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March  2004


Building Momentum
Industry Readies for GlassBuild America 

GlassBuild America (GBA), to be held March 10-12 at the San Diego Convention Center, will include much in the way of education and products for those involved in the residential window and door industry. (However, the show is not exclusive to window manufacturers. The show will also include products and seminars related to the commercial sector as well as bath enclosure and mirror products). 

Twelve seminars will be held, many of which focus on the residential side of the business (see schedule, page 61). GBA will also offer live educational demonstrations, including residential window installations.

On the product side, more than 300 exhibiting companies will showcase their products in more than 150,000 square feet of exhibit space. Show organizers say they expect approximately 6,000 professionals to visit the event this year.

Following are some of the products to be on display in San Diego. 

Booth #2029
EDTM Unveils Two New Products
Info www.edtm.com or call 419/480-1098
EDTM of Toledo, Ohio, will feature two new products at GBA. The first is a product for testing solar transmission and UV transmission in the same meter. 

With a touch of a button, users can switch between UV and solar measurements. The second, the IS1100 Intelli-Sense low-E Detection System inspects glass on the production line and identifies the location of the low-E coatings without touching the glass. Alarms indicate if the glass has been placed on the line improperly.

Booth #718
Friedman Offers the Power 
Info www.friedmancorp.com or call 847/572-4424
Friedman Corp. of Deerfield, Ill., will be featuring its POWERBids system at GlassBuild, which, according to the company, allows manufacturers and distributors to simplify the selling of complex configurable products. The interactive system prevents field errors and provides custom manufacturers with the tools they need to fully integrate remote sales with overall order fulfillment and manufacturing. 

Booth #613
BSI Introduces the Apollo
Info www.amesbury.com or call 800/325-3359
Stop by the booth of BSI Hardware to view its new Apollo handle for sliding doors and to hear about upcoming new products.

The company says the Apollo handle utilizes the same patented features as its Legacy and Olympus handles and offers a contemporary look and unique styling.

Cliff Schulz, director of sales and marketing says attendees should also stop by the booth to hear what the company has in store for 2004.

“The Amesbury Group is planning to release several innovative solutions to door and window hardware in 2004,” he said. “It’s always exciting to see something new, and this year promises to be full of fresh designs and products for our customers.”

Booth #2419
Bromer Makes Glass Retrieval Easy 
Info www.bomerinc.com or call 450/477-6682
If storing, handling and transportation equipment is what you’re looking for then Bromer may have some products for you. 

The company will have a variety of equipment on display, including a Bromer rack on an Asplundh GMC dealership truck.

It will also have a new product on display—the glass retriever will optimize the surface of each sheet of glass, according to the company. 


Booth #1913
PPG Offers Glass Array
Info www.ppgglazing.com or call 800-377-5267
Those who visit the booth of Pittsburgh’s PPG Industries will learn more about many of the company’s glass products. The glass maker will demonstrate its SunClean™ self-cleaning glass, which the company says has been used in the production of more than 184,000 windows since its launch in 2001. 

Several products ideal for environmentally efficient glazing will also be displayed: Solarban® 60 and Solarban® 80 solar control low-emissivity glasses, as well as the Oceans of Color™ collection of spectrally selective tinted glasses.

Booth #935
AAMA Adds New Membership Categories
Info www.aamanet.org or call 847/303-5859 x 222
Those who stop by the booth of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) will learn of the association’s new regional membership categories. AAMA says it has added two regional membership categories to expand representation to manufacturing firms who market to a particular region in the United States. According to AAMA president Rich Walker the new categories should attract fenestration product manufacturers in the Southeast and Western parts of the United States which are driven by different building, energy and product liability concerns.
The three AAMA membership categories will now be the current national category (Category I), a regional/national (category II) and a regional (category III). 

Booth #635
Link Up with UCB 
Info www.uvekol.com or call 888-269-3901

Visitors to the Surface Specialties UCB booth will be able to navigate the company’s new website. The site includes technical information, test data and video demonstrations of the key benefits of UVEKOL® laminated glass and its use in hurricane-resistant fenestration systems. Navigators may also view case studies illustrating specific glazing projects where UVEKOL® was used for its superior performance. The site also provides links to laminated glass fabricators around the world using UVEKOL® technology. 

Booth #635
Link Up with UCB 
Info www.uvekol.com or call 888-269-3901
Visitors to the Surface Specialties UCB booth will be able to navigate the company’s new website. The site includes technical information, test data and video demonstrations of the key benefits of UVEKOL® laminated glass and its use in hurricane-resistant fenestration systems. Navigators may also view case studies illustrating specific glazing projects where UVEKOL® was used for its superior performance. The site also provides links to laminated glass fabricators around the world using UVEKOL® technology.

Booth #300
Strap it in with Products from EAM-MOSCA
Info www.eammosca.com or call 800/456-3420
EAM-Mosca Corp. of West Hazleton, Pa., and Whitby, Ontario, offers systems designed to improve the strapping of protective packaging around windows and doors.

The ROMC-3, which the company says is ideal for window and door manufacturers, will be one of the machines featured at GlassBuild. The machine, which places straps around the sides of products that pass through it horizontally, can be built with a track width opening of up to 102 inches. Its standard configuration offers a stainless steel table with non-powered rollers built in to aid passage of the product through the machine. It can be upgraded to a TR3-C of similar dimensions for applications that require a powered conveyor top for automatic strapping.

Booth #1547
Dow Offers Instant Results
Info www.dowcorning.com or call 989/496-4000 
Dow Corning Corp. of Midland, Mich., will feature its new InstantGlaze window assembly sealant, which the company says allows manufacturers to produce higher-quality windows and doors faster and more economically than traditional sealants.

InstantGlaze allows manufacturers to fabricate high-quality windows and doors at speeds two to four times faster than tape glazing operations. The sealant optimizes the capabilities of automated backbedding technology, reducing labor requirements and increasing output so dramatically that the payback period for equipment can be as short as nine months under certain conditions, according to the company. 

Additionally, Dow Corning works with equipment suppliers to offer fabricators pre-engineered pump and X-Y glazing table combinations that deliver maximum benefits of InstantGlaze. Controlled by microprocessors, the equipment meters and dispenses a uniform sealant bead that maintains the specified gap between glass and frame with virtually no material waste. 

Booth #1550
Nordson Offers Precision Bulk Melters 
Info www.nordson.com or call 800/683-2314
Nordson Co. of Duluth, Ga., will feature its BM series bulk melters, which process hot-melt adhesives and sealants from 55-gallon drums. The highly modular design delivers flexibility, reliability and ease-of-operation for window glazing, 
corner joint bonding, profile wrapping and insulating glass processes, according to the company. Features include a microprocessor-based control sequential startup, over/under temperature alarms and automatic diagnostics. 

Additionally, the BM bulk melters offer a variety of pump selections, ranging from high-precision spur gear pumps to high-volume piston pumps, to meet specific manufacturing requirements. 

Booth #1240
ClearShield Offers Glass Protection
Info www. clearshieldonline.com or call 866/372-5327
ClearShield Technologies has introduced a new and improved product that enhances the long-term protection of the glass surface—ClearShield MP (Maximum Performance) which may be used in residential applications. 
The polymeric resin formula contains a new and more active catalyst that triggers a more efficient chemical reaction, which utilizes even more bonding sites present at the molecular level of the glass surface, according to the company. ClearShield adds that this creates a more dense layer of protection. The formula also provides a high resistance to attack from organic and inorganic contamination and is easy to clean.

Erdman Makes it EACy
Info www.erdmanauatomation.com or call 763/389-9475
If you want to see how to glaze the EACy™ way, Erdman Automation Corp. of Princeton, Minn., invites you to its booth to see its Vertical Hand Assist Glazer in action. According to the company, the product offers a servo-control system utilizing Erdman’s high-pressure fluid metering technologies to provide a consistent diameter bead of sealant to produce at speeds up to 30 inches per second. The company adds that the product offers the control and repeatability of an automated system with the economy and flexibility of a manual system.

Booth #2105
Edgetech and Lisec to Feature Super System 
Info www.edgetechig.com or call 800/233-4383 
Edgetech IG of Cambridge, Ohio, and Lisec Machinery will feature the Lisec TrueWARM spacer system, which Edgetech says is a fully automated Super Spacer® line for residential applications. The line features vertical, automatic Super Spacer application as well as automatic gas filling and automatic secondary sealant application.

The system allows for fast, efficient material flow with vertical-to-vertical glass handling while accommodating all glass sizes and glass coatings, according to Edgetech. The company adds that when used in fully automated configurations, the Lisec TrueWARM System can produce up to 1200 units per shift with no direct labor. 

Booth #2915
Sampson Offers New Corner Cleaner
Info www.sampsonautomation.com or call 631/231-1900
Sampson Automation of Hauppauge, N.Y., will feature its new CX-8000 vertical corner cleaner and processor, which the company says is the only true four-station combination unit available. 

Sampson will also showcase its four-point horizontal welders. Features of the machines include parallel welding on all four stations, which the company says offers strength in corners and consistency in frame squareness. 

Booth #2021
ADCO Has the ADvantage
Info www.adcocorp.com or call 800/248-4010
ADCO Products of Michigan Center, Mich., will tell attendees about its ADCO ADvantage program, which the company says helps customers improve their manufacturing process by supplying the equipment needed to achieve increased efficiency. ADCO has automated machinery and hand-application tools for high-bond acrylic muntin tape as well as pumping/extrusion equipment for hot-melt edge sealants. The company adds that it has a sealants package that will complement any spacer system on the market. 

Booth #412
Bronze Craft Makes Window Operation Easy 
Info www.bronzecraft.com or call 800/488-7747
GlassBuild attendees who stop by the booth of Bronze Craft will learn more about its Compact electric window operator by Ultraflex Control Systems. According to the Nashua, N.H.-based company, this product is ideal for residential skylights or clerestory windows. The Compact is available with infrared control, is UL listed and comes with transformer, junction box, terminal blocks and mounting hardware. 

Visit DWM Magazine
Info www.doorandwindowmaker.com or call 540/720-5584
While at GlassBuild America please stop by the DWM booth. Booth representatives will have past issues for you to pick up as well as copies of our sister publications. Editors will be on hand to talk with you regarding DWM. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the magazine and what you’d like to see in future issues. See you in San Diego.

Booth #1725
Tecton Offers Pultrusion Solutions
Info www.tectonproducts.com or call 701/277-0209
Tecton Products of Fargo, N.D., will feature its tecton pultrusions at GBA, which are being used as a framing material in windows and doors to solve conductivity problems, according to the company. Tecton says its pultrusions are a tough composite of thermoset plastic and glass reinforcement which have tensile and flexural strengths similar to metals. The company adds that the thermal efficiency the pultrusions provide allow people to sit closer to windows and remain comfortable. Tecton adds that its pultrusions require one-third the embodied energy of aluminum and half of vinyl. 

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