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April-May-June 2002

Introducing... new products

ADEPT Adept Corp. Enhances Extrusion Line
With total commitment to customer service, Adept Corp. of York, Pa., has expanded its capabilities to enhance its extrusion line to provide in-line fabrication. In-line fabrication saves the fabricator valuable material, hours of handling, space, expense of equipment and reduces operator error. In-line fabrication ultimately makes for a happier customer due to shorter lead times, which ultimately equates to larger profits, according to the company. Adept ensures high quality, on-time delivery by manufacturing all the equipment needed to do in-line fabrication. Adept’s engineering department designs not only the extrusion line needed but also the saws and punching equipment. The drawings are then released to Adept’s highly skilled tool room, which guarantees that all steps have been taken for a premium-finished product, according to the company.

Adept’s machinery provides in-line fabrication capabilities.

KVAL Offers Pre-Hang Equipment
KVAL Inc. of Petaluma, Calif., offers the 990F-4, which pre-hangs 6-foot-by-8-inch through 8-foot doors—with three to four hinges.

According to KVAL, with the company’s innovative door processing equipment, you’ll be able to put to work the latest in door technology to improve your bottom line.

All Metal Designs Offers Workstations
All Metal Designs Inc. of Holland, Mich., has introduced a new line of ergonomic, electrically driven workstations.

Available in five different styles and 50 different models, these workstations provide dynamic lifting capacities of up to 2,500 pounds. Powered by quiet, smooth-running linear actuators, the new units offer convenient, push-button adjustability for virtually any need, according to the company.

Ruvo Offers New Door Frame Assembly Table
Merrick Machine Co. of Alda, Neb., now offers the Ruvo 1275 pre-hung door frame assembly table that assists in assembling side jambs, header and door into a pre-hung unit. Proximity sensors automatically adjust the machine for either right- or left-hand doors, eliminating the need for manual turning. Fitted with fastener tools located in each corner, the frame header can be inserted at either end of the machine.

According to the company, the 1275 features a three-axis clamping system that provides accurate and secure clamping, resulting in higher efficiency and production.

EMES Reintroduces Ariel Door Display
EMES Marketing Inc. of Thornhill, Ontario, has reintroduced its Ariel door display. According to the company, the door display holds 12 door slabs and their lites in a space of less than 3 feet. In addition, the company says the doors easily roll in and out of the display on wheels provided.

EMES also offers a full line of metal displays for windows, entry doors and patio doors that are light-weight and easy-to-assemble, according to the company. The displays come in more than 50 colors and textures, and prove useful to manufacturers, distributors, dealers, lumber yards, showrooms, home shows and mall shows.

Dow Corning Introduces 1199 SSL
The Dow Corning Corp. of Midland, Mich., has introduced a new silicone sealant for aluminum window and door manufacturing. According to the company, Dow Corning 1199 SSL silicone sealant is a semi-flowable material designed for OEM applications and for performance in a non-flammable, low-VOC formulation. The rapid-curing, one-part sealant also is a semi-self-leveling substance with strong adhesion to anodized, mill finish or painted aluminum, glass and urethane thermal breaks, according to Dow Corning.

“The semi-flowable nature of this material allows it to seal very complex extrusion profiles without the need for tooling,” said market specialist Doug Kempf. “It’s an ideal narrow-joint seam sealer, providing a barrier against air and water in window sash or frame components which are mechanically fastened, mitered or slip-jointed.”

Ashland Improves Drainage
WEEP Ashland Hardware Systems of Lowell, Ind., re-cently released a weep that offers improved water drainage performance for hung and slider window frames. The new weep system is capable of weeping on either a straight four-degree or 45-degree angle. It is also said to prevent air, snow and bug infiltration by balancing the weight of the internal shut-off flap to return to the closed position.

The weep is designed to provide a low-profile appearance by mounting flat against the window sill. This flush mount design also eliminates the risk of knocking off the internal shut-off flap during installation or transportation, according to the company.

New Low Profile Locks
Truth Hardware of Owatonna, Minn., has available the new 700 series locks. There are four new designs—each with their own distinct appearance. However, as unique as Truth’s 700 Series is to the eye, the company says that the similarities in quality and features of the product as a whole make them the “first family” of check-rail locks.

According to the company, a patented new forgiving cam is the most valuable feature that window manufacturers will realize. This innovative new design helps to rectify misalignment problems that could occur during the assembly process for manufacturers as well as helps to reduce field service calls down the road.

A pick-resistant design, a positive detent in the handle movement and the superb “lifting” ability of the cam which means decreased air-infiltration—all add to the 700 series locks’ attractiveness to the manufacturer as well as the consumer, says Truth.

                                                                                        Wood-Fiber/Plastic Composite Demand on the Rise
MILACRON Milacron Inc. of Batavia, Ohio, has available a machine that creates wood-fiber/plastic composite, a product of up to 70 percent wood material mixed and saturated with melted plastic in an extrusion machine and die-formed into
a profile. The wood/plastic composite can then be used to manufacture door and window frames, moldings and other door and window components. The company projects that the demand for this material will double by 2005 from the 700 million pounds of wood-fiber/plastic composite produced in 2000.

Hope Global of Cumberland, R.I., has released the Aller-Guard 100 perimeter-edge health improvement insulation system. According to the company, the system features a heavy-strength double-fin barrier that seals and benefits against sound, dust, air and water filtration  … Weldon Tool Co. of Cleveland, has introduced a new line of Hex-Shank Countersinks for portable drills, enabling the user to switch tools quickly and easily  … Jinan Guangming Machine Co. Ltd. of China offers a number of machines for the fenestration industry, including cutting machines, welding machines, corner-cleaning machines, routing machines, iron-PVC machines, sealed insulating glass machines, aluminum alloy and aluminum and plastic profile machines.

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