Jan-Feb-March 2002

Introducing... new products

EMES Reintroduces Ariel Door Display
EMES MARKETING INC. of Thornhill, Ontario, has reintroduced its Ariel door display. According to the company, the door display holds 12 door slabs and their lites in a space of less than 3½ feet. In addition, the company says the doors easily roll in and out of the display on wheels provided.

ArielDisplay Ariel’s display holds 12 door slabs.

EMES also offers a full line of metal displays for windows, entry doors and patio doors that are light-weight and easy-to-assemble, according to the company. The displays come in more than 50 colors and textures and prove useful to manufacturers, distributors, dealers, lumber yards, showrooms, home shows and mall shows.

Ultrafab Offers Variety of New Backings

backings Ultrafab's T-Snap backing.

Ultrafab Inc. of Farmington, N.Y., offers T-Snap™ backing, which it says fits easily into prefill lineals and pre-assembled frames and sashes. The backing is available on Ultrafab's .187-inch backed-pile products, and inserts easily because it is flexible on the outer edges but firm in the center and cross section, which assures that it will remain in place after insertion, according to the company.

In addition, the company has available its new Ultra-Grip® backing, which locks weatherseal backings into extrusion retention grooves. According to the company, this double-wing backing can be inserted at the extruder or can be inserted off-line at the fabricator. It is available on pile and extruded products.

Ultrafab has also introduced the Ultra Pile® Plus, a medium-density pile designed for storm door and window manufacturers and for replacement pile. According to the company, Ultra Pile Plus decreases the possibility of off-center pile, which could break in an extrusion. It's available with .178- or .270-inch backing width and with pile heights up to .400 inches.

SINTO Introduces Wood Powder-Based Mastics
Marseilles, France-based SINTO is now offering several product ranges of powder-based polyester mastics for use in repairing, reconstructing and finishing wood.

The Sintobois line enables the reconstitution of worm-eaten, rotten or broken wood in doors and windows, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, the company's vanilla-scented Rebouche Bois line allows for holes and cracks to be filled in wood. According to SINTO, the filler dries rapidly and its variety of colors-exotic, light, blond and dark-all blend perfectly with the wood.

SINTO also offers a high-grade wood putty used to correct imperfections in wood and small damage, even on chipboard and plywood, according to the company. The putty is based on wood powder and is applied directly in a thin coating, allowing easy, rapid repairs both indoors and outdoors. Likewise, the company's Wood Filler is a flexible, wood powder-based polyester mastic that provides a synthetic wood to rebuild wood components of doors and windows. SINTO says the two-component product dries in 20 minutes without shrinking and can then be drilled, screwed, sanded, varnished, waxed or stained like wood. Both the putty and filler are available in white, fir, natural pine, cherry wood, mahogany, dark oak, medium oak and oak.

Windows and Related Products
Amerimax Introduces MAXX-Bay
Amerimax Laminated Products of Elkhart, Ind., has introduced MAXX-Bay, a new line of ready-to-finish laminated window seatboards. Amerimax offers immediate delivery on stocked head and seatboards through six facilities, according to the company. The seatboards are manufactured using reactive hot-melt technology and by laminating an expanded polystyrene core to exterior-grade plywood and a hardwood veneer surface. The seatboards are available in standard thicknesses up to 3 inches.

Amerimax offers a variety of options for exterior surfaces, including oak, mahogany, birch and maple veneers.

ITW Eases Window Installation with Handi-Foam®
ITW Foamseal of Oxford, Mich., has introduced Handi-Foam bow and bay window insulation foam for mullion cavities. According to the company, Handi-Foam is a closed-cell, rigid, expanding poly-urethane foam with an R value of 6-7. Its benefits include the ability to seal mullion cavities for air leakage and elimination of condensation on internal metal support rods and cables and to seal bow and bay jamb cavities.

  ITW"S window insulation foam.

ITW Foamseal says Handi-Foam is easy-to-apply, sets rapidly and is available in economical refillable tanks or disposable kits. In addition, the foam comes with a meter dispense gun.

SPOTLIGHT ON fabrication equipment
Joseph Machine Offers Variety for Fabricators

josephmachine Joseph's ZHVN-4545

Joseph Machine Co. Inc. of Dillsburg, Pa., offers a number of fabrication machines, one of which is its ZHVN-4545 zero scrap saw. The machine can cut up to eight profiles at the same time and can produce 4,000 squares in a single shift. The ZDM-4590 zero scrap saw also has these capabilities, and is equipped with adjustable blade angles from 45 to 90 degrees. The CGM-2000 computerized grid machine cuts and notches Colonial and/or Euro-style contoured grid material. According to the company, its single-step processing reduces operator errors and setup and a single operator of the machine can produce up to 3,000 insulating glass units per shift. In addition, interchangeable die units and guides allow an infinite profile variety.

Wegoma Offers Miter Saws, Welders and More
Wegoma Inc. of Twinsburg, Ohio, has available an assortment of fabrication equipment including miter saws and welders. 

According to the company, its DCS-600 large-capacity double-compound miter saw’s features include: 600-mm diameter carbide-tipped saw blades; saw heads that can rotate horizontally from 20 to 90 degrees (left-center to right) and 90 to 45 degrees vertically; computer-controlled length and miter positioning with digital display of cut dimensions and angle degrees; a maximum cutting length of 185 inches and a minimum cutting length of 16 inches; and a spray-mist coolant system for aluminum cutting applications.

Wegoma’s HHW-4 high-speed horizontal four-point welder is an automated machine designed with available fixture capacity for tiered welding of four-sash or two frames concurrently, or two-sash and one frame consecutively without fixture changeover. It also has a heavy-duty, welded steel frame designed to avoid twist or deflection; welding heads that travel on two ball-screw axes driven by brushless Servo motors that assure rapid positioning with high accuracy.

SPOTLIGHT ON Door & Window Hardware
Unitop® and AS 150 and 250 Hale from Italy

unitop Multi-point door locks from Unitop.

Alban Giacomo S.p.A. of Vicenza, Italy, offers the Unitop® multi-point door locks and the AS 150 and AS 250 lift-and-slide systems. The Unitop multi-point door locks are designed specially for French doors opening onto balconies or gardens. However, they can be installed on doors of any size, with single or double sash, made of wood, PVC, aluminum or a composite material, according to the company. The system is comprised of a number of locking cams, arranged at different points around the perimeter of the sash, that can be moved to the closed position by lifting the handle and can then be locked with the key.

Bronze Craft’s Hurricane Hardware Withstands the Elements
Bronze Craft of Nashua, N.H., has developed hurricane hardware, which it says provides strength against the elements. The company offers projected window hardware made of aluminum bronze, with high structural load capabilities, impact strength and the ability to withstand positive and negative loading. Bronze Craft’s projected window hardware is available in a variety of styles. In addition, the company has introduced the storm four-bar hinge, which is made of stainless steel; tested to AAMA 904.1, 101/1 and 910.4; and is 
readily available from the company’s stock.

Functional Fenestration Gets a Handle on Things

FFI FFI's turn handle window hardware.

Functional Fenes-tration Inc. (FFI) of Hawthorne, Calif., offers a wide inventory of handles for both tilt and turn and window multi-point systems. In addition, it says it can match the door handles to most window handle styles. FFI’s handles can be manufactured with solid brass, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, leather, glass and wood. Likewise, they can be finished with polished brass, antiqued brass, satined brass, oil-rubbed bronze, polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, chrome, mat chrome, mat nickel, mat black and custom finishes.

Merrick Machine Protects Doors on Journey
Merrick Machine Co. of Alda, Neb., has developed the patented Doorstrap, designed for the shipping and installation of pre-hung door units. According to the company, the strap fits all exterior and interior pre-hung doors with 21/8-inch cross bores and 1-inch edge bores. It is available in custom colors and can be ordered with logos on orders of large quantities.
To use the strap, its barrel is inserted into the bolt bore. The spacer is then inserted between the door and the jamb. The operator can then pull the strap tight and staple it to the back.

W& F Enters New Trilennium™

W & F Manufacturing Inc. of Sun Valley, Calif., has introduced the Trilennium 3000 series three-point lock system. According to the company, it is equipped with a three-point latch and deadbolt; hardened steel pins in each deadbolt; and strike reinforcing plates. 
Likewise, the system is constructed with an I-beam system carrier, a solid brass pre-finished face plate, a solid brass pre-finished strike plate, solid brass bolts with a low-friction wear face, powder-painted metal lock housings, roller components and molded strike-dust boxes.



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