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July-August 2002


Technical Handbook
The Roadmap to Industry Success
by Alan J. Campbell

Setting the stage for continued industry success, WDMA releases its new technical handbook.
At the Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA), we’re on track, and breaking new ground at that! Consumers are more educated than ever about building products and demand high-performance and quality, all in a cost-effective package that meets their project budgets. Our technical handbook is a road map that keeps these end results in mind. Development of sound, technically superior standards, codes and certification programs ensures that the door and window industry meets the challenges of 2002 and beyond.

Industry Success
With its recent release, we’ve set the stage for future industry success. The culmination of hard work from a host of companies and individuals, the technical handbook was created by consensus from both small and large manufacturing firms in the industry, harnessing the wealth of technical resources within our membership. It maps out, clearly and succinctly, the process of the development and the upkeep of the standards, codes and certification documents that drive the industry.

WDMA has become a noticeable force for its technical prowess in the industry and the technical handbook is evidence that our efforts are not random and self-serving, but provide the necessary ingredients for the door and window industry to find prosperity today and in the future.

Approved overwhelmingly by the WDMA’s board of directors, this publication is the culmination of several years of work. The technical handbook is the product of a cooperative effort by the WDMA technical subcommittee of the strategic vision committee and WDMA staff. Many others in our association can be credited with making this project come to fruition so quickly.

Comprehensive Document
The handbook is comprehensive and detailed; its 46 pages represent the framework for the development of all WDMA technical initiatives. For example, the “document development process flow” provides a schematic and flow chart of every step required in the development of a plan for the creation of a technical document. It outlines the policies and procedures governing the operation of technical committees and the technical task force and the process of developing and maintaining our highly regarded standards, codes and the Hallmark Certification Program. Also included in the handbook is a technical guide plan that serves as a master planning document and framework for developing present and future association initiatives.

Most importantly, the technical handbook ensures a continuing role for each segment of the industry, including door and window manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. To ensure equity, each sector of the membership will be represented on a 12-member technical review board, which will recommend technical committee rules, charters, scopes and rosters.

This is just one way in which we continue to meet and surpass the objectives and strategies of the association. Our mission stands: to promote the interests of the window, skylight and door industry, to increase the use of the products of the industry and to enhance WDMA’s position of leadership. The technical handbook gets us closer to these goals than ever before.

WDMA has become the leading force in the industry in the development and implementation of beneficial standards. Many code bodies and building construction entities recognize and follow these standards as an assurance of measurable levels of quality construction. The bottom line is that quality products that perform do matter, and standards and programs such as Hallmark Certification only make it easier to achieve these aspirations. With the technical handbook, we won’t duplicate industry efforts, but strengthen and reinforce those that are vital to the prosperity of door and window manufacturers from coast-to-coast. 

Alan J. Campbell, CAE, serves as president of the Window and Door Manufacturers Association, based in Des Plaines, Ill.

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