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March - April 2003

Introducing... new products

Dollies Can Move Insulating Glass Easily
I.G. Dollies Wakefield insulating glass dollies, manufactured by Wakefield Equipment of Cleveland are perfect for storing and moving random sizes of insulating glass, according to the company. They provide easy loading for either wood or PVC flip-up fingers. The all-welded steel construction has a base with productive bottom strips and a pull handle on its frame.

More info? www.wakefieldequip.com

Production Line Can Make Stepped Units
Bystronic Inc. of Hauppauge, N.Y., recently introduced its latest generation of the Lenhardt TPS®-Insulating Glass (IG) production line with new features, including a fully automatic, optical glass plate inspection system—Vision Master—and an automatic muntin bar position station.

Bystronic-Lenhardt The company says the thermo plastic spacer (TPS) is the most advanced and flexible insulating glass production system in the world. The flexibility of a TPS IG production line is demonstrated by the efficient manufacturing of IG units as well as by the almost unlimited application for special products, according to the company.

The company says the line may be equipped to manufacture stepped IG units, shaped units and free shapes, and the line is available in cast resin units or big sizes up to a length of 236 inches in continuous and order-specific production processes.

More info? www.bystronic.com

IG System Helps Reduce Gas Costs
Spectra Gases of Branchburg, N.J., has introduced the R-20 gas recovery system for insulating glass unit (IGU) manufacturers that require krypton and xenon gas. The R-20 system recovers expensive krypton and xenon gas exhausted during the IGU-filling process.

Depending on volume, the R-20 will help reduce overall gas costs up to 20 percent, according to the company. The company also says the R-20 is easy to install and operate.

More info? www.spectra-gases.com

Fabrication Equipment Spartec Offers Saws and Cleaners
Spartec Manufacturing of Ontario is offering the GO 430A, which the company says is one of its newest and most innovative machines. The upcutting saw has a large cutting capacity and is available in automatic, manual or automatic feed and cut models.

When it comes to corner cleaners, one of the products offered by Spartec is the SV30II-DUO that is designed to clean two corners per single machine cycle. Outside corners are cleaned with contoured cutter stacks and visible surfaces are cleaned with knives, according to the company. 

More info? www.spartec.com

Wakefield Offers Extensive Array of Saws
Wakefield Equipment of Hudson, Ohio, offers a variety of products to fabricators including two lines of saws—OMGA and CTD. The company says it will work with fabricators to determine the best saw to meet your needs.

The OMGA chop saw is available in 12 and 14-inch models, has a commercial induction motor, auto centering stops at main angels and a stand and clamps are optional.

The CTD chop saws have blade sizes from 12 to 20 inches, spray mist and bio-lube options, pneumatic head feed and clamps and different measuring options are available. 

Additionally, both saw lines offer a double miter saw with blade sizes ranging from 10 to 20 inches and ranging in various lengths and horsepower. 

More info? www.wakefieldequip.com

Clean Up with New Product from Sturtz 
STURTZ Sturtz Machinery Inc. of Solon, Ohio, introduced the latest addition to its corner cleaner product line—the Model SMI-CNC-H-2K-30/26-DTC automated twinhead corner cleaner system. The company says this machine forms the backbone of its twinhead pass through line.

The cleaner incorporates non-marring, in-feed and out-feed belts to transport welded squares from the patented Sturtz twin-tier offload and transport buffer. Two CNC programmable cleaning heads perform complete internal and external cleaning on two frame corners and two sash corners per cycle. 

More info? www.sturtz.com

Truth Rolls Out New Patio Door Handles
CedonaHandles Truth Hardware of Owatonna, Minn., introduced its new Cedona series handles for sliding patio doors The non-handed handles are compatible with single mortise-type locks. A lever-operated clamp-type latch or an insert latch locking mechanism for surface-mount locking applications are also available. 

The company also offers a variety of patio door rollers, which may be mounted with single or tandem rollder models. 

More info? www.truth.com

Ideal Security Announces New Addition
IDEAL Ideal Security of LaSalle, Quebec, has introduced a new addition to its Elegance series of screen and storm door handles. The LE series maintains standard 1 ¾-inch installation-hole spacing and uses a variety of inside latches. The handle is available in a variety of finishes including E-coat brass and satin silver. 

More info? www.idealinc.com

From Saws to Welders, Greller Meets Needs of Manufacturers
GRELLER Greller & Co. of Cleveland offers a variety of fabrication equipment, including a jamb/sill notch saw that shapes the end of window jambs, heads or sills. The saw includes precision movement via pillow block bearings and rail system, air over oil adjustable saw feed, two, 3-phase/2-HP motors at 220/440V, air filter/regulator/lubricator, foot pedal operation, emergency stop button, operator safety guarding, material support arms, pneumatic clamping and enclosed sheet metal cabinet.

Greller also offers a two-head sash corner cleaner that features “no cutter stack” cleaning. The company says the cycle time for complete sashes with tilt-latch routes is less than 30 seconds, including load time. 

More info? www.greller.com

Bend Profiles in Minutes 
Witte Witte North America of Ontario says it offers equipment that allows window manufacturers to bend their own profiles in minutes through the use of hot air and hot fluid bending equipment. The machine allows for the bending of a variety of shapes including half-round, oval, elliptical and others. The hot air heating systems are well-insulated and help keep energy costs to a minimum, according to the company.

Additionally, the equipment allows for a one-person operation, is environmentally clean, requires little maintenance and has an easy set-up.

More info? www.witte-na.com 


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