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May - June 2003

Letter Receives Much Feedback

Dear DWM,

I have had a lot of interesting responses since you printed my letter regarding the fading of vinyl windows (see November-December 2002 DWM issue, page 4). Iíve been told that even my competition is using it to show customers in Palm Springs, Calif., that you can take a stand for what you believe to be right.

I find more pictures of faded vinyl to snap each week. Iím positive that when the ďvinyl hits the fanĒ in a few more years here that the lawyers are going to have a field day.

Iím the only window company here in Las Vegas that has taken a stand for no more vinyl sales. This approach has set me apart and has prompted customers to ask why havenít the other companies done the same.

Please donít misudnerstand. I have never said vinyl windows are ďjunk.Ē They just donít work well here in our desert climate.

You have a great publication. Keep up the good efforts.

Mark Reasbeck
Legend Windows
Las Vegas

Warranty Article Continues to Generate Feedback

Dear DWM,

This is in regard to your article on window and door warranties (see November-December 2002 DWM, page 44). We are a small window manufacturer in Eastern Virginia that still builds a Maynard window with TruSeal. Our base contractor customers are very loyal, and we do some direct sales to customers.

Since 1995, I donít think we have had ten windows that needed repair. It usually is a breakage, and if the customer/contractor can bring in the sash, (the beauty of the Maynard system) we replace it for nothing.

We have not experienced people abusing their property. If we go out to the site, we charge a labor fee. We offer limited liability and non-transferable warranties.

While many manufacturers offer a much more elaborate warranty, whoís to say they will still be around to stand by it?

Author wishes to remain anonymous.



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