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Volume 6   Issue 7               August  2005

FABulous FABrication Equipment

Whether you’re manufacturing vinyl, aluminum or wood windows there are a wealth of machinery products to choose from for your operations. Below are just a few of the machinery and equipment products available.

Bystronic Offers System for Processing of Laminated Glass
Bystronic Inc. of Hauppauge, N.Y., offers a variety of machines for the processing of laminated glass.

Smart’cut S is a versatile CNC cutting machine designed by the company to make glass cutting quick, easy and more profitable. The machine handles glass sizes up to 72 by 96 inches, and it reduces labor with the automatic free-fall loading system. According to the company, it processes glass for 800-plus insulating glass units per shift and is available with optional edge deletion unit for low-E glass.

Software with optimized cutting sequence reduces cutting time and material waste. Additionally, innovative features such as proportional cutting speed and pressure regulation ensure superior scores for easy breakout and exceptional edge quality.

The company has also released verticut, its new vertical cutting machine that utilizes elements of lean manufacturing. Vertical processing saves space, permits automation of the entire system, creates less clutter and makes integrating various process steps easier, according to the company. 

Verticut consists of several modules: automatic loading; intermediate residual subplate storage and management; automatic shape cutting with optional edge deletion and X-breaking. Additionally, Y-, Z- and trim breaking may be tailored to specific requirements, either manually on an air float table or with a vertical automatic breaking system, according to the company. 

Verticut can be connected to an automatic sorting system for insulating glass feeding, an automatic seaming machine or can be linked directly to a vertical insulating glass line.


New Option Eliminates Wobbly Glass 
Bromer of Quebec, has added the ZPD option to its automatic loading table. This new addition aims to improve efficiency for production lines, according to the company. The ZPD option allows glass sheet squaring without tilting the table. The stabilization on the moving table is achieved with rubber retractable wheels which grip glass sheets.

The company has also introduced its free-fall systems ranging from simple operator-activated single light load devices, to fully automatic loading systems. These can be installed in-line with a process or side-streamed to meet facility requirements. It is designed to drop glass into an air float table safely and efficiently, according to the company.

The Bromer initiator, which uses a single vacuum cup, is programmed to simulate the peeling and dropping action of the free-fall process automatically. The product is designed to remove glass from racks or boxes.


Amazing Automated Equipment by Dakota 
The new sash assembly line from Watertown, S.D.-based Dakota Automation fully-automates the assembly of double-hung sash hardware, and can produce one sash every 30 seconds. The machinery staples cladding, routes for tilt latch, tilt pins, locks and keepers and automatically places and screws the tilt latch, tilt pins locks and keepers. The robotic lock and keeper assembly station can apply multiple colors of hardware automatically, according to the company. Screws and hardware are magazine and vibratory bowl-fed. Sash perimeters are read from a bar code, and operators need only supply the line sash and keep the hardware magazines and bowls filled. 

The company’s stile prep machine can be configured to route and/or drill for latch or hinge side stiles. According to the company, stiles are cut to length and can be end machined if required.

The fabrication saws by the company can be configured to route, precision punch, drill and saw multiple features in an extrusion or pultrusion. They can accept lineal lengths of 21 feet, according to the company.


Deltagrind - 4 Delivers Efficient Vertical Grinding 
CMS North America Inc. of Caledonia, Mich., has released Deltagrind - 4, a machine designed to arris (seam) and grind an entire glass sheet in a single pass. Its vertical design uses only a fraction of the space required by horizontal machines, according to a company release. 

Capable of seaming four edges while automatically adjusting for size and thickness, it allows for continuous production on a wide variety of materials without operator intervention. Edge treatments can range from an arris, a full trapezoid grind or full pencil grind. The combination of automated grinders move around the glass as it passes through the machine at speeds of up to 400 inches per minute. It is designed to grind sheet between 13.75 by 23.625 inches to 102 by 157.5 inches and 0.125 to 0.5 inches thick.

The company says custom machines can be built for glass up to 25 mm thick and 126 by 236 inches and for shaped pieces.


Cleaning and Welding with Stürtz’s New Machines
Stürtz Machinery Inc. of Solon, Ohio, has released its new high volume twin head sash corner cleaner. The SMI-CNC-2K-16 features a quick cycle time and thorough cleaning. 
It comes standard with top and bottom horizontal scarfing and a programmable saw blade for exterior contour cleaning.

It can be combined with the company’s model SMI-VSM-20/19CDS vertical sash welder to create an autonomous high production work cell to produce up to 500 welded and cleaned sash squares in an eight-hour shift, according to the company.

The twin head corner cleaner is also available in a twin spindle cutter stack configuration.
Also new from the company is its twin head pass through line. According to the company, it is a space conscious solution to automated production needs. The modular production line is designed for a high capacity and a short payback period as primary goals.


Precision Cuts Achieved with New Pistorius Saws
Pistorius Machine Co. Inc. of Hauppauge, N.Y., has released precision manual and pneumatic models of its precision manual and semi-automatic chop type single cut-off saw available in 12, 16 and 20 inches. The unique modular building design and wide range of available accessories allows the user to custom design the machine job to match specific cutting requirements, according to the company. 

The saw provides cuts for wood, metal and plastics. It is equipped with high efficiency sawdust ducts, low operating noise and when mitering aluminum, is available with Protex® metered pulse-type lubrication system. 


Corner Crimping Makes Loading Easy
The hydraulic corner crimper from York, Pa.-based SRD Design has quick interchangeable tooling for multiple profiles. It also features a disappearing center head for easy load and unloading of corner sections and pneumatic clamps to securely hold the part, and adjustable arms support long parts.

The company produces standard and custom machines. The drill machine shown is expandable to six heads with interchangeable tooling for multiple profiles, individual spray misters per head and pneumatic clamps to securely hold the part. 


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