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May  2004

WDMA Opens Up

Ready to Fly
Hallmark Certification Program Spreads Its Wings
by Alan J. Campbell

The Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) follows the industry and the building codes closely on a daily basis. Recently, our goal has been to focus on receiving additional recognition by the building code organizations that affect construction, specifically, fenestration products.

Case in point is WDMA’s work with the Florida Department of Community Affairs to gain the all-important recognition as a “Product Certification Agency,” with regards to the state’s new product-approval system. This means that manufacturers demonstrating compliance to the WDMA Hallmark Certification program can also be eligible to meet the requirements of the recently enacted Florida Building Code/State Statute. WDMA is positioned to enter product approval information to the Florida Statewide Product Approval system on a WDMA Hallmark Certification Program participant’s behalf. This means that in spite of the governmental hurdles, we were able to streamline the process for our members by entering information on their behalf directly into the Florida product approval system. WDMA continues to work with the state of Florida on building code and product approval issues at the committee and commission levels. 

The Power of 
Hallmark Certification

Applicable to windows, glass doors, skylights and flush doors, WDMA’s Hallmark Certification Program is designed to provide code officials, builders, architects, specifiers and consumers with an easily recognizable means of identifying products that have been manufactured in accordance with the appropriate WDMA and other referenced performance standards. The program is conducted in accordance with the provisions of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements and ISO/IEC Guide 65, “General Require-ments for Bodies Operating Product Certification Systems.” 

Hallmark Certification is an integral part of WDMA’s progress and will continue as such. We’re expanding the program and making it applicable to even more products, because Hallmark Certification is the mark of excellence building code bodies seek. 

Hallmark Certification covers windows, glass doors and skylights and flush doors and is an impartial, third-party product evaluation agency. WDMA standards and certification programs are now accepted in various states, as well as by the International Codes Council I-Codes, which reference its standards. 

Because we took a proactive stance with regards to the statewide product approval system in Florida, and continued to elevate the stature of WDMA Hallmark Certification, we were in the position to present the program to the state and ultimately, provide a smooth process to ease our members into the new regulation. That’s the real value of WDMA implementing consensus standards development supported by WDMA Hallmark Certification programs—to provide a vehicle for code compliance.

The influence of WDMA Hallmark Certification and this voluntary program runs even deeper. New York is looking at WDMA Hallmark Certification as a qualifying agent, as are the states of North and South Carolina and Georgia. In addition, WDMA has applied to the International Accreditation Service Inc. to become a recognized Inspection Agency. 

WDMA is also in the process of implementing new Hallmark Certification programs for entry doors as well as interior architectural flush doors, adding further third-party credibility to the manufacture of those participating products. 

This and other programs, and proactive measures, even in political matters, raise the bar in industry manufacturing and may ensure its prosperity and integrity for years to come. This is where the future of fenestration is headed–toward continuing excellence and contributions to a superior and long-lasting building project.

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