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November - December 2003

iGm Exhibitors Promise Imagination, Great Products and More

The InterGLASSmetal/FENESTRATION world 2003 show, to be held November 4-6, 2003, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio, promises a great deal in the way of new products and services for door and window manufacturers (see September-October 2003 DWM for show guide and planner or visit www.igmfw.com for more information). Following is a sampling of some of the products to be featured at the show.

Booth #1231
Ashland to Inspire iGm Attendees
Info www.ashlandhardware.com or call 219/696-5950

iGm attendees who stop by the booth of Ashland Hardware Systems of Lowell, Ind., will be able to view the company’s new Inspirations
Ņ sliding door trimset. The company says the product is perfect for 45-degree mortise locks and industry standard profiles. Additionally, a minimum of 90-degree thumb rotation is all that is needed to activate the lock while providing a visual indication that the lock is engaged.

The trimsets are offered in white solid brass, antique brass, polished chrome, stain chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, pewter and PVD.

Booth 1721: 
New Steel and Screens from Novatech
Info www.novatechglass.com or call 800/611-6682
Looking for a way to distinguish your company from the competition? Then check out the new insulating steel doors from Novatech Glass. The company says its doors have a baked on white polyester finish that does not require additional protection, and the doors incorporate jambs and rails designed to surpass rigidity and solidity standards. Additionally, the doors are warranted for five to ten years, and the thickness of the steel meets North American standards for all doors from entry-level to high-end models.

Novatech has also introduced Novascreen, a retractable screen, which, according to the company, has a number of unique features and components. First, a mesh lock prevents the screen from coming out of its track in the event of strong winds. A speed reducer controls the retraction of the screen to ensure a smooth and secure operation. The screen adapts to all types of doors, features a latching system that does not require a magnet and is available in nine colors.

Booth #1521
Truth Features Multi-Point Locking System
Info www.truth.com or call 800/866-7884
Truth Hardware of Owatonna, Minn., will showcase several of its hardware products at iGm including its Maxim MP-PlusŅ multi-point locking system for swinging patio doors. The system features seven locking points, and the product engages the latch points automatically each time the door is closed. According to the company, this new product is unique because customers no longer have to rely on lifting handles and turning deadbolts in just the right sequence to lock the door.

Booth #1508
Wrap it Up with Friz Profile Wrappers 
Info www.stilesmachinery.com or call 616/698-7500
Stiles Machinery Inc. of Grand Rapids, Mich., will be at iGm to inform attendees of its unique Friz profile wrappers. According to the company, manufacturers should consider using profile wrapping because it adds product depth and value by allowing manufacturers to satisfy their customers’ needs for customization. PVC, aluminum and solid wood parts can be wrapped with PVC, veneer and other materials to give different looks such as wood grains.

Additional features include precise adhesive application and reduced glue consumption, quick-change tooling, affordability and a quick return on investment.

Booth #841
Accurate Tool Offers CNC High Speed Router
Info www.accuratetoolonline.com or call 866/277-0255
Accurate Tool and Die Inc. of Seattle will feature its CNC high-speed production router at iGm. The machine, which has an accuracy of plus or minus .005 of an inch, has a table feed rate of more than 600 inches per minute, according to the company.

Included with the router is an automatic self-centering device, adjustable stops and a hand-held LCD controller which allows the operator to have an instant view of X,Y and Z coordinates.

Booth #1108
ADCO Offers Various Advantages 
Info www.adcocorp.com or call 800/248-4010

ADCO Products of Michigan Center, Mich., will feature ADCO Advantage at iGm, a system which the company describes as a combination of innovative products, efficient equipment and technical service.

The Dual Seal Alternative program features InterSeal® - DSA elastomeric edge sealant, desiccant matrix, ADCO compensator-less sealant pumping and upgraded lineal-U application equipment. This provides a number of benefits including immediate racking strength, extended insulating glass life through PIB-like MVTR, low-temperature flexibility and low-tack performance.

Another ADCO ADvantage about which iGm attendees can learn more is Ködimelt TPS for commercial and residential windows and doors.  The warm-edge spacer provides an all-around seal in regular and unusual geometrical shapes, and makes triple-glazed units with variable distances between the lites, according to the company.

ADCO’s newest ADvantage is Ködilan PCR and UV Liquid Laminates--transparent one-component cast resins to be used for the manufacture of composite glass. Three formulations are available depending on individual requirements–one for sound reduction, one for security and one that combines both characteristics.

Booth #1144
W&F Handles New Products with Ease 
Info www.wfmfg.com or call 818/394-6060
W & F Manufacturing of Glendale, Calif., has introduced new handle sets as well as a new multi-point casement window system, and these will be just a few of the products it will showcase while at iGm/FW.

The company says it has taken the strength of its Trilennium swing-door system and applied it to a wide-stile casement window locking system. This new product has three full one-inch bolts locking the sash and pulling it tight against the weatherseal. The company also wants to remind customers that its Trilennium multi-point system achieves a D.P. 95 rating on a 6-foot wide by 6-foot, 8-inch French door application in order to meet high wind loads.

Additionally, the company’s handle sets are more massive than previous products, according to W & F, and are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Booth #435
See TruSeal Products in Action 
Info www.truseal.com or call 888/910-5280

Truseal Technologies of Beachwood, Ohio, has several products to showcase at iGm so it will include demonstrations at its booth.

One of the products attendees will be able to see in action is the T.A.P.E. System II, designed by Besten Inc. and adapted for Truseal’s family of flexible spacer systems. TAPE II has been redesigned with a number of improvements including a faster cycle time and application times that increase productivityby about 25 percent, according to the company.

Other demonstrations will include Quik-DoseŌ GF, a semi-automatic liquid gas filling machine and Insuledge, a flexible insulating glass spacer system.

Booth #631
Automated Machinery to Showcase CNC Welder
Info www.automated-inc.com or call 330/535-9200
The SA44V 4 Vertical Heads CNC Welder is just one of the machines that Automated Machinery Inc. will be showcasing at the iGm show. The machine allows for the welding of four corners/welding cycles and the company says the product can be predisposed for a double/triple-stack welding cycle if desired. Additional features include heads driven by brushless servo motors and bar code and floppy disk data entry.

Booth #1839
Chelsea to Unveil New Window System
Info www.chelseabuildingproducts.com or call 412/826-8077
Chelsea Building Products of Oakmont, Pa., will unveil two new window systems at the iGm show. One of these, the American Homestead system, is designed for the new construction market and consists of single-hung, single-slider, transom/picture window, single-hung “T” mullion, double-hung, picture window and double-hung “T” mullions.

Some features of the system include a true slope sill that has no unsightly weep holes, a universal receptor groove that accepts a number of accessory attachments and an overlap interior frame design that reduces the need to remove weld flashing from the balance shoe pocket. Other features include an all-fusion-welded sash and frame, a 7-degree lope sill for quick water evacuation and recessed tilt latches.

Booth #900
Amesbury Offers Total Solutions
Info www.amesbury.com or call 605/339-1841
Looking for total solutions? Then stop by the booth of the Amesbury Group of Amesbury, Mass., which is offering a “Total Solutions approach” with its complete line of innovative window and door hardware, weather seals and rigid extrusions. The company says its products are offered with short delivery times and low defect rates.

Booth #634
Wakefield Helps Manufacturers Increase Productivity
Info www.wakefieldequip.com or call 216/464-9455
Wakefield Equipment of Hudson, Ohio, says it believes the major challenge facing manufacturers today is how to increase productivity and increase labor. To help window and door manufacturers achieve that goal, the company offers a line of assembly products, including squaring racks to transfer systems. Advantages of using these products include better material flow, minimum handling and labor savings, according to the company. Standard and custom designs are available.

Booth #1800
Sika Offers Sealants for Specialty Applications and More
Info www.sikaindustry.com or call 800/548-0496
If sealants and adhesives is what you’re looking for, then Sika Corp. of Madison Heights, Mich., may have what you need. The company says it offers a complete line of single-part PUR sealants and adhesives for bedding elastic bonding and fenestration installation applications, with multiple substrate compatibility. The company’s products may be used for specialty applications including hurricane and blast-resistant window bedding applications.

The company adds that its products are available in drums, unipacks and cartridges and may be used with automated application equipment.

Booth #1401
Lamatek to Feature Glazing, Sealing and Weatherstrip Products
Info www.lamatek.com or call 800/526-2835
Lamatek Inc. of Edgewater Park, N.J., will feature its complete line of jamb foams, pre-cut gaskets, shipping pads, EPS shipping corners, setting blocks, mulling tape, muntin bumpers and mounting tape at iGm. The company says its SDL muntin tape outperforms competitive products without the need for a silane pre-wash or other pretreatments and its glazing tape offers a high-quality tape without a high cost.

Booth #1727
Ventana Offers Window Array
Info www.ventanainternational.com or call 724/325-3400

Ventana International of Export, Pa., is excited to tell iGm attendees that its Series 2050 garden window has gained the AAMA certified R-50 rating. The company will have that product on display as well as its architectural vinyl windows including specialty shapes, operable octagon and arched casement windows, radius casing and jamb extensions.

Booth #1305
POWERBids is a Plus for Users
Info www.friedmancorp.com or call 847/572-4424
Friedman Corp. of Deerfield, Ill., will be featuring its POWERBids system at iGm, which, according to the company, allows manufacturers and distributors to simplify the selling of complex configurable products. The interactive system prevents field errors and provides custom manufacturers with the tools they need to fully integrate remote sales with overall order fulfillment and manufacturing.

Booth #1349
American Renolit Wraps it FAST 
or call 219/324-6886
Need to wrap window and door profiles made of PVD, wood or aluminum? American Renolit Corp. can help as it has introduced a new stock line of FAST exterior window wrapping films. According to the company, the acrylic/PVDF three-layer film has excellent weathering capabilities because the PVDF surface is resistant to dirt. The films are available in dark brown, green, cocoa and golden oak, and custom colors are available.

Booth #401
Two New Saws from Sturtz
Info www.sturtz.com or call 440/248-4009
Visitors who stop by the booth of Sturtz Machinery will be able to view a variety of equipment including two welding and cleaning work cells. The company will also feature two new saws.

The SMI-SD4000 automatic rail processing saw includes a 21-foot capacity feeder mechanism and interchangeable cutter stacks for processing multiple profiles. The SMI-SD9000 dual-axis feeder saw can be supplied with or without programmable fabrication capability.

Booth #1844
Get Distortion-Free Results with Scratch-Removal System
Info www.scratchremoval.com or call 800/321-2597

Glas-Weld Systems Inc. of Bend, Ore., will feature its scratch removal system at iGm. The system, which is designed to work on all types of glass, may be used by a variety of industry professionals such as window manufacturers who use it in their plants to remove scratches in window units.

Glas-Weld says the scratch-removal system has been tested to both ANSI and BSI standards and has been proven to provide distortion-free results. The product does not use abrasives, so it does not leave a low spot in the glass causing distortion. This enables professionals to remove scratches up to .004 inches deep.

Booth #1209
Dayton Technologies Goes Beyond the Ordinary
Info www.daytech.com or call 513/539-5460
Dayton Technologies invites iGm attendees to stop by its booth to find out why the company goes “beyond the ordinary.” The company says it will be showcasing a variety of new products for the window and door industry.

Booth #1736
Save Time with New Auto-Glaze Table 
Info www.haeco1.com or call 800/852-3522

HAECO of Loveland, Ohio, will feature its new Auto-Glaze TableŌ, which the company says is optimal for medium to large window manufacturers. The table gives manufacturers the ability to run two individual sashes or true divided sidelites with the goal of producing more windows in less time than with hand taping. Advanced options, such as automatic fence and automatic height detection, are also available.

Booth #1516
ClearShield Offers Maximum Glass Performance 
Info www.clearshieldonline.com or call 866/372-5327
If maximum performance glass is what you’re looking for, then stop by the booth of ClearShield Technologies to view its ClearShield MP (maximum performance), which, according to the company, enhances long-term protection of the glass surface.

According to the company, the new polymeric resin formula contains a new and more active catalyst than in the past that triggers a more efficient chemical reaction than previously available. This allows for an increased number of bonding sites present at the molecular level of the glass surface creating a denser layer of protection.

Booth #1013
Erdman Lends a Hand
Info www.erdmanautomation.com or call 763/389-9475
The EACyplyŌ Hand Assist Glazing Machine from Erdman Automation Corp. allows operators to apply a properly positioned and sized bead of sealant to a product at speeds of up to 30 inches per second. The machine, which is controlled by a series of state-of-the-art motion control elements, provides the intelligence and drive to the sealant metering pump EACypumpŌ and valve EACyfloŌ at a rate relative to the  speed that the operator moves the sealant head.

Booth #1331
VEKA Goes Blue with New Extrusion Technology 
Info www.vekainc.com or call 888/797-0200
Just one of the products and technologies to be featured at the booth of VEKA Inc. is the company’s VEKAblueŌ co-extrusion technology. The substrate adheres to the standards of ASTM F-964 and D-1784 that assure proper tensile strength, impact resistance, heat distortion, expansion contraction, flexural modulus flattening, capstock thickness and weatherability, according to the company. The product has a limited lifetime extended warranty, which covers the replacement profiles and installation. 

Booth #1515
EDTM Offers Special Discounts and New Products 
Info www.edtm.com or call 419/480-1098
Visitors to the EDTM Inc. booth will see a full range of product offerings including a few new products. The company points out that some show discounts will be offered and products will be available for purchase at the booth.

One of the new products that will be on display is the IS 1100 Intelli-Sense low-E Detection System, which inspects glass on the production line and identities the location of the invisible low-E coating without touching the glass. Alarms indicate if the low-E coated glass has been placed on the line improperly.

Booth #935
Hot New Sealant from Dow
Info www.dowcorning.com or call 989/496-4000
Dow Corning of Midland, Mich., will introduce its new reactive silicone hot-melt InstantGlaze Window Assembly Sealant to iGm attendees. According to the company, this product is unique because it allows manufacturers to fabricate windows two to four times faster than with tape-glazing operations. This is due to microprocessor-controlled dispensing equipment that delivers a uniform sealant bead, thus reducing clean-up time.

Booth #1706
Formtek Offers Product Array
Info www.formtekinc.com or call 800/631-0520

Formtek of Cleveland will be at iGm to tell attendees of its experience in supplying screen frame/mutton and stiffener machines to the fenestration market. The company says it also provides roll-forming tooling and systems at cost-effective prices for the window industry.

 Booth #849
Gain Information on glasstec 2004  
Info www.mdna.com or call 312/781-5185
Representatives of Messe Dusseldorf North America will be at iGm to encourage people to attend glasstec 2004, the 18th International Trade Fair for Machinery, Equipment, Applications and Products. The biannual show will be held November 9-13, 2004, in Dusseldorf, Germany. Attendees who stop by the glasstec booth can pick up exhibitor information as well as travel and hotel details.

Booth #1356
Vinyl Doctor Introduces Itself to Window World
Info www.vinyl-doctor.com or call 503/249-0737
While many companies will be introducing new products at the show, one company will introduce itself to the fenestration market—the Vinyl Doctor, whose motto is “solutions through innovation.”

According to David Fenske, owner, the company was the first to promote color-matched liquid PVC to window manufacturers. The company has patented this method for the final finishing  and strengthening of window frames in areas like miter joints, weld-sealing sensitive areas such as mull connections or screw penetrations and repairing damaged extrusions.

The company will unveil its flange extension, which, through use of the company’s liquid PVC, welds the six-inch wide flexible membrane to the existing window frame.

Booth #1415
Gain a Clear Vision with FeneVision
Info www.fenetech.com or call 330/995-2830

Fenetech of Aurora, Ohio, will feature its FeneVisionŅ family of software products at the iGm show. One of the great features of the program includes the production control software that allows users to generate quotations, enter orders, schedule production, optimize raw materials, generate reports, labels, machine files and manage distribution of finished goods. The company will also be featuring some new software modules at the show which include NFRC/Energy Star label printing, capacity planning and remote order entry.

Booth #121, 421
Bystronic Commits Itself to Window Industry 
Info www.bystronic.com or call 800-247-3332

Bystronic Inc. of Hauppauge, N.Y., wants to show insulating glass and window manufacturers that the company has a variety of product solutions for them. With that goal in mind, Bystronic will demonstrate its fenestration-industry targeted CNC cutting machine, “smart’cut” at Booth 121. In addition, a working TPS applicator will demonstrate how the thermoplastic warm-edge is being extruded and applied to the glass directly.

Additionally, at Booth 421 attendees can view the integrated IG/window frame (sash assembly). This is a collaborative effort between Bystronic, Stürtz and Bowmead, which is the development of an ultra-efficient window manufacturing process, according to Bystronic. Attendees will see Bystronic and Stürtz equipment in action, fabricating vinyl sashes with sealed-in insulating glass.


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