed locking bar sys-tem, features mushroom-head-style locking pins for security and adjustable locking pin bars for improved field adjustments. The system, which can be used with either wood or vinyl casement windows, includes a removable handle and is available in various powder coatings and architectural finishes.

Vision Releases New Lines of Latches and Other Hardware
Vision Industries of Brooklyn, N.Y., is introducing a new patented line of snap and slide tilt latches. According to the company, the new line includes standard size and uniquely-designed smaller latches. In addition, a new line of vinyl casement hardware, featuring a single operating locking and unlocking technology, and a heavy-duty four-bar hinge for projection and casement windows, are available.

In addition, the company offers zinc die-casting, injection-molded and stamped parts, such as sash locks, keepers, balance shoes, patented tilt latches, night locks, weep hole covers, pivot bars and hinges for project and casement windows.

UCB’s Uvekol is Awarded Dade County Certification
UCB Chemicals Corp., of Smyrna, Ga., has announced that its Uvekol® S now meets Dade County certification as impact-resistant glass. According to UCB, the company is proud to have met the strict requirements for windborne debris and wind load that exist in Dade County. The single-component of UV curable liquid designed to laminate glass requires only a small initial investment and minimum floor space, according to the company. Additionally, Uvekol S offers a controllable curing procedure with a 20-minute cure time. “The certification allows glass laminators to recognize the advanced impact resistance, lower production cost and superior optical properties of Uvekol S,” said Ed Jenkins, group product marketing manager. “This poises the product to offer significant benefits to the window and door industry.”

TruSeal Technologies Debuts Swiggle® Seal Tool
Beachwood, Ohio-based TruSeal Technologies Inc. has introduced a new tool for use when applying Swiggle Seal to curved insulating glass units. The Swiggle®PRO radius tool is hand-held and features an adjustable inset adjusting system (IAS). The company says that by turning the inset adjusting screw, fabricators can create a variety of uniform insets that meet requirements when sealing specials or units that are curved, oval or that include one radius side.

“For window fabricators, specials typically require more manual labor, which tends to increase costs and slow production,” said Tim Harris, TruSeal’s technical manager. “The SwigglePRO radius tool helps to eliminate those problems, allowing Swiggle Seal to be applied to curved units with the same consistency and nearly the same speed as a standard, rectangular unit.”

According to Harris, the time required to seal the flexible spacer system with SwigglePRO compared to application by hand was reduced by almost 50 percent with the new tool, from 80 seconds to about 45 seconds per unit. 

Getting to the Bottom of Scratches with Scratch Hog After two years of testing and evaluating current methods of removing scratches, Glass Technology of Durango, Colo., introduced the Scratch Hog 2 Scratch Removal System in January of this year. Scratches that previously were thought to be too severe or time-consuming to remove can disappear in a fraction of the time required by other methods. “We have taken scratch removal to another level,” said Kerry Wanstrath, vice president of Glass Technology. 

“Our system is slurriless and has a self-contained water supply so jobs can be performed on the site.” The system uses dry disposable discs that have been coated with a material activated by water. Discs range from very aggressive to a finer polish so each job requires three or four different discs according to the severity of the scratch. “Previously, if a manufacturer or installer could feel a scratch with his fingernail, he had to throw it away. Now, he can remove these scratches. This is a major cost savings for installers and manufacturers. That money goes right back into the pocket,” said Wanstrath.

The system is said to be light and portable, and can be used on graffiti and difficult scratches in the auto, aeronautical and marine industries. 

ALFAK 2000 Makes Order Processing Easy
Albat + Wirsam of Oakville, Ontario, says the newest version of the company’s order entry package, ALFAK 2000, is now available. When an order/quote is entered into the package, customers have the choice of printing to a printer, faxing it through a fax server, or e-mailing the order confirmation or quote directly to the customer. According to the company, customers who have Internet access can log onto your system and directly enter quotes or orders using your order entry system. The only software needed is an Internet browser. Customers are also able to log in and check the status of their orders.

Tape for Mounting and Glazing from Adhesives Research
The double-sided ARclad® 8231 glazing tape offered by Adhesives Research of Glen Rock, Pa., is part of its line of ARclad foam glazing tapes that the company says are AAMA-certified components for cellular foam glazing. The pressure-sensitive tape offers anchorage to foam and bonding to both the sash material and glass, according to the company. Adhesives Research also offers pressure-sensitive tapes for use in simulated divided lite windows. 

According to the company, the ARclad foam muntin mounting tapes adhere muntins to wood, painted aluminum and unplasticized vinyl windows and doors. The double-sided tapes incorporate a UV-resistant polymer and are combined with a 100-ounce-plus adhesion to wood, aluminum, vinyl and glass.

Get it all from Lamatek 
Lamatek Inc. of Edgewater Park, N.J., says it offers the industry’s most complete line of adhesive-backed gasketing, sealing and weatherstripping products to specifically meet the needs of window and door manufacturers. According to the company, Lamatek’s products will help improve the thermal efficiency of your window and door products.

The company offers a variety of products such as jamb gaskets, balance plugs, setting blocks, non-adhesive glass pads, EPS ship-ping corners and AAMA-approved glazing products.

Hy-Lite® Introduces Versatile New Product
Hy-Lite Products Inc. has established a new line of eight perimeter trims and muntins for its windows, panels and partitions. The Beaumont, Calif.-manufacturer of acrylic block windows says the new product covers caulk lines and the perimeters of its acrylic block products. “Builders and remodelers can offer this trim package to homeowners as a terrific way to add a personal touch to a home,” said Mike Shon, vice president and general manager.

WINMAC Picks Up Speed
WINMAC of Rancho Cordova, Calif., has introduced a new high speed processing center. According to the company, the product cuts profiles to length, mills both ends at one time, drills holes and automatically offloads up to four profiles at once. 

Delchem Introduces Revolutionary Sealant, D-2000
Delchem Inc. of Wilmington, Del., has launched its D-2000 REACTIVE Hot Melt Butyl IG Sealant, referring to it as “the next generation of IG sealants, a sealant that is setting newer and higher standards within the IG industry.” The company says that according to its testing on the sealant, it should survive a life span of service between 50 and 100 years.

The sealant will be available in the United States from Delchem and in Canada from Delchem’s distributor, HCI Canada Inc.

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