Opening Up
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Clarifications to “Code Concerns”

Dear DWM:

Thank you for Michael Fischer’s article “Fasten Your Seatbelt: ICC’s Code Cycle is UnderWay” (see September-October issue of DWM, Code Concerns column). We appreciate it when professional publications help to educate the industry about building safety codes and code development. However, I do need to clarify some misinformation that was published.

Fischer’s article states that “the 2003/2004 code cycle is a supplemental cycle, and the first in the new 18-month format adopted by the ICC.” Actually, it is the first 18-month cycle of a 36-month code development period. After this 18-month cycle, a Supplement to the ICC Codes will be published. This Supplement contains all the proposals that have been approved by ICC members. At the end of the 36-month code development period, the ICC will release the 2006 editions of the International Codes.

The 2003/2004 International Code Development Hearings were held in September, not June. A summary of the actions taken by the committees and assembled voting members is posted on the ICC website at In November, ICC will publish a report of the public hearings, which will be available on the ICC website. The deadline for submitting comments on results of the public hearings is January 14, 2004. Public comments, and the assembly actions from the September 2003 Code Development Hearings will be published for the final action hearings this spring in Overland Park, Kansas. The final actions by the membership in Kansas will be included in the 2004 ICC Supplement to the International Codes. All details for deadlines to submit code change proposals, hearing schedule, public proposal and comment forms, are available on the ICC website at

Tom Frost, AIA
Senior Vice President
Technical Services
International Code Council,
Chicago District Office
Country Club Hills, Ill.

Mold Question Garners Feedback

Dear DWM:

I read your “From the Publisher” in reference to mold (see September-October DWM). I would like to reply to your question regarding what reasons builders give for not specifying the window and door products you may suggest. In my experience these decisions are usually made based on cost or the relationship with the salesman if costs are somewhat the same. We buy from the people we like.

Michael Nederostek
Vice President of Sales
Interstate Window and Door
Pittston, Pa.