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January - February 2003

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Suppliers Offer Variety of Components to Meet Needs of Door Manufacturers

Door manufacturers looking for the latest components to fit their door manufacturing needs, whether it’s locking hardware or panic devices, will want to check out the latest offerings from various suppliers. 

HTL Offers Stainless Steel Multipoint Locking Hardware
Companies looking for stainless steel multipoint locking hardware may want to look to the new line introduced by HTL of Fort Atkinson, Wis. According to the company, the HLS9000 line features a stainless steel deadbolt that is stronger than traditional deadbolts, a device that prevents against accidental locking-point engagement and full-size screw supports that help control possible bending of the gear. The hardware also offers multiple locking locations along the lock stile in manual or automatic versions. 

Additionally, HTL says the stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance to prevent against pitting and staining. 

LCS Offers Alternative to Door Hinges
HINGE SHIMS LCS Precision Molding of Elysian, Minn., says that its recently introduced LCSR739 hinge shims are an alternative to adjustable door hinges. The company adds that the products are available in different thicknesses, offer a quick solution to French and standard door alignment and can save installation alignment time. 

Stick to it with Stik-II Foam Tapes
STIKII Stik-II Products, a division of Adhesive Applications Inc. of Easthampton, Mass., introduced a line of single- and double-sided foam tapes to seal windows to various materials in external door applications. The company says the acrylic adhesive system provides resistance to temperature extremes, excellent adhesion to low-surface energy substrates and good long-term aging characteristics.

The tapes are constructed with closed cell polyethylene foam in 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 and 3/16-inch thicknesses and are available in white, black and gray. Additionally, the company says that the tapes offer 75-ounce- per-inch peel and high performance at –20° Fahrenheit to 212° Fahrenheit.

C.R. Laurence Offers Product Variety to Door Manufacturers
CRL CATALOG C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) of Los Angeles offers a variety of commercial door hardware, which is showcased in its new architectural hardware catalog. Among the many items profiled are the new sizes and styles of door rails to be used with CRL’s Wedge-Lock Dry Glazed Door Rail System, electronic egress control handles, electromagnetic locks and accessories, panic and deadbolt handles, center locks and glass keepers, door closer headers, floating headers and spider fittings.

CRL also offers its top-hung sliding door systems for use in either residential or commercial applications. 

“Our top-hung sliding door systems provide a cost-effective solution, while adding a modern, elegant look to commercial or residential applications,” said Tom Colton, CRL product manager. “The only fabrication needed for the glass is polishing the edges.”

Colton adds that the systems provide a seamless look, as no metal is used along the bottom of the doors or on the vertical elements. Additionally, at the top no notches or holes are required.

Ideal Security Announces New Addition
Ideal Security of LaSalle, Quebec, has introduced a new addition to its Elegance series of screen and storm door handles. The LE maintains standard 1 ¾-inch installation-hole spacing and uses a variety of inside latches, according to the company. The handle is available in a variety of finishes including E-coat brass and satin silver. 

Outwater Meets your Bolt Needs 
Architectural Products by Outwater of Wood-Ridge, N.J., offers a variety of hardware bolts to meet the needs of door and window manufacturers. 

The company’s Cremone bolts are designed for use as a simultaneous top and bottom surface and/or flush bolt on the active leaf of an opposing pair of inline doors. The bolts engage and disengage easily and are available in a variety of designs, according to the company.

BUILDERS COLLECTION HDWE The company also offers a 4-inch-long solid brass barrel bolt supplied with mounting screws that is suitable for a variety of purposes, as well as a 4-inch-long surface bolt for use in either vertical or horizontal doors or even casement windows.
Outwater also offers a mortise flush bolt that may be used as a top or bottom bolt in securing the inactive leaf of a pair of opposed or swinging doors on fire or wood-type doors. The mortise bolts are supplied with mounting hardware and fit standard doorframes, according to the company. 

Handlesets and Patio Door Rollers from Truth LE SATIN FINISH WITH LOCK
Truth Hardware of Owatonna, Minn., says its new Cedona series handles for sliding patio  doors will serve as an attractive addition to your door system. The non-handed handles are compatible with single mortise-type locks. A lever-operated clamp-type latch or an insert latch locking mechanism for surface mount locking applications are also available. 

The company also offers a variety of patio door rollers, which may be mounted in a variety of ways, and with single or tandem roller models.



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