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November/December  2004

WIN-DOOR  2004

Toronto has once again thrown open its convention center doors to members of the fenestration and door industries for Win-door 2004, on November 2-4. The show, sponsored by the Canadian Window and Door Manufacturers Association, has promised numerous opportunities for attendees to learn what’s new in the industry. With that in mind, some of the featured exhibitors have offered a closer look at products from sealants to skylights, computer software to machinery, as introduced below.

Booth #812: Sika Sealants and Adhesives Showcased
Info+ www.sikacanada.com or call 514/697-2610.
Sika Canada Inc. of Point-Claire, Quebec, will showcase several products at Win-door 2004. The company offers a complete line of single part PUR sealants and adhesives for fenestration bedding, glazing, frame assembly and installation applications, with multiple substrate compatibility. Specialty applications include impact certified hybrid sealants and adhesives for use in hurricane- and blast-resistant window glazing and bedding applications, and high performance non-urethane adhesives for use in win-dow construction and cladding applications.

Products are available in drums, unipacs and cartridges and are suited for use in automated application equipment.

Booth #322/324: Caliburn Inc. Updates Fusion Software 
Info+ www.caliburn-inc.com or call 610/429-9500.
Caliburn Fusion software, from Caliburn Inc. of West Chester, Pa., has been enhanced with new production scheduling and lead management, service management and personnel scheduling. The production scheduling and work center monitoring module provides an instant view of progress and problems. In addition, the module records actual time and costs against projected estimates.

The company has also introduced a revised conservatory system. The new all windows-based conservatory module was designed to bring speed and flexibility for quotes, sales and order processing. 

Booth #949: Intercept Spacers Use GED’s Engineered Alloy
Info+ www.gedusa.com or call 330/963-5401.  
Glass Equipment Development Inc. (GED) of Twinsburg, Ohio, is offering VildaV92, a custom-engineered stainless alloy, as a combination of value and warm-edge performance designed to work with Intercept® IG fabrication. In partnership with PPG Industries and Berlin Metals, Intercept spacers made with the patented stainless alloy offer high thermal performance, structural integrity and cost-efficient manufacturing, according to GED. The company says the product features a warm-edge rating equal to foam spacers and outperforms other premium spacers in warm edge value, gas retention and MVT path length. 

VildaV92 custom .0077-inch gauged metal is available in a full range of strip widths to make Intercept spacer sizes from 7/32-inch to 7/8-inch wide. 

Booth #727: WTS Expands CenterPoint Configurator 
Info+ www.windowengineering.com or call 715/748-5768.
Medford, Wis.-based Window Technology Systems (WTS) has introduced an expansion to the CenterPoint Configurator software. The expanded software is intended to help manufacturers handle orders for windows put together in unique ways. 

The software’s new side-by-side mulling function allows users to take a manufacturer’s product and join other products, such as patio doors, to triangles. Users also have the capability to create step down windows while maintaining the integrity of engineering rules, grill alignments and bills of material.

Booth #901: North Star Launches Vinyl Patio Door
Info+ www.northstarwindows.com or call 800/265-5701. 
North Star Vinyl Windows of St. Thomas, Ontario, has announced the debut of its new vinyl patio door. The door system, designed to complement the company’s complete window line, was manufactured using in-house extrusions. Features include premium super-spacer glazing, distinctive grille options and a selection of interior and exterior trims. A variety of hardware finishes are also offered. The door system is offered in five laminated exterior color options, white, cream, hickory, chestnut, brown and sandalwood. 

Booth #122: Two Dual Seal Spacers Available from TruSeal 
Info+ www.truseal.com or call 216/910-1500.
TruSeal Technologies Inc. of Beachwood, Ohio, has launched a new flexible spacer system for insulating glass, the Insuledge dual-seal spacer. Insuledge incorporates a proprietary molding process that creates a hollow, flexible, non-metal IG spacer. Its true dual seal design allows it to be dual sealed with most common structural and thermoplastic IG secondary sealant, including polysulfide, polyurethane, hot melts and curable hot melts. 

DuraSeal, also designed as a true dual-seal system, is intended to provide an improved condensation-resistance, warm edge of glass temperature, a continuous moisture vapor barrier, superior argon gas retention and reduced total window U-values. DuraSeal is adaptable to virtually any window system, according to the company. 

Booth #201: Thermoplast Jazz Panels and PVC Frame Now in Sliding Door
Info+ www.thermoplast.com or call 800/361-9261.
Thermoplast, based in Laval, Quebec, has introduced its all PVC Jazz sliding door. 

The door employs Jazz panels in a PVC welded door, providing the same appearance as the company’s swing door fabricated with PVC panels. The frame is 5 5/8 inches overall with 4 5/8 inches behind the integrated nailing fin. Sashes are designed for 1-inch insulating glass. The Jazz sliding door comes standard with multi-point locks and is offered in a variety of glazing options, including the option of Venetian blinds between glass panels. In specified zones, the door is Energy Star qualified and is rated DP-50.

Booth #244: Spectra Introduces Krypton Gas Recovery System 
Info+ www.spectragases.com or call 800/932-0624.
Spectra Gases of Branchburg, N.J., a supplier of krypton gas and krypton/argon gas mixtures for insulating glass units, has introduced its R-20 gas recovery system for insulating glass unit (IG) unit manufacturers that currently fill their IG units with pure krypton, xenon or krypton/ argon gas mixtures. The new crossover technology is designed to recover expensive rare gases exhausted during the IG unit lance filling process. The recovered rare gas is then compressed into cylinders for reclamation and reuse. 

The R-20 interfaces with a variety of manufacturing tools and window products. It features a maximum discharge pressure of 2200 psig/153 bar and maximum flow rate of 40 slm.

Booth #515: Truth Introduces New Locks and Levers
Info+ www.truth.com or call 800/866-7884.
Truth Hardware of Owatonna, Minn., is exhibiting new lever sets and locks at its Win-door booth. 

The company’s new solid brass lever sets for swinging patio doors were designed with ergonomic shapes for comfortable handling. According to the company, the lever sets will work with most North American key cylinder sets. The sets are available in unique and traditional designs meant to accent the manufacturer’s doors.

For patio doors, a new line of 2-point mortise locks is available in three styles in the varying design requirements of sliding door manufacturers. An anti-slam feature assures that the lock hooks can’t be damaged by the accidental closing of the door with the hooks extended. 

In addition, the company has introduced the fusion lock and latch system for single- and double-hung windows. The new system allows the homeowner to operate their lock and tilt latch from one central point. As a result, window tilt latches can now be enclosed within the sash. 

Booth #703: Urban Exhibits Two Machines
Info+ www.u-r-b-a-n.com or call 49 8331 858 0.
Urban Machinery of Cambridge, Ontario, will be exhibiting two pieces of machinery at Win-door. 

The SV-742 Twinhead CNC sash cleaner was designed for the high speed and flexible cleaning and fabrication of multiple sash profiles, two corners at a time. Standard tools include programmable disc cutter, horizontal and vertical scarfing and inside vertical routing. Other available options include inside scarfing knives, tilt latch and pivot bar routing and other on- and off-corner fabrication. High speed axis technology ensures fast cycle times and cleaning accuracy, according to the company.

The AKS-1600 is offered as a horizontal welding option for PVC frame or sash profiles. Standard features include multiple tiered welding, manual or automatic offload, parallel plus high-strength welding, network-ready industrial PC control and comprehensive self-diagnostics. The machine is available in frame or sash sizes and as a stand-alone unit or integrated into an automated welding and cleaning line.

Booth #827/829: Dubus Industries Provides a Range of Machinery
Info+ www.cathild-inc.com or call 819/752-3757.
New machinery from Dubus Industries of Victoriaville, Quebec, covers a range of needs of door and window manufacturers. 

FLEXWIN and FLEXDOOR 6000 machining centers make it possible to machine large daily amounts, even if manufacturing batches are reduced and customized. Both machines can be connected to a Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) program and features digital piloting. The FLEXWIN handles window-machining operations either in an autonomous line or integrated in a production line of complete joinery. The FLEXDOOR 6000 machining center allows machining or installing hardware on flat or joined doors, with a single machine or a line of several specialized machines. These machines also install any pins, hinges or locks on line. 

The PVCFLEX 8001 center is digitized in all its movements, offering full automation for the loading of UPVC profiles of up to 6.5 meters in length. Loading is followed by cutting and machining, as well as the identification and evacuation of finish parts, at rates of 90 to 120 frames per day. Because of its modular design, the PVCFLEX 8001 center can machine several range, brands or types of frames.

The ALUFLEX 8001 cutting and machining center for aluminum profiles features a modular design and numerous possible configurations that permit all drilling and milling operations on the four sides of profiles as well as straight, miter, numerical angular and point cuttings. A robot at the end of the machine manages the evacuation and automatic positioning of pieces in the storage racks.

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