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Volume 6, Issue 1                                                January/February 2005

Win-Door Wrap-Up
Win-door North America, with its seminars, networking
opportunities and products, proved to be successful again this year

by Sarah Batcheler

An eclectic collaboration of fenestration and door companies crowded the Metro Toronto Convention Center, November 2-5, to participate in Win-door North America 2004. 
The show attracted nearly 3,000 attendees. According to show manager Patrick Shield of Shield Associates, this number is down a just slightly from last year, and could be the result of the American election having been held Nov. 2. 

“There may have been some who feared traveling through crowded airports that day,” said Shield. 

More than 160 companies were represented in booths which filled the convention center. Exhibitors and attendees had varying things to say about the show.

Kevin Weisburg of Meranto Technology noticed the high percentage of qualified buyers, focusing on the importance of “quality rather than quantity.”

“I think the brand awareness and high-quality leads we received while attending the Win-door show will further increase the company’s market share and profitability over the next twelve months,” said Alvar Diaz, Q’SO sales manager.

Tim Long of Integrity Windows and Doors, (which is owned by Marvin Windows), said, “I was impressed with the number of exhibitors that had automated machinery at their booths.” 

Long is a first-time attendee at Win-door, and said he was surprised to see many of his suppliers at the show. 

U-R-B-A-N’s Brad de Belleval said the show was good for business. According to Belleval, the busiest times were Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. 

“The show is brilliant,” said Adrian Birch of Comfortable Software, a first-time exhibitor at the event. Birch said he received some great leads and was going to be making lots of phone calls upon his return to the office. 

Mikah Thorne, sales manager for EAM Mosca, was aware of the number of attendees.

“It’s not as high this year as last, but still good,” he said.

A series of installation seminars for windows, doors and skylights were attended by manufacturers. The seminar topics had been requested by manufacturers, who actually wanted the education, said Shield. There were between 65-70 people in attendance per seminar, which is up from last year’s 15 people per seminar, according to Shield. 

Door and Window Manufacturer (DWM) magazine and its sister publications Shelter and USGlass magazines sponsored a new product area, which showcased products from Ultrafab Inc., Bronze Craft Corp., Sika Canada Inc., Western Profiles Ltd., and Meranto 
Technology/Door Guardian. The well-received display was new this year and will be a part of Win-door 2005 as well.

Another exciting part of Win-door was the collaborative effort to promote window and balcony safety for children. Win-door North America and the Canadian Window and Door Manufacturers Association, Toronto EMS, North American Profiles Group, Truth Hardware and All Weather Windows and Smartrisk agreed to develop and promote an injury prevention campaign aimed specifically at preventing window and balcony falls. 

It has also been announced that DWM magazine will be staying on as the official magazine for Win-door, said Shield.

Mark your calendar for Win-door North America 2005: November 15-17.

Following is a sampling of products featured at Win-door. 

Truth’s Encore System and Fusion Lock and Latch Are a Success
Truth unveiled new encore system and Fusion™ lock and latch system. Encore is an operator that offers an interchangeable cover and folding handle design.

According to the company, it incorporates all the same strength and performance characteristics as its Maxim® operators, and meets performance requirements that are sought in today’s market of large, versatile casement and awning windows. 

Its Fusion™ lock and latch system is a new product for the single/double-hung window market that allows the homeowner to operate the lock-and-tilt latch from one central point. According to the company, the system makes it simple to use and appealing to look at, because the tilt latches can be exposed within the sash. 
Info+ www.truth.com or call 800/866-7884.

TruSeal’s One Spacer System Called DuraSeal
TruSeal Flexible Spacer Tech-nologies of Beachwood, Ohio, presented DuraSeal, a versatile, flexible spacer system constructed using composite laminating technology. It allows the window manufacturer to produce IG units with one spacer system. This is an important factor in today’s market, where a high percentage of manufactured units are non-rectangular. 

The spacer’s design incorporates a polymer stiffener that gives a smooth sightline and corner and a smooth edge. The large volume packaging of the product can produce more units per spool with less downtime and waste, according to the company. It offers high condensation resistance and long term durability. 
Info+ www.truseal.com or call 216/910-1505

W & F Releases Entry Door Grip and Rocky Mountain Hardware
W & F Mfg. says its Entry Door Grip was well received at the Win-door show. The company has learned that customers prefer a larger pitcher-style grip for an entry door handle, which has been available with typical European styled multi-point locks. Unlike the European systems, the Trilennium™ operates much like a North American lock. After the door is closed, it latches. 
When the thumb piece is turned 90 degrees, it locks. The product does not use the lever to engage the multi-point lock, so they can offer the pitcher-styled grip. The new product will be available in the first quarter of 2005.

Another popular item at the W & F booth was a solid bronze handcrafted line of lever sets to drive Trilennium™ multi-point locks. The series of five escutcheon shapes and 27 lever styles is crafted exclusively for the company by Rocky Mountain Hardware. 
Info+ www.wfmfg.com or call 818/394-6050 

Hitek Computer Systems Enters the Market 
Hitek Computer Systems of Ontario exhibited its ERP software, Winporte. According to company spokesperson Kiran Kataria, the system is unique because it includes its own accounting modules, so there is no need to interface with other software. The ERP package can show the users their profit margins at the front end of the order because it includes components such as labor costs and overhead. 

With the new product, a sales representative can generate quotes and display full-color images. According to Kataria, a company easily can tailor the detailed winporte to the individual needs of a company through the use of profiles. 
Info+ www.hitek-opic.com or call 800/387-2585

Comfortable Software Showed Off its Style
Comfortable Software exhibited its style v3, which has been on the market for less than a year. The software provides color pictures of frame finishes, panels and stained glass options, including RegaLead® designs. The drawings are proportioned to dimensions. 

With the product’s “Misc Items” feature, you can add virtually any item, like conservatories and bays, to the system and price it. 

The software allows the user to print a contract with terms and conditions, and eliminates the common errors of calculations. It also produces a survey sheet for the surveyor. 

The company also displayed a handheld version of the style v3 plus which is portable and small enough to fit in a pocket.
Info+ www.comfortablesoftware.com or call 0845 2 30 30 13

Lockformer’s Booth Features the Screen Express
Lockformer of Lisle, Ill., showed off its semi-automatic screen roller for window fabricators. The Screen Express can insert spline into tracks on window and door screens automatically. According to the company, the machine can produce an average of more than 90 screens per hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Designed for speed and simplicity, it provides a fully automatic frame fixturing system driven by an infrared bar-code scanning system, for screen sizes ranging from 14- by 35 inches to 75- by 38 inches. 

New Sash Lock and Casement Folding Handle By Vision Industries
Among Vision Industries products at the show was its newest sash lock and latest casement folding handle. 

The sash lock called 600GT has a cam mechanism, which makes it smooth to operate and resistant to tampering. According to the company, the lock meets current and pending Forced-Entry Regulations, and is still pending a patent.

The company’s new casement folding handle, 1670, features a zinc die-cast body and a plastic injection-molded socket. The handle grip swivels and is able to open the sash in windy conditions. When it is not being used, the handle folds easily to its out-of-the-way position, according to the company. 
Info+ www.visionhardware.com or call 973/926-4092

Truth Opens Its Doors to Win-door Guests
Truth Hardware hosted an open house tour of its plant in Brampton, Ontario, to inform visitors of Win-door 2005 of future expansion plans at the plant.

Truth’s new plant is a combination of its California-based facility, and a smaller Truth Hardware-owned facility which was located in Canada. The equipment at the plant in California is in the process of being shipped to Brampton. Truth created this facility to better serve its customers’ needs. The additional space allows the company to offer its customers added support, talent and resources to help them succeed in the industry. The Brampton location is important, because roughly 30 percent of the company’s business from Canada. 

“This is a new Truth that wants to listen more,” said president Greg Wobshall. 

The facility is not completely filled with equipment yet, and Wobshall said they would like to hear the needs of other companies in order to possibly use the space to make hardware that is in demand. 

The new plant in Brampton operates in a 104,000 square feet building and produces patio door hardware, sliding hardware, handles, patio rollers in addition to the commercial four-bar hinges. 

Currently, there are 92 employees at the plant, and it is estimated there should be more than 150 when they reach capacity.

The tour began with a look at the different work areas. The plant has three operating presses with another 15 being transferred there, according to Tim Pelton, vice president of operations.

“It was very interesting to see the way the plant produced the different pieces of hardware,” said tour-participant Jean-Pierre Bouffard of Donat Flammand. 

Visitors were introduced to the quality manager, Hiral Patel, who trains the certified operators and oversees the quality control laboratory. Patel said that auditors check every machine every two hours and one product from each spindle every 15 minutes to ensure the hardware meets the company’s standards. All the products undergo destructive testing to a standard of 300 pound torque, according to Patel. She also said that they encounter a two to three percent rate of defects, which requires the operators to modify the process. The quality control laboratory contains instruments totaling over $400,000 in value, said Pelton. 

A special instructional session was given on screw machines by Piero Scorcia, the machine shop supervisor. With access to Truth engineers, the Brampton plant has the ability to make screw machines for companies other than Truth, such as furniture companies. It has developed more than 2,000 different tools

“At the open house and during the show, customers expressed their appreciation of Truth’s commitment to the Canadian market,” said Matt Kottke, Truth’s advertising manager. 

Sarah Batcheler is the assistant editor for DWM.

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