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July - August 2003

Introducing... new products

Bystronic Devlops High-Speed IG Line
Bystronic Inc. of Hauppauge, N.Y., has announced that it has developed a high-speed insulating glass (IG) line, ideally suited for the residential IG manufacturer. According to the company, the line uses the company’s patented TPS (Thermoplastic Spacer) ultimate warm-edge spacer concept, but configured for a nominal productivity of 1,200 high-performance IG units per shift. The machine requires approximately two to three operators at a time.

The line operates fully automatically and is complete, including a high-performance washing machine, the “vision master” electronic scanning and inspection system, the computer-controlled TPS applicator, a dual gas-fill and press station and a two-head CNC secondary sealing robot. The line is capable of producing rectangular as well as shaped units in sizes from 7.5 by 13.75 to 63 by 150 inches, from .25 to .75 inches air space, with or without argon filling.

Handling Assist Unit Has Safety Devices
The handling assist ZLD 250 by Richter Enterprises Corp. of Newnan, Ga., is for vertical lifting of lites and vertical stacking on racks. A pneumatically supported rotation allows for orienting the lites from portrait to landscape during stacking, according to the company.

The company says the angle of the unit can be adjusted to the line and rack. The unit does not need electrical power. Lifting and lowering is done via a pneumatic cylinder and typically strokes are 3 to 4 feet, according to the company.

The company says ZLD 250 is designed using lightweight aluminum mostly, which allows for convenient use by the operators. The unit also is equipped with all safety devices, such as self-holding valves or alarms for detection of insufficient vacuum.

Stiles Offers Friz Profile Wrappers
Stiles Machinery Inc. of Grand Rapids, Mich., offers its Friz profile wrappers in a wide range of configurations. According to the company, the wrappers feature the latest in slot nozzle gluing technology, offer precise adhesive application and minimal glue consumption. In addition, the machine offers quick-change tooling and machine bed width adjustment options.

HOPPE Unveils HLS9000 Line
HOPPE North America Inc. has introduced its HLS9000 stainless steel multi-point locking hardware. The new HLS9000 line features a stainless steel deadbolt, a miss-handling device that prevents accidental locking point engagement and a full-size screw that helps control possible bending of the gear. The hardware is available in tongue, roller, shootbolt, roundbolt or tongue/shootbolt versions, available in both manual and automatic versions.

Device Protects Doors 
from Excessive Forc
The Ultra Jamb Reinforcer™, a device that protects both screen and storm doors from wind and excessive force, is now available from Structural Protective Products of Bellingham, Wash.

The Ultra Jamb Reinforcer comes as a kit complete with a steel plate fitting most screen door bracket and attachment screws. The bracket can be positioned at three different points along the plate, depending on whether the screen door piston attaches to the top, middle or bottom of the door. The device also installs in minutes and can be used with most models and styles of screen/storm doors, according to the company.

Monarch Offers ComforTech IG Units
Cambridge, Ohio-based Monarch IG Inc. has begun marketing its new ComforTech warm-edge glazing system, which incorporates Super Spacer®. The system will be sold 
in four packages ranging in R-values from 2 to 9. According to the company, Super Spacer provides thermal and condensation resistance, along with energy efficiency and long-life durability.

Contact Lumber Offers Wooden Door Frame
The newest product development from Contact Lumber Co. of Portland, Ore., a wooden door frame wrapped in a stainable vinyl material printed to look and feel like a real wood veneer, is set to revolutionize the way door manufacturers assemble exterior door systems, according to the company.

The exterior stainable vinyl (ESV) door frame allows building industry professionals the ability to specify high-end fiberglass door styles without the inconvenience of having to finish the wooden door frame in a different manner than the door itself.

Door Frame is Bendable
Marley Mouldings of Marion, Va., has what it says is the industry’s only complete no-rot exterior door system, an all-cellular vinyl and composite entry frame that is water-resistant, bendable and low- maintenance, according to the company. 

The company says a composite post-treated filler core enhances the frame’s strength, and ReadiFinish™ eliminates painting and has a ten-year finish warranty. A complete assortment of stainable and pre-finished colors is available in oak, mahogany and cherry.

Dust Collector Provides Air-Flow Resistance
Murphy-Rodgers Inc. of Huntington Park, Calif., offers its new MRZ dust collector that provides low air-flow resistance and high filtration of a wide variety of waste particles. The company says the dust collector has a novel system of air deflectors that allow operators to adjust the air flow easily and distribute the waste evenly into a number of waste containers. 

With a low initial cost, the MRZ meets the needs of each shop as the dust collector waste receptacles come in many configurations. The collector system starts with one bag for small shops and increases to six bags or more for large facilities, according to the company.

Drill Fits Most Milling Machines
Southeast Tool Inc. of Conover, N.C., has introduced a new carbide-tipped door knob, three-wing drill for the door industry. The company says that the bit, which is designed with a taper so it cuts from the center out, works extremely well when cutting the 2 1/8-inch door hole. 

Currently, the bit is available in 2 1/8-inch diameter to fit most drill press machines, milling machines or boring machines. According to the company, more sizes will be available in the future.

Gun Provides High-Spraying Power
Protective coatings contractors have traditionally sacrificed size and comfort in order to use high-pressure spray guns, according to Minneapolis-based Graco Inc. The company says its product, the XTR™ airless spray gun, eliminates this unproductive tradeoff. 

With up to a 7,250 pressure rating, the 5-inch-long XTR packs high, solid spraying power in a compact, ergonomic design for applying tough coatings, especially on applications with hard-to-reach surfaces.

Orbital Sanders for Oil-Free Sanding
Chicago Pneumatic, with North American headquarters in Rock Hill, S.C., recently introduced the SX range of random orbital sanders. Available for 3 1/2-, 5- or 6-inch discs, the SX range offers the highest power and torque, lowest overall height and longest service life known for this type of sander, according to the company.

The company says the SX is designed for oil-free sanding, which normally is required for paint preparation of metals, woods, plastics and composite materials.

Film Provides Protection for Window Profiles
CYRO Industries of Rockaway, N.J., has a new, clear acrylic ROHAGLAS® film 99845, which the company says provides cap layer weather protection and surface hardness for numerous outdoor applications, including colored or wood-patterned PVC window profiles. The film is crystal-clear and offers excellent depth of image for natural-looking colors. 

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