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July-August 2002

Introducing... new products


Sealant Equipment & Engineering Inc. of Plymouth, Mich., has introduced the See-Flo 690 system to meter, mix and dispense consistent beads of two-component epoxies, urethanes or silicones ... Lamatek Inc. of Edgewater Park, N.J., has added specialty tapes to its line of fenestration-related products. These products include simulated beveling tapes, an extreme-environment mounting tape and a new Grid-Loc removable muntin-bar tape … Hope Global of Cumberland, R.I., has released the Aller-Guard 100 perimeter-edge health improvement insulation system. According to the company, the system features a heavy-strength double-fin barrier that seals and benefits against sound, dust, air and water filtration… Weldon Tool Co. of Cleveland, Ohio, has introduced a new line of Hex-Shank Counter-sinks for portable drills, enabling the user to switch tools quickly and easily… Jinan Guangming Machine Co. Ltd. of China offers a number of machines for the fenestration industry, including cutting machines, welding machines, corner-cleaning machines, routing machines, iron-PVC machines, sealed insulating glass machines, aluminum alloy and aluminum and plastic profile machines.

HOPPE Introduces New Hinge
HOPPE North America Inc. of Fort Atkinson, Wis., has introduced a new HTL Ultimate 2D hinge for wood and vinyl profiles.

"The HTL Ultimate 2D hinge allows for easy adjustment of the door both horizontally and vertically with just the turn of a screw. This hinge features maintenance-free bearings, simple one-pass routing for simple door preparation, non-removable pins for increased security and specially coated components for improved durability and strength," said the company.

LCS Precision Molding Offers Tilt Latches
LCS Precision Molding of Elysian, Minn., introduces its 452TL1 and 452TL2 surface-mounted tilt latches. The 452TL1 tilt latch is styled with rounded corners and the 452TL2 is a more traditional-styled tilt latch with non-rounded corners. According to the company, both latches are available as a left- or right-hand latch and are made of self-lubricating nylon.

Ashland Hardware Introduces Interlocking Balance Shoe
Ashland Hardware Systems of Lowell, Ind., has introduced a new version of its PivotTrue® interlocking balance shoes for hung-style windows. In addition to accommodating a wider array of profile- and pivot-bar designs, the Constant Force balance shoes deliver greater value to Ashland's window manufacturing customer by offering simplified assembly features intended to substantially increase rates of window production, said the company.

According to the company, "The PivotTrue design enables assembly workers to snap-in the correct coil spring into the shoe quickly and easily. The throat design accommodates up to three of the heaviest gauge springs, thereby ensuring long-term, reliable performance in the field."

Vetter Makes New Handles with Care
VETTER Vetter of Norcross, Ga., has added a number of new patio door-handle and finish offerings to its product line. According to the company, its new Contemporary handle option is designed to give homeowners an opportunity to customize their patio doors. Finish options include brushed chrome, polished chrome, matte black, oil-rubbed, white, brass and antique brass. Each of these is offered with the company’s Classic Riviera and Legend handles.

The Classic Riviera and Contemporary handles are also equipped with Vetter’s multi-point locking system when used on a hinged door, and with the Legend handle on all sliding and French-sliding patio doors.

The Right Choice
Novatech Glass Inc. of Quebec describes itself as "the right choice for door and window manufacturers looking to add a PVC swing patio door to their offering." The company says the doors are available in center- or french hinged, inswing or outswing, 49/16 or 69/16, multipoint or single-point locksets, all with sidelites and PVC transoms to match. The company also offers a wide variety of glass options including blinds between the glass, V groove and beveled brass. Additionally, Novatech has introduced internal mini blinds into its Imagine Gliding French door. The blinds are also available in Novatech's all PVC gliding door.

Astro Plastics Introduces New ASTROcel™ Jamb
Astro Plastics of Rosemount, Minn., and Covington, Ga., has introduced the ASTROjamb™ doorjamb, which is described as a “non-rotting, pre-finished door frame.” According to the company, the jambs are constructed from ASTROcel™, a cellular material created by Astro Plastics. The company says this is a viable alternative to wood because it doesn’t absorb moisture and is co-extruded with a durable exterior vinyl cap.

The ASTROjamb doorjamb incorporates a patented unitary structure joining the brick mold and stop, which eliminates caulk joints and provides the door with structural integrity. The doorjamb can then be simply stapled to a wooden flat-jamb insert.

The complete system includes accessory pieces to accommodate in-swing doors, out-swing doors, sidelites, several mullion options, circle-topped frames and transoms for both 49/16-inch and 69/16-inch constructions. The ASTROjamb is also available completely fabricated, according to the company, in standard or custom door sizes.

GED Introduces Two-Tone Muntins
Glass Equipment Development (GED) Inc. of Twinsburg, Ohio, introduces its patent-pending product and process to produce two-tone muntins. Currently three oak patterns and one cherry are available. According to the company, all patterns offer stunning visual designs of wood grains never before available.

GED adds that the new material offers fabricators another way to differentiate their product offerings, and that the product is competitively priced with other two-tone solutions on the market. 

GED president Ron Auletta adds that manufacturers using traditional muntin fabrication methods can purchase muntin lineals directly from Hygrade. “GED saw an opportunity for fabricators of all sizes to take advantage of this breakthrough material,” he said. “Our exclusive partnership with Hygrade allows fabricators to produce their own contour grids or colonial lineals on GED equipment, or to buy lineals directly from Hygrade.” 

Reichhold Machinery Offers Heavy-Duty Tables
Reichhold Machinery Inc. of Wheaton, Ill., provides a line of heavy-duty, manual measuring tables for flat/heavy parts. Made of heavy steel, these machine tables are designed for parts weighing over 75 pounds and are available in standard sizes up to 6 feet wide and 12 feet long.

Single-axis models use a Heidenhain glass scale and readout for inch/metric readings. Retractable pneumatic pop-up balls fitted in the table make moving the part easier.

DAC Products Offers Display with a Versatile, Dynamic Presentation 
Dynamic showroom presentations begin with the Kick Panel window display by DAC Products of Rural Hall, N.C., a manufacturer of standard and custom presentation products for the window and door industry. 

The Kick Panel display is built as an economic base unit with locking casters. According to DAC, for a more dynamic presentation, customers may add DAC’s inter-frame 360-degree swivel, as well as custom-printed top and/or bottom signboards. 

This is the most versatile of all DAC displays and is available in two standard sizes, said the company. Custom sizing for most windows is also available. 

Motionmaster Introduces New Line of CNC Routers
5000 SERIES Motionmaster Inc. of Vista, Calif., introduces its new 5000 series line of 3-axis CNC routers. With rapid traverse speeds of 5000 inches per minute, the 5000 series is the fastest CNC router on the market today, said the company. As standard equipment, the machine features a 5-by-10-foot work area as well as a six-position automatic tool change rack and high-flow vacuum system.

Abrisa Offers New Water Jet Cutting Technology
Abrisa Glass & Coatings of Santa Paula, Calif., now offers a new water jet-cutting machine developed by the Omax Company that produces maximum material yield with minimal waste. According to the company, the Water Jet can cut almost any type of material to a work size of 48 inches by 96 inches, with an accuracy rate of .003 and combines quality edge cutting and complex cuts with fast turnaround. 

In development for the past 15 to 20 years, literature from the company states that this new technology has abilities reaching far beyond the glass industry. The water jet can also cut the following materials: aluminum, fiberglass, granite, graphite, marble, rubber, plastic and titanium. Additionally, the company says that parts with complex shapes can be CAD/CAM produced with ease.

BILLCO Offers Fenestration Equipment
BILLCO Manufacturing Inc. of Zelienople, Pa., offers a wide range of equipment for producing insulating glass units and fenestration products. BILLCO’s range of products includes: a high-speed vertical washer; CNC cutting equipment; equipment for horizontal, high production insulating glass manufacturing lines; an automatic vertical assembly conveyor; a patented heat press; a bedding application machine; and a lineal extrusion saw positioner. 

Thermal Dynamics Offers Plasma Cutting System
Thermal Dynamics Corporation of St. Louis, Mo., introduces the CutMaster™ 75 air plasma cutting system, which combines the reliable CutMaster power-supply design with the versatile SureLok torch for maximum performance.

Designed for field use as a portable cutting system, the CutMaster 75 is built tough to withstand handling, metal dust and demanding conditions, said the company.

The CutMaster 75 delivers both speed and cut quality, with a genuine cut of 7/8 of an inch, a maximum cut of 1 inch and a severance cut of 11/4 inches. The CutMaster 75 comes equipped with the ergo-nomic SureLok torch, and is backed by a 3-year warranty and 1-year torch warranty, said the company.

Pinpoint Laser Systems Offers New Interface Module
Pinpoint Laser Systems of Newburyport, Mass., offers a new computer software and interface module for coupling the popular Laser Microgage system to a PC or laptop. Readings can be acquired, plotted and analyzed quickly right in the field for faster machinery alignment and response.
This new DCU-100 Interface Module is packaged in a compact, durable, aluminum housing with a serial RS232c output connector that couples directly to any serial port on a PC or laptop. A 10-foot cable with a quick-lock stainless connector attaches to the Microgage digital receiver and transfers readings to Pinpoint’s versatile Capture™ program.


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