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Volume 6   Issue 11               December  2005

Introducing....new products

LoadHog™ Bred To Heavier Capacity

The LoadHog modular dock bridge was released originally by SPX Dock Products in late 2004 and the company says it has undergone a continuous improvement process. Now with a capacity of 15,000 pounds gross vehicle weight (GVW), the modular dock bridge is roughly comparable to a 40,000 pounds capacity pit leveler. 

It is a modular dock bridge designed to span the gap between the warehouse and the trailer that mounts to the warehouse floor using only four heavy-duty anchor bolts and requires no concrete work. The bumper block assembly attaches to the face of the dock with four anchors per bumper. 

The company says the product is easy to install and operate, provides superior environmental control and improves loss prevention. 


Machine That Will Send You into a Whirlwind
Whirlwind Inc., a small family-owned business that produces cut-off saws and sanders, has three distinct sizes of undercut saws. 

The Whirlwind Model 1000-S is one saw designed to operate at speeds of up to 90 cuts per minute. Each cycle is cushioned by a heavy duty shock absorber for smooth operation at high speeds, and cycle speed can be adjusted with a screwdriver. 

The saw’s blade remains in the heavy steel base until the cut is made. Material is clamped securely throughout the cutting cycle by the cast aluminum guard/clamp. 


Edgenet Introduces New Solutions
iCat is one of Edgenet’s newest offerings. The Interactive Catalog Manager (iCat) is a bundling of catalog management tools and best practice methodology that enables the rapid deployment and business control of product information and catalogs through a manufacturer’s enterprise sales channels. Built on an open product repository, the software allows manufacturers to differentiate themselves. This is done through the product branding opportunities of the company’s m2o® catalog, as well as drive dynamic pricing, promotion and selling through dealer channels.


TDCI Announces BuyDesign™ for AutoCAD®
TDCI Inc. of Columbus, Ohio, has announced immediate availability of BuyDesign™ for AutoCAD®, a new component of the Sales BuyDesign sales and service solution within the company’s BuyDesign software suite. The new product enables manufacturers to deliver an intelligent electronic product catalogue to architects and other designers for use directly within the AutoCAD system, according to the company. The catalogue can include configurable products as well as standard products. 

The component will help manufacturers increase sales by making it easy for designers to select and configure their products, and quick for dealers to create quotes and orders, according to the company. It is intended for use by manufacturers of any product that might be specified at design time, for instance building products such as doors and windows, cabinets, HVAC equipment, etc. 


Glass Design Made Easy
Standards Design Group Inc. of Lubbock, Texas, has released its Window Glass Design 2004 software, which allows users to input glass design and loading parameters to calculate load capacity and maximum deflections. The company says it performs all required calculations to design window glass according to ASTM E 1300-02/03 and other standards.

According to company literature, the user enters the shape, edge support, width, height, short duration load and/or long duration load. The program calculates and returns the load resistance and approximate glass center deflection. It also returns the non-factored load, the glass type factor and approximate glass deflection.


What You Don’t See Is What You Get
Phantom Screens’ Phantom door screen provides the utility of a conventional screen with superior aesthetics. The screen features ultra-sheer fiberglass mesh to ensure full ventilation and a spring tension to hold it tightly in place. The company says it is ideal for double French doors, single in-swing doors, single out-swing doors, sliding doors and oversized doorways. 

The company has also unveiled its Serene window screen, which adapts easily to fit most window applications. Depending on the window style, it can be mounted inside or outside of the window. Features of the screen include ergonomically-designed handle, unique track latch, spring tension system, new mesh retention system and insect and solar protection.


GE’s SPUR™ Stick to About Anything

Addressing customer need for low-viscosity, high-performance prepolymers without added plasticizers, GE Advanced Materials-Silicones of Wilton, Conn., has introduced SPUR Y-15735 LM prepolymer. It is the low modulus member of a new family of next-generation silylated polyurethane resins for adhesives, sealants and coatings applications. The prepolymers offer exceptional adhesion to a wide range of porous and non-porous substrates such as metals, glass, ceramics, plastics and even wet, primerless concrete, according to the company. 
The company says it is three times as fast in tack-free time, and enhances deep-section cure under ambient conditions by about 50 percent, compared to similar resins with earlier silane end capping technologies. It is a medium modulus product for industrial applications where a tougher resin is required.

yyä www.dwmmag.com/infocenter 

Sika Announces Product Lineup 
Sika Corp.’s Industry Products Division of Madison Heights, Mich., announced that it has assembled a full range product lineup for use in installing windows and doors to InstallationMasters™ and ASTM E2112 standards.

The product lineup includes one-part Sikaflex® polyurethane sealants, low VOC Sikaflex® silane terminated polymer (STP) sealant, neutral cure SikaSilTM silicone sealant, SikaPlan® -SAF100 self adhered flashing, Sika®Boom expanding polyurethane insulating foam, Sika® Backer Rod, Sika® glass and surface cleaner and Sika hand wipes-citrus based cloth cleaning wipes.

“As we have participated in and reviewed the installation process it is apparent there are a multitude of products being used for the installation of windows and doors, none coming from a single source,” said Mark Daniels, product engineer, Sika Industry. “Working with marketing and sales, we have assembled a viable installation product package based on recommended industry practices.”


Window Tinting Has a New Look
Creative Environments of Boynton Beach, Fla., has introduced I-Glass, a new evolution in window glass tinting and decoration in one simple process. The company says it has unique application possibilities as well as UV diffusion capabilities. It allows the creation of an entire look, such as ice melting, 3-D oceans, fire burning or a tropical rain forest. Installation time and cost is less than half most current tinting processes, according to the company.

There are more than 20 color choices and five patterns to choose from, and custom colors are available. The product is made from high-tech polycarbonate with thousands of optical lenses inside that create a 3-D effect. The properties of the polycarbonate cause the effects of the look to change as different lighting applications are applied. 


Replacement Windows With Jazzy Features

Vinyl Window Technologies, or ViWinTech, of Paducah, Ky., now offers Cressida/6000 series replacement window products that deliver unique features, according to the company. The windows have a distinctive rounded exterior frame with equal lite sashes that offer updated style that will last. Standard colors include white and tan.

The company says the window styles come standard with fully-welded frame and sash corners, designer cam locks, .75-inch Emax® Plus, high-performance glass including the Superspacer® warm-edge glass spacer system and a three-year glass breakage warranty. It also includes positive interlock, heavy-duty weatherstripping, time-tested maintenance- free coil balances, patented frame design with sloped sill and molded in-sash lift rail for easy operation. 


Beveled Glass Works (BGW) of Malibu, Calif., has expanded its line of beveled glass designs that can be installed in Marvin Window and Door systems. BGW can add low-E glass to mimic the standard insulating units that accompany Marvin Windows and Doors, according to the company ... Zircon Corp. of Collierville, Tenn., has new products in the lucrative upper-end decorative laminated glass market, including unique colors, pearlescents or decorative films added to the interlayer to transform ordinary laminated glass into art ... Gloves In A Bottle of Montrose, Calif., has introduced a lotion that it says turns the outer layer of skin into what works like an invisible pair of gloves to keep the moisture-robbing irritants out while retaining natural moisture ... 


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