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May - June 2003

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Insulating Glass Manufacturers Meet in California

The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) met in Dana Point, Calif., in late January, in conjunction with the Glass Association of North America’s Glass Week. This marked the first time the group has held its meeting in conjunction with GANA in the past three years.

The IGMA board met on Saturday and technical work groups followed on Sunday. Among the topics covered were the prevention of insulating glass (IG) failures, residential glazing guidelines and gas loss test methods.

On Monday, the group heard technical presentations from a variety of speakers. Jim Fairman of Pando Technologies LLC discussed the development of a new handbook on IG technology. The project is being supported by the Department of Energy and has been divided into phases. Phase one is titled the “Qualitative Understanding of Failure Mechanisms.” It will also be published on the IGMA website. 

Fairman then reviewed all the chapters of the book with a particular emphasis on physical stress models. 

“I know everyone wants to know what the most significant stressors are, “ he said, “and while the results aren’t final, I can say that as far as predicting service life, the sash has a very strong influence on insulating glass. Maintaining a clean process is also very important.”

Fairman was followed by consultant Bill Lingnell, who spoke on the harmonization efforts relating to glass strength and Andre Piers, who discussed the progress of European IG standard.

IGMA attendees were kings of the castle when they were treated to a medieval dinner and jousting tournament in which knights battled to the death—or at least looked like they did. Attendees also participated in a number of events, including the Wednesday evening dinner, opening session, programs on the economy and golf tournament. 

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