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November - December 2003



SashLite Introduces Revolutionary 
Technology to the Insulating Glass Industry

Bob Hornung, president of SashLite LLC, believes his company's technology is poised to revolutionize the insulating glass industry. Why is the product so unique? SashLite features two lites of glass adhered directly to the extruded sash as opposed to the existing technology that requires two lites of glass be adhered to a spacer, which is then adhered to the sash.

A summary of the manufacturing process is as follows: the extruded insulated sash is cut to the required lengths; these are welded into one solid frame, desiccant is applied; muntin grid is assembled and attached to the frame; sealant is applied; lites are adhered to each side of the sash and glazing beads are attached. 

"The largest benefits are performance, aesthetics and quality of the product," said Hornung. " When you can make a better looking product with reduced space and power requirements, you have a great technology."

He adds that flexibility and scalability are also great benefits and the fact that any size manufacturer can use the technology. According to Hornung, the only equipment needed is an upgraded glazing table and, potentially, a washer. He adds that since companies will be able to combine their insulating glass and backbedding departments, companies will reduce space and labor; creating a more efficient process.

Marketing Partners
The company was founded in 1999 by Hornung and John France. France, an industry executive with extensive experience, conceived the technology. Hornung founded On-Link Corp., a business application software co. that he eventually sold to Siebel Systems Inc. in August 2000. He is also managing director of Vertical Ventures LLC, a venture capital form that specializes in funding and managing early-stage companies. 

SashLite has developed alliance partners who have committed to developing technologies and to serve as marketing and distribution partners. These include: H.B. 

Fuller, manufacturer and marketer of specialty chemicals; Dayton Technologies, a division of Deceuninck Plastics Industries of Belgium, a producer of vinyl window and door systems; Vinyl Building Products, a division of ThyssenKrupp, lineal vinyl manufacturer; Mikron Industries, manufacturer of vinyl and wood composite window and door profiles; FDR Design, supplier of gas-filling equipment; and Ashland Hardware, manufacturer of hardware for the fenestration industry. Additionally, Vertical Ventures and Erdman Automation Corp. teamed up to create Sash Systems LLC, which has produced specialized equipment to support the SashLite technology.
A) Current Insulated Glass Unit                          B) Insulated Sash Technology
The above charts illustrate how SashLite would eliminate an entire assembly process. 

Technology at Work
Survivor Technologies in Hillside, N.J., is the first window manufacturer to whom SashLite has licensed the technology. (At press time, Survivor was still in the beta development process but was set to start producing units using the technology in the near future). 

How was Survivor chosen? The manufacturer is a customer of Dayton Technologies who thought SashLite would be a perfect fit for Survivor. 

"When I presented it to them they loved everything about it," Hornung said. 

In fact, Hornung said numerous manufacturers are excited about SashLite. 

"We have a growing list of companies who have signed letters of intent to use the technology," he said. "Our next set-up is scheduled for late-October and we 
plan to roll out the technology

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