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October  2004

What's News

Study Shows Sales to Big Box Retailers Leveling Out
The 2003 Window and Door Distribution Channel Study, conducted by the Ducker Research Company, offers a wealth of statistical information on the industry including the effect of big box retailers. The study was sponsored jointly by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA), and reveals trends in the residential distribution channels.
This study offers new insights because in the past big box chains were lumped with traditional hardware retail chains and lumber yards. Using the new channel definitions that set apart the big box retailer, Ducker researchers re-evaluated data from the 2001 survey, so direct correlation could be made with the updated 2003 market data. 

“After reviewing the statistics on window and door volume flowing through the big box channel— and segregating that group from lumberyards with traditional hardware departments—it appears that window sales through the big box retailer may be leveling out,” said Richard Walker, AAMA executive vice president. “In terms of numbers, the big box market share was 16 percent in 2001, and the same in the 2003 study. If the trend continues, window numbers in our 2006 study may actually decline by a percentage point,” he said. 

The study also offers a more detailed look at the door category, for the first time segmenting residential entry doors from residential interior doors.

“It was found, for example, that 52 percent of entry door sales by big box retailers are made to remodeling contractors, while the balance of total entry door sales are split almost evenly between the builder and the homeowner,” said Walker. 

AAMA Works with Others on Green Building Coalition
The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has joined 20 other organizations that have an interest in the green building movement to form the North American Coalition on Green Building. According to the association, one of the group’s main goals is to educate the construction industry and the public on alternative to the Leadership n Energy and Environmental Design (LEEDTM) Green Building Rating System developed by the U.S Green Building Council. The system awards credit points for various building design and construction measures seen as contributing to the energy efficiency and environmental compatibility of a building. 
“Although the LEED rating system is an idea with merit, the current program is seen by many as disorganized, without basis and lacking in product manufacturer input,” said AAMA president Richard Walker, in AAMA’s August 2004 newsletter. “It is essentially being adopted because it has been the only green building evaluation systems available at this time.” 

The new coalition has many goals, one of which is to develop a strategy to oppose a new Senate bill to establish the Office of Sustainable Buildings, which would adopt LEED as its standard methodology. 

IGMA Licenses Certification Program to IGCC
The Insulating Glass Manufac-turers Alliance (IGMA) has licensed its certification program for the ASTM E 2190 standard to the Insulating Glass Certification Council (IGCC). The IGMA certification procedures committee will become part of the IGCC committee and all IGMA program licensees (manufacturers that have been certified to the IGMA certification) will be eligible to vote at IGCC. The initial term of the license will be for one year.

“Both IGCC and IGMA have agreed to proceed judiciously to ensure the long-term success of this affiliation,” said Marg Webb, IGMA executive director. “A short-term, mid-range and long-term strategy has been proposed that will lead, eventually, to the development of one certification program.” 

According to Webb, program strategies include the following:
Short Term
• IGMA formally adopted the use of IGCC guidelines for certification product changes;
• Merging/harmonizing actions of the IGCC certification committee and IGMA certification procedures committee (meeting will be scheduled for late October this year);
• IGMA technical services committee will remain an independent committee under IGMA, but will serve in an advisory role to IGCC. A position for the IGCC program administrator will be created on the IGMA technical services committee.
Mid Range
• Establish an appeals board under IGCC to replace the IGMA certification council.
Long Range
• Upon harmonization of ASTM E2190 and EN 1279 under the current ISO format, IGMA and IGCC will work toward a certification that will be recognized and accepted in Europe; and
• Work toward creating a single North American set of requirements for certification. 

According to an announcement from IGCC administrator John Kent, the licensing agreement provides that IGCC certification fees will not increase and will remain at current levels. The harmonization effort will not initially involve the IGCC Certified Products Directory.

In addition, IGMA still recognizes ALI and NAMI certification programs.

Republic Opens New Philadelphia Facility
Chicago-based Republic Win-dows and Doors has announced the opening of its new warehouse facility in Philadelphia. According to a company news release, the new facility was designed to serve the growing number of window dealers and remodelers in Southwestern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Western New Jersey and Northern Maryland who buy from distributors but are looking for added services and product options. The Philadelphia facility will offer a full line-up of Republic direct products, including the Classic II, Allure, Ramguard and Builder Series lines. 

In addition to its extensive product and options offerings, Republic is also providing window installation services through its Installation Express division. In accordance with the American Architectural Manufacturers Assoc-iation (AAMA) standards, all Installation Express installers are factory-trained through the AAMA Installation Masters program. Installation will be available to customers within a 50-mile radius around Philadelphia. 

“Distributors selling scores of different products can’t provide the same level of expertise and total integration that we, as the direct manufacturer can,” said Les Teichner, chief operating officer. “Republic carefully studied what was missing in the typical remodeler/distributor relationship. The new Republic distribution concept is what came out of our research.” 

Fenzi Moves Thiover Polysulfides Business to Toronto
Fenzi North America announced that its thiover polysulphide sealants for insulating glass are now manufactured at a new plant in Toronto. According to the company, this is an ideal area for serving the Northern American market, and it guarantees Thiover a more effective presence in the area, in line with the needs of the market. The company adds that the new location will help avoid problems like fluctuations in exchange rates and will ensure fast and timely deliveries to customers as products will be restocked constantly. Fenzi also says that the Thiover production plant was designed for maximum automation and observance of the strictest environment protection laws.

HAECO to Expand Manufacturing Facility
Henline Adhesive Equipment Company Inc. (HAECO) announced that it will expand its headquarters and manufacturing facility located just outside of Cincinnati in Loveland, Ohio. 

Nine thousand square feet of space will be added to increase production capacity, which will more than double the facility’s current size of 7,200 square feet. The additional room will be used for warehouse space, shipping and receiving, quality control and electronics assembly and repair. The existing space will be used for manufacturing machinery, including laminating systems and the company’s new Auto-Glaze tables.
Construction was scheduled to begin in July 2004, and to be completed in the fall of that year. 
“After over 10 years in our current facility we have outgrown our space and are eager to start the expansion project,” said Jerry Henline, HAECO president. 

The company also reported that it plans to add to its labor force as well. 

Window Components & Supply Inc. Continues Expansion
Window Components & Supply Inc. (WCSI), a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based sales agency, has announced the addition of two companies to the group of products it sells to the fenestration industry.

Balance Systems Inc., part of the Amesbury Group, will be offered in the southwest. Products sold include a complete line of block and tackle balances as well as constant force balances.

WCSI has also added Bostik Findley products to its offering in the west. Bostik provides insulating glass products including hot-melt butyl, desiccated matrix and DSE insulating glass sealants. 

“Adding these two companies gives us the ability to offer a turnkey package to our customers,” said Derek Miller, president. 

Major Window Manufacturer Unveils New Look
Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co. Inc of Wausau, Wis., has unveiled a new look that includes its first “brand” logo design. The new look was created to unify the company’s family of products under one name with the goal of providing greater product awareness, according to Kolbe & Kolbe. 

“Because of Kolbe’s vast array of products there was a need to unite them under one name which would carry through Kolbe & Kolbe’s heritage and tradition of building quality windows and doors,” said Judy Gorski, president. 

The corporate logo will continue to be used, but all marketing materials will include the new logo to strengthen brand identity by using the same logo for all product lines.

Briefly ...
Air Louvers Inc. has announced a new program servicing the Midwest and East Coast from its warehouse in Bloomington, Minn. A variety of sizes and styles of louver products are available. 

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