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September - October 2003

Introducing... new products

LCS Introduces Products to Meet Market Demand

Info www.lcsplastics.com or call 507/362-8685
Due to favorable response to the company’s LCSR739 hinge shim, LCS Precision Molding of Waterville, Minn., has added a fourth shim to be used with swing doors. The new shim is 4.480 inches long by 1.3 inches wide and 0.40 inches thick.

The company also has introduced the LCSR7462 stationary patio door block to hold the patio door stationary sash in place. It can also be used to hold the top sash of a double-hung window, making the top sash stationary. The product has countersunken screw holes, which also can be eliminated depending on the application. 

Retractable Screens to Make Conventional Screens Vanish? 

Info www.fentechinc.com or call 715/392-9500
FEN-TECH Inc. of Superior, Wis., has introduced a vanishing retractable screen for door applications, which the company says eventually will make conventional door screens obsolete. 

The systems can be made to fit almost any door application, including swing patio doors, patio doors and French double doors. The systems fit screen heights up to 110 inches and widths up to 55 inches and are available in six standard colors. 

New Spacer Offers Superior Performance 

Info www.gedusa.com or call 800/421-1667
Glass Equipment Development Inc. of Twinsburg, Ohio, has introduced the Vilda-V92™ special engineered stainless steel spacer for insulating glass (IG) units. Designed to work with Intercept™ IG fabrication, the system offers high thermal performance at a cost-efficient price, according to the company.

Vilda-V92 uses custom-engineered high-purity alloys to offer a high level of thermal and warm-edge performance. The custom .0077-inch gauged metal is available in several slit-widths, and the material meets Energy Star® ratings without argon fill, 
depending on the window construction. 

Grid Pattern Used in Flat Muntin Bars

Info www.cgpglass.com or call 800/627-1692
Window manufacturers now have a window grid option that can meet the consumer demand for specialty grid patterns and styles without the problems typically encountered with metal grid products, according to the product’s manufacturer, Custom Glass Products Inc. of Salisbury, N.C. 

The product, Decralite®, is a patented one-piece grid system for use in grid-between-glass and simulated divided-lite applications. It offers unlimited grid-pattern choices in flat or contoured muntin bars, according to the company.

Reduce and Eliminate Work with New SDL Adhesive 

Info www.adchem.com or call 631/727-6000
Liquid silane adhesion promoters are not needed in simulated divided windows (SDL) due to a new line of performance engineered acrylic adhesive tapes introduced by Adchem of Riverhead, N.Y. The company says its new MT series creates a new standard for muntin bar adhesives. It offers compatibility with the new self-cleaning glass materials, long-term adhesion to a variety of alternative substrates, reduced corner-seal failures and improved attachment aesthetics due to the thinner profile, just to name a few. The company says the product will reduce muntin SDL application costs through lower material costs, reduced rework and the elimination of silane primers.

“The product was in development for more than four years in response to industry requests for an economical but effective adhesive system designed for SDL,” said Joseph M. Pufahl, Adchem business development manager.

Double Trouble
Info www.scapana.com or call 860/688-8000
Scapa North America of Windsor, Ct., has introduced Duofoam® S3632B-PE, a cross-linked polythylene foam tape that is double-coated with an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. Product benefits include uniform unwinding, easy die cutting and high conformity to irregular surfaces, according to the company. The tape, which may be used in window glazing, performs well in a variety of temperature ranges because it is a solvent-based system. Additionally, the product offers good insulation properties and maintains a strong seal in high-movement joints. 

Study Pays Off with Wood Composite Panel 

Info www.craftmasterdoordesigns.com or call 312/544-5043
Craftmaster Door Designs has introduced Extira™, an exterior-grade, treated wood composite panel. The company says the panels were developed after nearly five years of study and deliver high performance in a wide range of non-structural exterior application compared to wood, MDF and other composite materials.

Routing trim

Extira is a 90-percent wood product that is produced as a solid panel of uniform density and consistency, which gives it a high level of dimensional stability and good long-term performance, according to the company. The product is resistant to rot, termite and moisture and is available in thicknesses of ½-, ¾- and 1-inch and 1 ¼-inches sanded on both sides to a tolerance of plus or minus .005.

Reduce Mold with Cellular Vinyl

Info www.royalmouldings.com or call 800/368-3117
Want to eliminate mold on your window frames? What about rotting or high-energy costs? According to Royal Mouldings (formerly Marley Mouldings) of Marion, Va., this can be accomplished by using its cellular vinyl products.

The company offers Readi-Finish, which it says is an exclusive exterior coating applied to the surface of the profile skin. This coating makes the product prefinished and repaintable for custom applications with a ten-year finish warranty, 25-year degradation and lifetime no rotting warranty. 

Additionally, the company’s Pro Sash™ double-hung window components have a new American Architectural Manufacturers Association rating, which Royal says is a first in the industry for cellular vinyl profiles. 

Company Introduces Solid Coating Product 

Info www.Lumifonusa.com or call 212/261-2626
AGA Chemicals Inc., a subsidiary of Japan’s Asahi Glass Co., has introduced Lumiflon LF-710F, a 100-percent solid polymer for powder coatings. The company says the coating has a 90 to 98 percent application rate, as opposed to the lower 70 to 80-percent rate in solvent grades. Other benefits include corrosion resistance, ultraviolet resistance, solubility and appearance. The coating is ideal for window frames, according to the company.

Eliminating Ultra Damage to Door Frames

Info www.ultrajamb.com or call 800/356-0524
Damage to door frames caused by wind and heavy-use can now be eliminated according to Structural Protective Products of Ambridge, Pa. The company says its Ultra Jamb Reinforcer™ stops screen and storm doors from being pulled from their door frames. How does this work? According to the company, a steel plate reinforces the area where the door bracket attaches to the door jamb, thus preventing splitting or cracking. 

The product may be used to prevent damage to new doors or to reinforce old doors, and the company says the product is quick and easy to install. 

Locking in Performance
Info www.ashlandhardware.com or call 219/696-5950
Ashland Hardware Systems of Lowell, Ind., introduced a new sash lock design that combines high-grade polymers with metal, providing performance that rivals or exceeds that of steel, says the company. Ashland says the CX series of composite sash locks has passed ten destructive tests including life cycle, forced-entry resistance (FER), FER load, sash-drop impact, ultraviolet testing, lock mounting, lever abusive load, lever stop load and ink abrasion. 
In sash drop impact tests with the window open and lock in the closed position, the company says the CX cam proved capable of withstanding a 15-pound sash from 18 inches away without experiencing any lock or keeper failure. Additionally, in tests performed to simulate a window being dropped during transportation or installation, the design withstood the impact of a 12-pound sash from a distance of 7 inches. 
The locks are offered in .687 or .437 inches hole locations and in more than 26 keeper styles and sizes. 

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