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September - October 2002

Spotlight on Tenoners & Saws
From Ripsaws to Double-Ended Tenoners, Manufacturers Offer Products to Meet Your
Machinery Needs

When DWM/BCM offers spotlights on a particular product category, such as this month’s feature on tenoners and saws, the response from manufacturers is usually pretty good. But, the response to this month’s call for tenoner and saw products goes unmatched. A plethora of companies offer these types of products so read on to find which of these will best meet your manufacturing needs. 

Lineal Thinking about Lineal Positioners
Wakefield Equipment of Cleveland, says its TigerStop lineal positioners measure any type of lineal quickly and accurately. The product can cut anything from spacers to window frames and it has speeds of up to 3 feet per second, and an accuracy of 4 thousandths of an inch. The positioner is available in lengths from 3 to 30 feet, according to the company.

Tigerstop Lineal Positioner


Gain Accuracy and Reliability with New Notch Saw
SMI-SD The Model SMI-SD8000 programmable through feed notch saw is Sturtz Machinery’s latest product in its series of feeder saws. The product features a servo-controlled programmable blade path for miter cutting vinyl window profiles. Additionally, auxiliary notching blades mounted on the saw tabletop perform jamb notching for sloped sill products, according to the company.

The SD8000’s feeder will accept 21-inch lineals, and the company says that a linear scale feedback system ensures an accurate, reliable and repeatable positioning of the lineals. Length tolerance is +/-.015 inches.

Rip it Good
The KF-24 glue line gang ripsaw, manufactured by Newman Whitney, of Greensboro, N.C., is designed to rip random-width lumber or panels, according to the company. Additionally, the product will produce consistent multiple-width pieces in a tolerance range of +/- .003 inches. Additional features include a 24˝-inch arbor that can utilize up to 14-inch blades, and variable speeds up to 150 FPM. According to the company, the features of the KF-24 enhances production with accurate rips and efficient, low-maintenance operation.

Progressive Solutions with Close Tolerance Tenoner
Progressive Systems of Minneapolis has introduced its double-end tenoner, which the company says is designed for precision machining of window and door parts. The tenoner is designed for close-tolerance quality angle gain tenoning, dadoing and trimming of door jambs and window side frames at high-production feed rates, according to the company. 

Other product features include a touch screen and computer control for easy selection of machining operations; a set-up change time of one minute or less; and a positioning accuracy of +/- .001. Additionally, an in-feed metering unit is available for high-production automatic feeding or one or multiple parts ahead of feed lugs, according to the company.

Give it a Whirl
WHIRLWIND If you’re looking for clean cuts in a cut-off saw, Whirlwind Inc. of Dallas says it has the product for you; the company offers saws in three sizes. The saws offer 90-degree cuts, automatic clamping and low-voltage controls, according to Whirlwind. 

The company says that its largest up-cut saw is the model 216, which can cut 1- by 18-inch, 2- by 16-inch, 3- by 14-inch, 4- by 12-inch, 5- by 10-inch and 6- by 8-inch. The product makes approximately 45 cuts per minute.

Model 216 Saw

Time and Money Saver for Low-Volume Producers
If you’re a manufacturer who works with a low-volume of single-end profiling, then Pistorious Machine Co. of Hauppauge, N.Y., has a product for you. The company’s single-end profiling machine for wood, aluminum, plastic and fiberglass eliminates the high set-up costs of double-end machines when only short runs are required, according to the company. The product offers accurate end profiling with minimum or no tearout.

Pistorious also offers the Model DC16P double end cut off saw for wood aluminum and plastics. The saws are available in 12-, 16-, 18- and 20-inch models, and allow companies to make a left and right cut simultaneously with each cycle of the machine.

The company says that in some cases, even sawing and drilling can be performed simultaneously or sequentially, depending on the application.

Machine Centers from SCM
SCMI The SCM Group of Duluth, Ga., has an array of saws and tenoners available. The company’s SCMI Concept 2000 double-end tenoner was designed to be a genuine machining center, according to the company. The product has computerized controls, tall spindles, soundproof enclosures, corner rounding, sanding, trimming, beveling and doweling units. The company says that the Concept incorporates the latest feeding system featuring links joined by sealed, lubricated roller bearings. Additionally, the presser system ensures a secure workpiece grip and stability under heavy workloads. 

SCM Group also just introduced the new SI 300N sliding table saw which has a 9 HP 3-phase main motor, 50-inch rip capacity and 126-inch table stroke. Additionally, the company says that the product has a unique guide way system consisting of a curved profile guide in hardened, ground steel which is riveted to the sliding table. Thus, it never requires adjustment or maintenance and ensures straight-line precision, according to the company. 

No Limits
Looking for a ripsaw that will work with any saw spacing and any number of cuts? Then Tyler Machinery of War-saw, Ind., says it has the product for you. The company’s XL 3900 roll feed gang ripsaw is belt driven by a 25-HP motor to a cutting speed of 4,200 RPM, which the company says allows for clean cuts at unusually high feed rates. The saw will accommodate blades from 10 to 16 inches and will cut material from 1˝ to 4˝ inches thick dependent on the blade diameter. 

Automatic Miracle 
A shuttle feed system and quick change sawing and gripping fixtures that allow for compact and efficient miter cutting regardless of stock lengths are some of the features that Pro-Line Automation, of Concord, Ontario, says makes its AF222 auto feed cutting center unique. The center features two 20-inch servo-controlled carbide- tipped saw blades set in independent axes to allow for zero waste control on miter cuts, says the company. The AF222 also has a 15-inch touch screen monitor that is fitted to a PC-based control system that the company says allows for easy integration into most manufacturing environments.

The Wise Decision
WISE The Wise Corp. of Largo, Fla., offers its Model 6800 duplex trim saw, which is designed to process casing and trim material, according to the company. The product is available with a kerfing option and the 6800 activates as the uncut materials is placed against the machine bed. Additional features include a 45-90 degree swivel and a 0 to 15 degree undercut capability.


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