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Volume 6   Issue 6                July  2005



Glazing Tape Creates Sticky Solution
Pres-On of Addison, Ill., has designed a new line of self-stick glazing tapes to help make window and door fabrication easier, faster and more reliable. The tapes are available in .03125-inch, .0625-inch and .125-inch cross-linked polyethylene foam thicknesses, as well as in custom sizes for specific applications, according to the company.

Designed to assist manufacturers by increasing productivity throughout their operations, the glazing tape features superior bonding strength and resistance to water, ultraviolet, age and temperature extremes, according to the company. Customers can choose between rubber and acrylic adhesive systems, both offered in black or white.
The company says the tapes will adhere instantly to vinyl, aluminum, treated wood or glass, and is supplied in coils with an easy-release liner.


TremGlaze Prevents Heat Loss
Tremco's sealant/weatherproofing division in Beachwood, Ohio, has introduced TremGlaze low expansion, one-component, polyurethane foam sealant designed specifically for window and door installation and retrofit applications. The product has attained a current listing as an AAMA verified component back bedding glazing compound, according to AAMA 800-92, Voluntary Specifications and Test Methods for Sealants. 

The sealant has a low pressure build during cure, and creates an air-tight seal to prevent heat loss and drafts. Applied to any clean surface to be filled, it insulates and seals around windows, door frame joints, beneath base plates, mud sills, T-joints, top plate penetrations, corner joints, exterior cracks, around utility panels, pipes and duct penetrations. It conforms to the AAMA 812-04, according to the company. 



TruSeal Introduces Warm-Edge Spacer System
TruSeal Technologies Inc. of Beachwood, Ohio, has unveiled DecoSeal™, a specially engineered warm-edge spacer IG system for decorative glass used in windows and doors. The product reduces the assembly steps necessary for the fabrication of triple glazing by accommodating and supporting the center lite of glass or decorative panel, according to the company.

It provides a new level of thermal performance in decorative windows with multiple air spaces. The system is wrapped around the perimeter of a decorative panel and then placed between two additional lites for an efficient and aesthetically pleasing IG unit, according to the company.

Other features include a low moisture vapor transmission rate, concentrated desiccant layer for rapid dew point development and low profile to accommodate secondary sealing or structural reinforcement in large lites, according to the company. 



FrameSaver® is a Time Saver
FrameSaver of Nacogdoches, Texas, has unveiled its rot-resistant wood door frame for entry and patio doors, which may reduce callbacks for rotting door frames. The product features an engineered wood composite material made from a combination of recycled sawdust and a proprietary blend of virgin plastics, according to the company. 

The wood composite is finger-jointed to the end of the wood door frame where the rotting occurs. It machines, sands and paints like wood, while resisting damage from moisture and insects, according to the company.


Pella Introduces: Window Meets Fashion
Pella Corp. of Pella, Iowa, has unveiled its Designer Series® windows and patio doors which feature between-the-glass window fashions that can change in minutes. The blinds allow homeowners to transform the look of a room with blinds between glass that snap out easily, allowing it to be replaced with a different color blind.

The windows have room for both window fashions and a grille between lites of glass for design flexibility.

Homeowners can decide on between-the-glass options and make changes as needs and tastes change, according to the company. 

Fabric shades, which open from the top down, allow the shade to be lowered to allow natural light from the top, while covering the bottom of the unit for added privacy. The new collection also features cordless operation with no strings attached to blinds or shades.

Shades are available in light- filtering and room-darkening options, especially important in entertainment rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.



Strength in Storm Doors and Top Doors
Household Metals Inc. of Philadelphia has announced a new line of aluminum storm doors. The doors’ hinges prevent sagging with heavy-duty hinges and strong extruded corner gussets. It features a slim-line mortise lock to be keyed to the entry door, and 14 powder coat colors to match the door. Six styles are featured in the line, and a ventilator system prevents heat and pressure build-up between the entry and storm door, according to the company. 

Also released from Household Metals is a line of custom top doors, which are manufactured in full arch, semi-arch, camber and cathedral top doors in both steel and fiberglass. The company manufactures its own steel door slabs, and the line features 20 gauge skins in both smooth and textured steel. Doors have a 19-inch security lock block with a 14 gauge steel reinforced channel, according to the company. More than 30 decorator colors and eight stain colors are available. Fiberglass doors are available in smooth and textured finishes.



Hefty Hinge Makes Emergency Exit Easy 
Bronze Craft’s friction hinge series has a new addition, the Storm Egress hinge. The heavy-duty friction hinge was developed for commercial egress exit applications and allows casement windows to open a full 90 degrees, according to the company. 

The product is corrosion-resistant because it is constructed of austenitic 304 stainless steel. The asymmetrical end cap provides weather-sealing ability and smooth reliable operation of the window, according to the company.



Innovative Device Limits Tilts
BF Kinsey LLC of Beaufort, S.C., has introduced its additional hung window sash tilt-limiting device that allows manufacturers to snap in the anchoring to the window sash stiles and main frame jamb. The concept combines strength and simplicity and uses a basic stainless steel spring wire and injection molded anchoring pivot points to limit the tilt-in travel of vinyl or aluminum hung window sashes, according to the company.

The hardware works automatically to hold a tilted-sash at a convenient and safe preset angle for cleaning and ventilation. 



Edgenet Announces m2o¯® Version 2.0
Edgenet Inc. of Nashville, Tenn., has released its industry standard m2o¯ software, version 2.0 in both stand-alone and web-based versions. It is designed to allow manufacturers to conduct business within their distribution network easily and efficiently, said Yash Talreja, senior vice president of products and technology. 

The stand-alone version has more benefits than earlier releases to allow manufacturers to leverage their product knowledge within their distribution chain, according to the company. The software features picture-prompted selling, flexible pricing and custom shapes and grille designs. Multi-unit mulling allows composite units made up of two or more single units can be created and mulled together. The software has a customizable user interface so manufacturers can import their own logos and arrange the buttons and icons to customize the look and feel of the system. Easy integration with ERP systems is achieved because product knowledge is built in XML and open database formats. 

In addition to features of the stand-alone version, 2.0’s web-based version offers instant product software updates, selective visibility and web-based technology that enables dealers and distributors to service and manage individual data needs, according to the company.


Online Tools Aid in Coastal Projects
Anderson Windows and Doors has released its Design Pressure Estimator and Coastal Product Finder, which are proprietary web-based programs to help architects and builders find fenestration products for coastal applications.

The online tools take user-supplied information to estimate design pressure requirements, recommend the Anderson products to meet the requirements and provide certified documentation and test reports, according to the company. All estimates need to be confirmed by a qualified architect or structural engineer. 

The software was designed with Standards Design Group of Lubbock, Texas. 

It is available to registered users at www.andersonwindows.com/stormwatch.


PMC Software Maximizes Efficiency
PMC Software Inc. of Flemington, N.J., brings three new software systems to the market: Scoremate™, Recievemate™ and the improved Linealmate™. 

Scoremate provides real-time generation of numerical control cutting instructions specific to the cutting table. It maximizes efficiency by tracking all processes at the cutting work center, insuring that glass is processed quickly and efficiently and that turnaround time is decreased, according to the company. 
Recievemate™ tracks the status of purchased glass, which may be damaged or receiv

d out of production sequence. Damaged or missing lites can be reordered immediately to ensure on-time shipment of finished windows. 

Linealmate™ software has been expanded to include Flexmate™, which allows manufacturers to balance production among lines. It prevents downtime that is associated with equipment malfunction, according to the company. When production floor supervisors make changes to an entire line, a saw or a welder, the system provides a list of possible reassignments based on data within the cross-reference matrix. 


Get Up to Date with DesignPoint 
DesignPoint is new software created by WTS to help window and door manufacturers link architects and engineers to their distribution chain in a cohesive manner. In the past, it has been difficult for architects to figure out what products would meet their design specifications from CD ROMs and printed literature distributed by companies.

The program’s interface allows users to input various ASCE 7 criteria which is matched to products that meet those standards. It provides users with a tool to help calculate which products meet the required codes for coastal areas, where impact-resistant products are becoming part of the specifications of building projects, according to the company.


Dealers Get Quoting Power with PowerPak
Friedman Corp. of Deerfield, Ill., has released new software that provides dealers with tools to address different aspects of the sales cycle, from the creation of the quote through the printing of the final invoice. Designed to be the dealer’s own quoting system, PowerPak enables users to create and maintain their own price book for non-configured products such as glass and screens. 

“PowerPak is expanding into a single, comprehensive dealer solution that tackles both sides of the equation related to price book maintenance,” said Alan Russell, PowerBids product manager.

It also allows users to download participating standardized price books rather than having to maintain the pricing themselves. It can be used as anything from a simple quoting tool to a full point-of-sale program with inventory capabilities, according to the company.


Hardware Vision's Innovative Hardware Gets Patented
Vision Industries of Irvington, N.J., has a newly-patented balance shoe with a drop-in and lock design for spiral and block-and-tackle single- and double-hung systems. According to the company, the product's smooth operation is due to the location of the brake shoe on the face. Different options allow for various braking force requirements.

Also new from the company is the Shimtech jamb adjuster, which ensures a good seal between the sash and the jamb. It allows for plumbing and leveling of the window in the opening without the hassle of making custom shims. Adjustments are made by a flat-head screwdriver, and .5-inch and .75-inch length screws are available.

Pending a patent is the 600 Series SeeSure™ Sash Keeper. The sash lock and keeper combination resists attacks by hindering burglars from tampering with the cam through the gap between the check rails, according to the company. When the lock is engaged, the sash keeper displays a red flag that shows the occupant that the window is secured. The product is offered in both hooded and plain versions.



This Film is No Wimp 
American Renolit Corp. of Whippany, N.J., has developed a new window and door profile wrapping film that it says withstands extreme exterior environments. Fast film is a patented three-layer composite of clear polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDV), polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and opaque acrylic films, according to the company. It is intended for surfacing of PVC, aluminum and wood profiles of windows and doors, as well as other products.
The film is stocked in three colors: dark brown, dark green and cocoa chocolate brown. It is also available in a golden oak woodgrain pattern and in custom colors.

According to the company, the PVDF top ply is a tough and stable fluoropolymer that remains virtually inert when exposed to harsh thermal, chemical and ultraviolet environments. The middle ply and bottom ply are of PMMA, an acrylic polymer which offers clarity and light transmission and the ability to be colored using heat-reflective, exterior-grade pigments, according to the company.

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