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March - April 2003

New Year, New Gear
A Glimpse At What’s New in Door and Window Hardware

From panic devices to heavy-duty screen doors, this month’s spotlight on window and door hardware features some of the newest products on the market. Whether you’re looking for an automatic control system to operate hard-to-reach window vents or a lock that’s strong enough to keep out a 4,000-pound elephant, read on to see what exciting innovations in hardware are being offered this year.

Wikk Industries Unveils The Ingress’r
INGRESS Wikk Industries Inc. of Greendale, Wis., has introduced the Ingress’r automatic door control. The American with Disabilities Act-compliant door control utilizes door activation at any level along its 36-inch height. From severely disabled patrons to those who just have their hands full, the Ingress’r allows all visitors to utilize automatic door systems efficiently.

“… we are constantly listening to our customers and working on new design ideas to improve building accessibility,” said Wikk Industries sales representative Glenda Horn. “The Ingress’r is our newest and, we feel, the most versatile of the touch activated door controls on the market today.”
The Ingress’r has a contoured shape to deter wheeled conveyances, and the sensitive 2-inch wide central column allows the door to open when the column is tapped at any height along the bar. Only 36-inches high, 6-inches wide and 1 ½-inches deep, the Ingress’r can be mounted onto a wall or onto a commercial 

bollard. The standard model is made from clear anodized aluminum with a variety of other architectural finishes as additional options.

More info? www.wikk.com

Versatile Simplex 3100 Tailors Access To Companies’ Needs
Kaba Ilco of Winston-Salem, N.C., now offers the Simplex 3100 lock system that allows facilities with out-swing narrow stile glass doors to choose from various locking options.
To allow unmonitored access during the business day, the lock’s free passage mode lets employees and visitors come and go without entering a combination entry code. They can also utilize the keyless combination entry feature that enables controlled access of areas by necessitating the use of a combination to enter and exit.

3100SILVTo protect a facility after-hours or during weekends, the Simplex 3100’s lockout feature temporarily disables the combination and blocks entrance to all parties. The key override mode also allows emergency, maintenance and security personnel to have access to a facility with the turn of a key.

To personally control who enters a facility, the electronic release model of the Simplex 3100 gives the operator the ability to allow entry by pressing a button.

The product can be used on out-swing doors measuring from 1 7/8-inches to 1 ¾-inches thick and are retrofitted for Adams Rite mortise latch preparations and strike plates. According to the company, through-bolt installation provides more durability and restricts movement of the heavy-gauge lock once it is secured to the door.

The lock’s slim-line appearance, available in either satin chrome or duranodic finish, limits the ability of unauthorized parties to observe a combination being entered by someone else and thousands of combinations can be changed without removing the lock from the door.

The Simplex 3100 is ADA-compliant with one-hand manipulation and provides the reliability of mechanical pushbutton locks at a fraction of the cost of electronic access systems, according to the company. More info? www.Kaba-ilco.com

Preferred’s New Addition is Anything but Cranky 
Preferred Engineering Products Ltd. of Vaughan, Ontario, has introduced the Parallex™ system which enables tilt/slide and multi-lock functions without the use of levers. The product is suitable for casement and awning windows and allows for a clean appearance without any cranks or unsightly 

The Parallex system consists of toothed composite engineered tracks, robust carrier shoes complete with long-life brass wheels and a pivot shaft that runs through the sash. A self-lubricating bearing in the carrier shoes meshes with the teeth in the guide track ensuring parallel alignment of the sash. A rack and pinion mechanism formed by the components doubles as a hinge.

The unique design of the rack and pinion eliminates sash sag in casement windows by isolating the cantilevered load of the glass, according to the company. The Parallex system allows sashes to be manufactured with triple-pane glass up to 42 inches by 72 inches in size.

Double-hung windows utilizing Parallex have the same features as slider windows plus an integrated sash balance to prevent racking. Additionally, the company says that the system meets all AAMA and CSA water, air, structural, forced-entry and ease-of-operation specifications.

More info? www.preferred-eng.com

Hanging in The Balance
COIL BALANCE HOLDER LCS Precision Molding of Elysian, Minn., now offers the LCSR776 coil balance holder which enables the sash to be raised to its maximum. The new piece permits tilt latches to slide over the coil balance holder allowing the bottom sash to raise higher than similar products, giving the window the added square footage needed to meet egress codes.

The LCSR776 fits a standard 1 ½ -inch by ½-inch balance pocket and holds two 3/8-inch coil balances.

More info? www.lcsplastics.com

Add Some Security with Republic’s Stealth Lock 
STEALTH LOCK Chicago-based Republic Windows says just a few advantages of its Stealth Lock include the fact that it is concealed and it doesn’t block sight lines, thus giving windows a clean look. Additionally, because the lock is tamper-resistant, homeowners have a sense of added security. The lock is an option with the Classic II window line. More info? www.republicwindows.com

Adjustable Butt Hinge Available from G-U Hardware
HINGEPHOTO G-U Hardware Inc. of Newport News, Va., has added the adjustable butt hinge to its line of door and window hardware. Designed for full adjustability and smooth, quiet operation, the hinge can support sash weights of up to 286 pounds and comes with a standard 5/8-inch radius on 
corners. With the use of an allen wrench, the hinge also enables users to adjust for in- and out-swing versatility and easy separation of sash and frame.

More info? www.g-u.com

Pushed and Pulled in All Directions
International Door Closers Inc. of Anaheim, Calif., now offers a line of 1-inch diameter, solid aluminum push bars and door pull handles. Available individually or in sets, the hardware is offered in aluminum, black or duranodic storefront bronze high-performance architectural Class 1 anodized finishes.

The push bars come with a single or double bend and are 33-, 39- or 45-inch CTC lengths. The pull handles are available in 9-, 10- and 12-inch CTC lengths with 3 ¼-inch projection, resulting in a 2 ¼-inch door clearance.

The push bars and pull handles meet the AAMA 611-98 architectural specifications. 
More info? www.internationaldoorclosers.com 

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