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November - December 2002

Introducing... new products

Door Sills
Imperial Products Offers Imperi-Sill™
IMPERI-SILL Imperial Products of Richmond, Ind., offers Imperi-SILL, which the company says uses an advanced, one-piece composite design to eliminate threshold problems. There are no assembly points to leak, and there's no wood or metal to rot, rust, corrode or crack.

Certified to withstand 50-mph air and water infiltration, the system's molded-in adapter seals the ends of the jamb, elevating it to 13/8-inches to prevent rotting. According to the company, the system's vinyl rail adjusts precisely. The system, available in a variety of widths including continuous sidelite and double-door systems, has a high-dam configuration coupled with a closed-cell seal to safeguard against leakage.

Cutting Systems
MACHINE Machine Techniques Introduces Glass-Cutting System
Machine Techniques Inc. of Aurora, Ohio, offers speed, precision and repeatability with its Acuglass cutting system. According to the company, the Acuglass has evolved into a leading-edge approach to glass cutting since its inception in 2000.

The system features a pull-out cutting wheel lubrication reservoir, dual-level frame and triple-thick table top construction for maintaining extra-flat table surfaces for consistent glass scoring.

Assembly Machinery
New Frame Press Technology Comes to U.S. 
E&R E&R Systems Technik of Springfield, Mass., offers its S+S Hess series of frame presses, which the company says provides a range of features previously unavailable in the United States. This includes a heavy-duty welded steel construction made to exacting German manufacturing standards and an ergonomically designed 15-degree inclination—all of which targets operator safety and ease of use. 

The company says that, once placed, the unit will never need leveling. Additionally, the units may be fitted with any number of vertical and horizontal clamp carrier beams with either manual or motorized positioning on precision bearing guideways, as well as a variety of electro-hydraulic pumps generating up to 7,700 pounds of uniform pressing force, according to the company.

Raising the Bar with New Panel Shaper
Lobo Machinery Corp. of Pico Rivera, Calif., offers a raised panel shaper that is designed specially to make all the parts for raised panel doors with one machine. Product options include menu or automatic mode, three positions, 6-inch stackable spindle for panel, rail and cope, heavy construction and cutting power, 40- or 55-inch stroke, no precut and automatic mode with air-hydra system for smooth cutting, according to the company. 

NICO Nico Manufacturing Offers Friction Hinges
Nico Manufacturing of Essex, England, recently launched Security Plus, which is a new range of friction hinges incorporating patented security features. 

According to the company, the Nico Security Plus is produced from top-grade 304 austenitic stainless steel for long-life reliability and performance in the most arduous conditions.

Cleaning Systems
Wegoma Offers Twinhead Weldseam Cleaner
Wegoma of Twinsburg, Ohio, introduced the THX Twinhead Weldseam cleaner recently. The system features a total of eight servo-driven axes for control of upper and lower tool carriages on each cleaning head. The system is also designed for complete cleaning and processing requirements of both frame and sash, said the company.

According to the company, standard programmable tools include cutter disc for cleaning all outside vertical contours, upper and lower vertical scarf knives and upper and lower horizontal scarf knives.

Extension Jambs
FEN-TECH Fen-Tech Introduces the SuperJamb
Fen-Tech Inc. of Superior, Wis., introduced the Superjamb extension jamb recently. This co-extruded composite material is intended for high-moisture applications, said the company. The core is a combination of wood and proprietary blend of thermoplastic resins. 

According to the company, SuperJamb is water-resistant, cuts like wood and is paintable. 

LMI Selcom Introduces Single-Point Sensor
LMI Selcom of Detroit has introduced its single-point laser sensor for numerous medium-to-long range measurement applications.

The CCD-based SPR-02 is ideal for monitoring the wind-up of materials, distance, thickness or material deformation, positioning and profiling applications, said the company. Typical applications include measuring the wind-up of fiber on a spool, proper alignment of a wheel into a milling machine and measuring the thickness of ceramic fiber.

PINPOINT Pinpoint Laser Systems Offers Adjustable MicroShim
Pinpoint Laser Systems of Newburyport, Mass., recently introduced the unique, new adjustable MicroShim for precision machine leveling, positioning and mounting applications. 

PINPOINT The MicroShim consists of a pair of overlapping wedge plates with machined surfaces that permit the plates to slide parallel to one another. A stainless steel bolt and bar nut assembly allow the user to adjust the relative position of the two overriding plates and set the desired height.

Adhesives and Tapes
TARCO Tarco Introduces Door and Window Tape
Tarco Specialty Products Inc. of North Little Rock, Ark., recently introduced the LeakBarrier™ door and window tape, a self-adhering, high-track, modified bitumen reinforced with non-woven fiberglass and protected by a tough polymeric surface to prevent water, air and moisture penetration.

LeakBarrier tape is ideal for sealing around window and door openings, corner boards, wall tie-ins, stucco and other detail areas, said the company. 

OSI Sealants Offers Construction Adhesive
OSI Sealants Inc. of Mentor, Ohio, provides the PL® Premium Construction Adhesive, an easy-to-use, high strength adhesive for interior and exterior projects, said the company.

PL Premium provides extraordinary bonding strength, guaranteed to last as long as the surfaces that it joins together. Its advanced formula goes twice as far as a normal construction adhesive and cures up to three times faster than any other construction adhesive available, said the company. 

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