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Volume 6   Issue 7               August  2005

ID-ing the Latest IG Equipment

Insulating Glass Manufacturers Take Note:  This Section is for you!  What is some of the latest IG equipment?  Read ahead to see the latest product instructions.

Improve Efficiency with a Quik-Dose™
TruSeal Technologies Inc. and Besten Equipment Inc. have introduced a new version of the Quik-Dose semi-automatic gas filling machine recently for improved efficiency in IG manufacturing. The new version offers an automated vertical conveying system that moves an IG unit from one cryogenic argon dosing head to the final corner sealing. Once completed the units can be taken off or moved to a dual sealing application.

According to the company, the machine helps reduce gas and labor costs for most manufacturers and gas filling can be an automated in-line process.

The two companies have also designed a new, compact version of its Totally Automated Production Equipment (TAPE-AT) line. The footprint of this modular system is now 30 percent more compact than the previous version, according to the company.

The system provides IG manufacturers with high-volume productivity and capital efficiency with grid installation accuracy by marking spacers with an inkjet printer for grid placement. The hands-free spacer applicator uses input dimensions to apply TruSeal IG to the lites in small, medium and large modes. The flexibility of TruSeal spacers combined with the TAPE AT equipment allows manufacturers to produce an array of IG window unit sizes. It is the only one-step installation process available on the market that features a True Dual Seal (TDS) application station following assembly.


Glass Dollies Accommodate Various Sizes
Wakefield Equipment of Hudson, Ohio, has released new IG dollies that are designed for storing and moving random sizes of insulating glass. They are easy loading with either wood or PVC flip-up fingers. The all-welded steel construction has a base with productive bottom strips and a pull handle on the frame, according to the company. 

The dollies are available in 36, 40 and 50 slot versions, with 1.25-inch slot widths. Other slot widths, and finger quantities are available.

The company also offers a complete line of glass and material handling equipment plus lineal positioners, saws and stretch wrap equipment. 


Individual Sorter Skid Delivers Glass Delicately
Bromer Inc. has introduced a patented returnable rack for IG unit fabricators and glass distributors. The Individual Sorter Skid (I.S.S.) is ideal for transport because it ensures the load will end up flawless at destination, according to the company. 

Each piece of the rack is held vertically in place and stays untouched and accessible. The skidder is equipped with a special patented pole system that secures glass permitting safe transport. The base, vertical board and holding block are made of a special high resistant nylon, according to the company. Customizable to hold any glass dimensions or thickness, the rack carries 20 to 50 pairs of glass pieces used in IG units.

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Making Clean Corners
LCS Precision Molding of Waterville, Minn., has presented a solution for the small IG producer using Super Spacer™. The LCS-SSN Notcher is designed to make manual corners and application of Super Spacer fast and uniform, according to the company. 

The hand-operated tool assures consistent placement of the product at .1875 inches from the glass edge and provides a clean accurate corner notch. It can adjust to fit Super Spacer sizes from .25 to 1.1875 inches and can be sharpened with the use of a few shop tools. A slim line notcher is also available for smaller sizes.

Also from the company is the LCS-SSG Super Spacer Groover Tool, which is used to create grooved spacer for leaded and stained glass panels. It is used with Super Spacer Silicone Foam.

According to the company, the notching and grooving hand tools can be used in combination with the LCS suction-cup indexing Rotary Work Table (LCS3084).


Glass Loading Made Easy
The Canadian company Rolltech Systems Inc. has developed a new propriety harp rack, designed to carry insulating glass units. The patent-pending one step harp rack allows units to be loaded directly from a unit line into the rack. 

A one-step action locks the units to secure them for transportation. A simple unlocking procedure allows access to the units in whatever order needed to glaze the next window coming down the production line, according to the company. It can be locked and unlocked as often as needed. 

The rack can be modified to carry both windows and doors and can be equipped with RFID tagging technology, supplied by Rolltech Systems partner Real Time Systems.


WinLite® Products Incorporate Sashlite™ Technology
Deceuninck North America (DNA) has introduced the WinLite series of vinyl fenestration products, which are the industry’s first window and door systems to incorporate Sashlite’s insulated sash glazing technology, according to a company release. The technology allows two glass lites to be glazed directly to the welded sash square and creates an insulated sash with the glass and vinyl bonded together as one integral point.

Because the extrusion integrates the insulating glass spacer as part of the profile, the products have demonstrated thermal performance, with tests showing virtually no heat or cold transfer through the edge of the insulating glass. The spacer is color-matched to the sash, and the edge of glass sightlines are always in parallel alignment around the IG perimeter, according to the company. Optional internal grids are attached directly to the sash frame using a location clip for positive alignment and squareness with the rest of the unit. 

“We have designed the WinLite sash products so that they can be mated to various frame designs, which allows us to offer products with a range of features and price points,” said John Jurcak, vice president of marketing and product development. “All WinLite designs are manufactured using DNA’s exclusive high performance, maintenance-free Sunshield® vinyl.”


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