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September  2004


DWM Articles Hit Home for Reader
Dear DWM
I enjoyed several articles in the June-July issue of DWM, specifically, your column  and the article by John Matukaitis on MSE. I appreciate information that may help me to run a better company. 

When I have my sales hat on, I try to show our customers that I am trustworthy by providing a clear picture of what we are proposing. I help them to understand the technical side of our equipment as much as possible, getting as detailed as possible, so there is nothing that is left unclear to them. From the operations side, we are making efforts to reach high levels of on-time delivery, since I agree completely that “if you are not timely, you are not trustworthy.” I do, however, think that there is room for cost cutting without taking away value to the customer. From Deming’s philosophy, by finding ways to cut costs by improving your product and operations, in the end this will add value.
Brad Borkosky
General Manager
Glassline Corp.
Perrysburg, Ohio 


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