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Volume 6   Issue 7               August  2005

Introducing New Products

Quick and Clean Removal with UV Tape

Protective, ultraviolet tapes from PolyMask Corp. of St. Paul, Minn., adhere to and provide temporary protection on a variety of surfaces, including glass, metal and plastic. 
Designed for use on construction sites or during transit involving exposure to sunlight, the film backing and ad-hesive resists the effects of ultraviolet rays for two to five months, according to the company release. They can be removed easily and are designed to reduce cleaning and labor. The tape is offered in clear and translucent blue, which is readily detectable on glass surfaces.


Adhesive Dispensing is Distinctively Designed
MIXPAC S-50 is a new system for two-component adhesive dispensing from Salem, N.H.-based ConProTec Inc. It’s designed to work with the company’s manually-operated dispensers, as well as with the battery-powered EZ-mix® HI hand-held dispensing unit by DTIC Dispensing Technologies, according to the company. 

The unique design of these two systems, when used in conjunction allows end users to obtain a higher flow rate and dispense thicker materials safely. It can accommodate the following volumetric ratios: 1:1; 2:1; 4:1; 10:1 and an additional ratio of 3:2.


TruSeal Offers Setting Blocks for Improved Glass Support
TruSeal Technologies of Beachwood, Ohio, has unveiled its setting blocks to protect glass against vibration and shock from handling, shipping and wind-loads. Available with and without pressure sensitive adhesive, the setting blocks are designed to elevate and isolate the insulating glass units from the sash, reducing the risk of breakage. They act as cushions to help support the glass, and the elevation keep the edges from contacting any water that may be trapped in the glazing pocket, according to the company. 

The neoprene material makes the blocks resilient. Other features include good durability under installed conditions, superior performance under high and low temperatures and indefinite shelf life for non-adhesive units, according to company literature. 


Packing In Savings with Republic’s Glass Packs 
Republic Windows and Doors of Chicago, has introduced high-performance glass packs yielding R-values to 9.62. Remodelers and replacement contractors can choose from five energy-saving glass packs for Enhancement, the company’s highest-end window line.

“We’re so confident in the performance of these glass packs that we are guaranteeing fuel consumption savings of up to 40 percent,” said John Neeley, vice president technical services. 

The Enhancement Season-proHM™ glass pack combines Heat Mirror™ 88, a one-inch double Super G™ glass spacer system with low-E on two surfaces, and krypton gas to achieve an R-value of 9.62. 

The Seasonpro™ glass pack combines a triple-pane, one-inch double Super G spacer system with low-E on two surfaces, and krypton gas to achieve an R-value of 9.26. The Solarpro HM™ glass pack combines Heat Mirror 88, a one-inch double Super G glass spacer system with low-E, and argon gas filling to produce a glass pack that achieves a 6.25 R-value. 

Solarpro™ glass pack combines a triple-pane, one-inch double Super G glass spacer system with low-E on two surfaces, and argon gas to achieve an R-value of 6.13. The Proplus™ glass pack combines a one-inch Super G spacer system with low-E and argon gas to achieve an R-value of 3.76.

T.U.F.® Glass and Stay Clean Glass® are optional, adding safety, security and low maintenance benefits for all five of the glass packs, according to the company.


Skylight Stands Up to Impact

A new severe weather tubular skylight from ODL Inc. has been designed to stay strong in damaging weather conditions including hail and hurricanes. It is made of a polycarbonate dome and offers seamless aluminum flashing. The skylight meets the Florida Building Code and Miami-Dade County impact requirements, according to the company. 

“The severe weather tubular skylight gives homeowners a sense of security because they know it can stand up to the most severe weather conditions,” said Angelo Marasco, director of marketing.

The skylight offers the benefits of the company’s line of tubular skylights, and it is the first tubular skylight to be Energy Star® qualified nationwide.


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