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March  2004

Introducing...new products

Protect-A-Window Offers “Clean” Protection
Info www.protectawindow.com or call 617/5554-5255
Australia’s Protect-A-Window has introduced the PAW 55, a liquid-applied, water-based protective window coating. According to the company, the strippable PAW 55 enables cement-based materials, plaster and paint to be removed from glass without damaging the surface. It simply peels off and can be rolled into a little ball, leaving no residue. The company also says PAW 55 is environmentally-friendly and biodegradable.

The product can be applied on site using a roll-on application or it can be applied in the factory using a pressure-fed power roller, according to the company. 

Guardian Introduces UltraWhite™ Glass
Info+www.guardian.com or call 800/521-9040
Guardian Industries of Auburn Hills, Mich., has introduced UltraWhite low-iron glass, which the company describes as a crisp, clear glass that offers increased color neutrality and clarity. 

According to the company, its scientists reduced the iron content and added ingredients to its clear float glass to create this new product. Guardian adds that the glass can be used anywhere float glass is used including residential applications, such as doors and entranceways. 

Although the product has many great qualities, the company says what is really different is the unique manufacturing process used. This includes frequent product runs, which allow the company to produce and deliver the glass quickly. 

“With the introduction of UltraWhite, Guardian is meeting our customer’s need for improved glass clarity,” said Tony Hobart, group vice president of North American sales and marketing. “But, we’ve gone one step further. Guardian will make UltraWhite readily available, which has not been the case in the marketplace until now.”

EAM Offers Special Strapping System 
Info www.eammosca.com or call 800/456-3420
EAM-Mosca Corp. has introduced a fully-automatic ROM-RI strapping system for bundling long items such as wood mouldings and plastic or aluminum extrusions. The company, based in West Hazleton, Pa., has designed the systems to strap bundled products that are conveyed across the strapper table as opposed to lengthwise through an arched or fixed strap track. 

Once the product is in position, the electrically powered strap track rises above the table to form an arch, straps the product and then retracts, clearing the path for the strapped bundle to exit and the next bundle to enter. The company adds that the system can be built into most production lines and throughput capacity is about 15 bundles per minute. 

Sampson Offers CNC Centers
Info www.sampsonautomation.com or call 631/231-1900
Samspon Automation of Hauppauge, N.Y., says it offers the latest CNC machining centers for non-ferrous and ferrous materials. The company’s product line includes 3- and 4-axis machines with up to 24 tools for milling, drilling, taping and contouring. Programming is done in 3D graphics on a Windows®-based system using the latest version of IdraCam software. 

Increase Sash Strength with New Welders 
Info www.windowmachineryinc.com or call 440/602-9400
Window Machinery Inc. of Mentor, Ohio, says tests prove that its new family of Hollinger horizontal and vertical parallel vinyl welding machines increase window frame and sash weld strengths by as much as 15 percent as compared to comparable welding machines.

Why the significant increase in strength? According to the company, this is due to the eccentric clamping device (patent pending) which increases weld strengths by an improved process that does not distort the inside profile chamber. Instead, the welders provide even and consistent distribution of the burn-off melt and fusing pressure on both sides of the weld seam. Due to the parallel welding technology, frame and sash are fused together with increased consistency and accuracy, providing additional corner strength. 

Both the Hollinger Vertical MSP-V Welder and the Hollinger MSP-H Horizontal Welder are available in frame and sash sizes designed for double stacking and can accomplish sloped-sill frame welding, according to the company. 

Stiles Offers New Tenoner
Info www.stilesmachinery.com or call 616/698-7500
Stiles Machinery Inc. of Grand Rapids, Mich., has introduced a variety of equipment for the processing of solid wood profiles. One of these, the single-end tenoner (SET), features Homag’s exclusive connected track system, which the company says improves workpiece feeding and ensures precise squaring. Liquid-cooled router spindles work with an eight-position automatic tool changer to offer manufacturing flexibility. 

CRL Now Stocks Wood’s Lifting Frames
Info www.crlaurence.com or call 877/421-6144
C.R. Laurence Co. of Los Angeles has announced that it stocks three of Wood’s Powr Grip’s vacuum lifting frames. These include the CRL Powr-Grip Single Channel 4-Cup Vacuum Lifting Frame with a 700-pound lifting capacity, the Wood’s 500 pound Capacity 4-Cup Manual Rotator/Tilter Lifting Frame and the Wood’s 700 pound 4-Cup Manual Rotator/Tilter Lifting Frame. 

Each of the lifting frames utilize on-board gel cell batteries that supply constant pressure to the vacuum pads, making the electrical systems cord-free, according to the company. 

CRL has also initiated a new Wood’s Vacuum Lifting Frame Stocking Program, ensuring fast delivery of the most popular models of frames to CRL customers. 

See-Flo System Offers Accuracy and Repeatability 
Info www.sealantequipment.com or call 734/459-8600 
Sealant Equipment and Engineering of Plymouth, Mich., says its See-Flo® 387 bench-top meter/mix system dispenses shots of two-component epoxy, silicone or urethane materials accurately. The shot size of mixed materials can be preset and the flow rate regulated for accurate repeatability, according to the company. The product will also operate continuously or on command for manual fill applications. The company adds that the system is used frequently as a central fill station to ensure customers get precisely mixed material. 

The company also offers its Model 2200-555 Series Micro-Kiss™ dispense valves which dispense single-component adhesives, sealants or lubricants. The company says the product is excellent for use when precise placement of small amounts of material is needed. The valve can operate as a single unit but can also dispense multiple beads at the same time if necessary. Additionally, the No-Drip™ shut-off and flow rate control ensures accurate dispensing with no drips, according to the company.

Republic Enhances its Window Line 
Info www.republicwindows.com or call 312/932-8000
Chicago’s Republic Windows has launched a new vinyl window system, Enhancement, which, according to the company, offers beauty, performance, ease-of-operation and low maintenance properties.
“Everything about this window is better than anything we’ve seen on the market,” said Ron Spielman, president. “Republic’s technical services design team set out to come up with a totally new, relentlessly innovative product that would wow window dealers and remodelers and appeal to customers who value performance and beauty.”

The high-end window is offered in cherry, light oak and dark oak interior finishes, with hardware designed by Republic.

Delchem Says New Sealant Eliminates the Weakest Link
Info www.delchem.com or call 800/441-7086
Elimination of the “weak link” in any dual-sealed insulating glass unit is what Delchem said it did with the introduction of its D180 Structural PIB sealant. According to the company, a limitation of regular PIB is that it provides no structural strengths such as adhesion, cohesion and shear. As a result, a fabricator must use a secondary sealant such as polysulfide, polyurethane, silicone or hot-melt butyl. But Delchem says that utilizing D180 as the primary seal solves this problem.

Delchem adds that the moisture vapor transmission rate and gas permeance rates are lower than those for regular PIB. The sealant is available in black or gray and is compatible with all known secondary sealants, spacer materials and corner keys, according to the company. D180 was designed for use on automated and semi-automated IG lines. 

Save Ultimate Space
Info www.doordisplay.com or call 905/886-1066
Emes Marketing Inc. features its KIARA window displays which the company describes as the “ultimate” in space savings as it holds eight full-sized windows in a space slightly wider than four feet. The company adds that displays are lightweight, easy-to-assemble, inexpensive and low maintenance. Windows roll in and out of the display on solid polyurethane wheels and multiple displays can stand side by side, back-to-back or as stand-alone units. 

Taking the Inside Track
Info www.filmtechnologies.com or call 800/777-1770
Film Technologies International (FTI) of St. Petersburg, Fla., has unveiled a hurricane mitigation option using glass lites that are composites of the company’s heavy-gauge Safe-Gard® brand polyester film laminated onto annealed or tempered glass using FTI’s KissKoat dry lamination process. The company says the new insulating glass unit design is durable enough to pass the Dade County large-missile impact and cycling protocol, yet does not require heavier and more costly PVB laminated glass. It also says the design concept is compatible with most existing spacer technologies.

FTI’s testing laboratory at its St. Petersburg headquarters is available to window and door producers for preliminary tests prior to seeking Dade County certification. The testing facility includes a pneumatic canon that shoots a nine-pound 2-by-4 at an insulating glass unit at 34 miles per hour. According to FTI, the 2-by-4 impacts, spiders the glass and bounces off, but the glass shards remain in the frame, held there by Safe-Gard composites, thereby meeting the required impact standards. 

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