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Volume 6, Issue 1                                                January/February 2005

INTRODUCING......new products

SFMC Flexline Available From Joseph Machine Co.
Joseph Machine Co. of Dillsburg, Pa., presents its SFMC Flexline machine processors for window and door extrusion fabrication. The processors utilize a servo controlled in-feed to push extrusions across saw assemblies and stationary tooling, fabricating and lineal material in a series of in-line moves. The design platform was designed for consistent product quality and productivity, while minimizing the routine maintenance associated with automated process.
Info+ www.josephmachine-co.com or call 717/432-3442

High Strength Adhesive Application in a Fine Spray
Westech Aerosol, of Seattle, Was., has released WTHSEA, a new low volatile organic compound (VOC), hazardous air pollutant (HAP) free, high strength canister adhesive that dries evenly in a fine spray for smooth application.

According to the company, it provides the strength and temperature resistance of WTHSC 13 adhesive, but is applied in a thin, fine spray instead of a thick web spray. It is designed to be waterproof, dry clear and flexible and reduce telegraphing. 

The adhesive contains low levels of VOC, zero HAP and excludes methylene chloride, so the company says it is legal for use in California. It is sold in 27-pound canisters and is ideal for use on laminates, veneers and other woodworking applications. 
Info+www.ok2spray.com or call 877/674-2010

Sikaflex® -511 Receives AAMA Verified Component Certification
Sika Corp. of Madison Heights, Mich., has announced that its Sikaflex -511, one-part silane-terminated polymer (STP) sealant and adhesive passed and received AAMA verification for “voluntary specifications and test methods for sealants: exterior perimeter sealing compound.” It has also passed testing and received certification recently for voluntary “backbedding glazing compound” specifications. 

“Sikaflex -511 is a versatile workhorse of our growing STP product line, as illustrated by the growing list of AAMA certified applications,” said Barry Kutch, vice president, industrial business unit. 

It can be used as a general or impact backbedding sealant, and its material properties allow it to be used for other fenestration applications such as window and door applications. 
Info+ www.sikaindustry.com or call 248/577-0810

Advanced Flexible Composites Reveals New Tapes
Advanced Flexible Composites Inc. (AFC) of Lake in the Hills, Ill., has introduced its new DuraLam gold series of fabrics and DuraStick gold series of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for use when welding PVC profiles in the vinyl window and door industry. 

DuraLam gold fabrics are manufactured from Teflon coated woven fiberglass substrates using AFC’s propriety coating formula tion. DuraStick gold tapes have the added advantage of a super release silicone pressure sensitive adhesive system, according to the company. 
Info+ call 800/334-9372 

Scapa Introduces Duofoam S3608B-PE for Various Applications
Windsor, Conn. based Scapa offers Duofoam S3608B-PE, a double-coated cross-linked polyethylene foam tape for window glazing, sound attenuation, mounting and gasketing applications. 

According to company literature, the tape provides good thermal insulation, is highly conformable to irregular surfaces and offers long-term aging and environmental durability. The product die cuts and offers uniform unwind properties. 
Info+ www.scapana.com or call 800/653-5316

New Tintometric System Helps Creates Custom Colors
The Italian company Sayerlack has created a new computerized spectrophotometry system that provides customers with a coloring system for pigmented coating. 

The system, called wood color plus, reproduces virtually any color using preformulated colors and stores them in the system memory. The colors come from their RAL, wood color and NCS color charts.

The shade is reproduced when a customer brings in a color sample. The colors are reproduced by the system that rapidly analyzes the color sample, prepares the formula, weighs the primary materials and produces the desired quantity of the pigmented coating. The operation can be carried out in several minutes, according to the company.
Info+ www.sayerlack.it or call +39 051 770663

MCI® Peel Off Coatings Protects Glass and Windows From Debris
A new simple-to-use coating by Cortec Corp., of Bear Lake, Minn., is on the market that can be brushed, sprayed or rolled on glass and windows and then peeled off easily in large sheets when construction is complete. 

Used as an alternative to the traditional method of taping plastic sheeting, the MCI peel off coating can reduce time and labor costs by as much as 50 percent for set up and removal, according to company literature.

It provides protection against nicks, abrasions and overspray to the surfaces it covers, and features Cortec patented corrosion inhibition for added protection of metal surfaces. 

The product was formulated by Cortec research laboratories as an acrylic, water-based liquid that is VOC compliant, non-flammable and easily disposable. It is not recommended for porous substrates such as wood, brick, stone or concrete. 

The coating dries clear to allow inspection of the surface, and leaves a clean, ready-to-use substrate after it has been removed. 
Info+ www.CortecMCI.com or call 800/426-7832

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