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May - June 2003

Introducing... new products

Door Opens with Push 
Dor-O-MaticDor-O-Matic Inc. of Harwood Heights, Ill., recently announced enhancements to its Benchmark American with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant automatic door operator. The company says the ADA operator opens the door automatically with push-plate activation systems and also functions as a normal pedestrian door that can be opened manually. 

The design enhancements include a new wide gear and the addition of a spring damper in the shaft, according to the company.

Adhesives Research Offers Muntin-Mounting Tapes
ARclad tape Glen Rock, Pa.-based Adhesives Research Inc. says its ARclad® pressure-sensitive foam muntin-mounting tapes offer a virtually solvent-free way to adhere wood, painted aluminum and PVC-extruded aluminum bars to simulated divided-lite windows and doors. ARclad double-sided foam muntin-mounting tapes are manufactured to a consistent thickness and incorporate a unique adhesive that includes an ultraviolet-resistant polymer.

Combined with a reliable adhesion to wood, aluminum, vinyl and glass, the company says the tapes provide a dependable application that can save manufacturers and installers time and money. Available in white, black or gray foam with 3.0-mil or 4.0-mil polyethylene or paper release liners, the tapes are designed for reliable, long-lasting performance in window and door applications, according to the company.

Software Solutions Communicate and Synchronize Data
VSM is a first-of-its-kind quoting and estimating software from Toronto-based VSM Software Enterprises Inc., according to the company.

VSM Dealer Edition is a rule-based configurator with a dynamic graphical interface for product designs. The software features advanced pricing rules for customers by region, time, option and design, individually or as a combination. It is designed for distribution by manufacturers to their customer base. 

VSM ERP middleware takes the product further by providing complete rules-based bills of materials and grid alignment information. All VSM products are available as stand alone, client/server or as N-tier web-based applications. 

All versions communicate and synchronize data using standard XML-based interface files over the web or through emails. VSM provides manufacturers with the ability to leverage their current investment in ERP solutions by adding a state-of-the-art, industry-specific front end.

Scrap Saw Can Cut Handling Problems Down-To-Size
Hasko-HSSS Hasko of Chattanooga, Tenn., offers a solution for reducing long, unruly scrap down to a manageable size. The HSSS high-volume strip and scrap saw chops endless lengths of long scrap such as wood rippings or plastic strips up to 4 inches thick by 8 inches wide automatically into shorter pieces that can be handled efficiently, according to the company.

The company says that no additional operator is required when the saw is installed into an existing conveyor line. The HSSS utilizes an automatic cam-actuated 18 horse-power saw arbor and clamping mechanism to produce 45 cuts per minute.
UCB Brings Its Products to North America
The Surface Specialties division of UCB, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, is now producing its UCB UVEKOL® products in North America. The company says the Uvekol glass laminating system uses UV technology to provide a fast and consistent process and allows start-up with a minimal investment. Today, Uvekol products from UCB are being used around the world to produce laminated glass that delivers safety, security, acoustic and design benefits.

Uvekol S is a one component liquid cured by low intensity UV lights and is certified as an interlayer for hurricane-resistant glass by Miami-Dade County, Fla. It has successfully passed impact and cycling tests in a variety of framing systems.

UCB-Curing laminate The company says window and door manufacturers now have two options: purchase laminated glass from an existing Uvekol glass fabricator or integrate a Uvekol glass laminating line into their own operation. Both will offer the benefits of reduced lead times at a competitive cost, with a product providing superior clarity and excellent impact and cycling performance, as required for hurricane-resistant glass.

Glass Helps Prevent Energy Loss
Guardian Industries Corp.’s Geneva, N.Y., location, says using its Acclimate RLE glass products in windows can prevent unwanted household heat gains and heat losses. Choosing Acclimate RLE 71/38 glass can result in lower heating energy costs significantly and an improvement in insulating value by as much as 50 percent over standard clear glass, according to the company. In cold regions, this means that windows are no longer an energy loser to be avoided—increasing glazing area with high-performance windows can have little or no effect on total energy use.

Guardian says Acclimate meets the highest application performance requirements in the most fabrication friendly package. By following the Durable-by-Design© philosophy, the company says it has created the most scratch-resistant, high-performance low-E product available.

Pilkington Offers Translucent Float Glass
Pilkington North America, located in Toledo, Ohio, has released a new translucent float glass: Pilkington Satin™ translucent float glass. The Satin system has a unique, translucent, frosted appearance that allows for privacy without sacrificing light transmittance, according to the company.

The company says Satin is ideal for a wide range of applications, including residential windows, interior partitions and furniture design. 

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