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March - April 2003

Left to right: 165 exhibitors filled more than 100,000 square feet of booth space at Win-door; Frank Sangiulano of American Equipment Sales Ltd., winner of the James Parker Best Booth award, shows a machine to a Win-door visitor; More than 33,000 individuals attended Win-door 2002.

Win-door 2002

Attendees are Wooed by New Products

According to to show organizers for Win-door North America 2002, the event, held November 20-22 in Toronto, was a resounding success.

“By all accounts that I have heard the machinery people have reported tremendous traffic and great sales at the show,” said Canadian Door and Window Manufacturers Association president Richard Poirier. 

Approximately 165 exhibitors filled more than 100,000 square feet of exhibit space, and more than 3,300 individuals attended from Canada, the United States and other countries. 

While Win-door did feature a variety of educational seminars for attendees, the big draw was the exhibit floor, which offered a variety of products, both new and old, for the window and door industry. Just a few of these are highlighted below.
Event organizers are already getting ready for Win-door 2003, which will be held November 19-21, 2003. 

Cover Provides a Convenient Cradle
Truth Hardware of Owatonna, Minn., recently introduced its new “nesting” cover for its Maxim Operator line of products. Designed specifically for its popular folding handle, the company says this new accessory cover provides a convenient cradle for its folding handle producing a smooth and clean overall appearance to the operator. In addition, the company says this accessory provides an opportunity for window manufacturers to reduce their inventory of optional colors as the hardware’s appearance can be changed by simply adding a different handle and cover option. The Maxim Nesting Cover is available in all of Truth’s finish options. 

More info? www.truth.com

“Warming Up” to New Spacer
Truseal Technologies of Beachwood, Ohio, introduced its newest spacer at Win-door. According to the company, Insuledge™ is the “warmest” spacer in the industry, with a 50-percent lower conductivity rate than the next best product.

Designed to meet the needs of window and insulating glass manufacturers who want to combine consumer value with high-performance products, the company says Insuledge uses breakthrough technology to offer a unique tubular design, incorporating a proprietary molding process to manufacture the warmest, flexible insulating glass spacer.

The new spacer features a non-metal, corrugated tube, which results in high thermal performance, according to the company. The hollow, non-metal core replaces conductive solid or foam materials with better insulating air space. 

More info? www.swiggle.com

“Powderful” Handle Sets from Amesbury 
Sash Controls/Amesbury Group Inc. of Ferndale, Mich., featured its powder  coating handle-drive sets for sliding patio sets at Win-door. The company describes  its powder coating as an environmentally friendly finish process that requires no solvents and produces almost no solid waste.

The powder-coated sets are available in standard or custom architectural colors, and the handle sets will mount to standard sliding patio doors, according to the company. Additionally, the customer’s logo can be silk-screened on some of the handle styles with a durable finish. 

More info? www.amesbury.com

LCS Offers Product Variety to Manufacturers 
From muntin connectors to balance shoes, LCS Precision Molding of Elysian, Minn., has a variety of fenestration products available to window and door manufacturers. Among the items from LCS that you may have missed if you weren’t at Win-door is the LCSR776 coil balance holder, which attaches above the meeting rail line. 

According to the company, this product is unique because the part design allows tilt latches to slide over the coil balance holder so the sash can be raised to its maximum height. The holder fits a standard 1 ½- by ½-inch balance pocket, and the company adds that additional sizes will soon be available. The products are available in white, tan or a variety of custom colors.
More info? www.lcsplastics.com

Bond Securely with ADCO’s Acrylic Tape 
Window and door manufacturers looking for a high-bond acrylic tape will want to check out this product available from ADCO Products Inc. of Michigan Center, Mich. The company, which displayed this product at Win-door, says the tape provides superior performance with regard to strength, appearance and adhesion. 

According to ADCO, the product’s solid acrylic core provides greater internal strength as compared to foam core tapes. The tape is also resistant to climate extremes and provides instant bonding, which prevents gaps, seepage, fumes or clamping. Additionally, the product does not harden with age, and it is available in a “clear” color, according to the company. 

More info? www.adcoglobal.com

Adchem Offers Tried and “True” Muntin Tape
Adchem of Riverhead, N.Y., offers what it describes as a “true” simulated divided lite muntin tape. The company describes its MT series tape as a high-performance, acrylic adhesive system that is designed specifically for muntin-bar applications and does not require isopropyl/silane pre-treatment for adhesion to glass or ceramic surfaces.

The tape is designed for long-term indoor and outdoor bonding of glass and ceramics, primed and painted aluminum, primed and unprimed wood, 70-percent Kynar-coated aluminum and vinyl and plastic muntin bars.

The company adds that no silane-enhanced pre-wash is required. Additionally, the tape is safe for use with the new self-cleaning, low maintenance and easy-to-clean products on the market.

More info? www.adchem.com

“Dying” For Maplan’s Extrusion Dies
MAPLAN American Maplan Corp. of McPherson, Kan., specializes in complete production lines for profile extrusion. One of its products, the profile extrusion dies, are used for the extrusion of window profiles.

The company says the dies offer such benefits as easy installation and disassembly since there are no bolts and studs, and a low-die weight, which results in easy handling and quick die changing resulting in short set-up times. Additionally, the dies utilize a flow- channel and design to provide the widest processing bandwith. 

More info? americanmaplan.com 

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