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Volume 6   Issue 5                June 2005

DWM’s First Annual Guide to New Products


With new items being introduced monthly, it may seem impossible for door and window manufacturers to keep up with the latest products. From doors to machinery, to windows and hardware, we’ve covered the hottest products right here in the New Product Guide.



Ashland Unveils Smooth Operator

Ashland Hardware Systems of Lowell, Ind., has launched a new casement operator that offers solid stability and smooth operation. It is corrosion-resistant and has a low-profile design and a crank handle to simplify attachment for window installers, according to the company.


It eliminates the traditional stability tab and incorporates a two-axis mounting system. By securely attaching to the sill, it eliminates any unwanted wobble during operation, according to the company. It has a slim, compact design to blend with the window system.

The crank handle snaps securely into the operator spindle without screw attachment, and the handle and cover are available in powder-coated colors to blend with the framing material.


ROTO FRANK Introduces Stainless Steel System

ROTO FRANK of America of Chester, Conn., has introduced ROTO PRO-Drive® MARINE series, a complete stainless steel system of operators, locking systems and hinges for casement windows and awnings.


The hardware incorporates all of the benefits of the original product line, including optimized gear ratios, precise manufacturing to minimize sash play, a unique over-torque feature to prevent operator gear drive damage and a contemporary, compact design.


Operators are available in split-arm, dual-arm, single-arm and awning configurations. The self-locating stainless steel locking system is offered in single- and multi-point versions, as well as fully-assembled and knock down versions. It also includes adjustable locking pins for variable sash compression.


According to the company, the MARINE is the first stainless steel operator to be listed on AAMA’s verified components list. It has been tested and verified to exceed ASTM standard B117 by providing more than 2,000 hours of salt-spray corrosion resistance.




Truth Makes an Encore

Truth has unveiled its new Encore system and Fusion™ lock and latch system. Its Fusion™ lock and latch system is a new product for the single/double-hung window market that allows the homeowner to operate the lock-and-tilt latch from one central point. The tilt latches can be enclosed within the sash.


According to the company, Encore incorporates all the same strength and performance characteristics as its Maxim® operators, and meets performance requirements that are sought in today’s market of large, versatile casement and awning windows.


The company has revealed its new line of 2-point mortise locks. The new locks give the added security and increased performance of multi-point locking with a variety of styles to meet the demands of sliding door manufacturers, according to the company. They have a unique anti-slam feature which assures that they cannot be damaged by mistakenly closing the door with the hooks extended.




Parallel Hinge Offers Superior Air Exchange

Bronze Craft of Nashua, N.H., has announced a new hinge, designed to allow windows to open and close in a parallel motion. The Parallel Hinge provides all-around natural ventilation by allowing airflow around the window perimeter, ensuring optimum air exchange, according to the company.


Windows fitted with the hinge enable the building façade to have smooth sight lines and allow the glass to retain its reflective qualities when the vent is open, according to the company.


The window can be operated with either manual locking hardware or by electronically-controlled motors. Both systems are available from Bronze Craft.




Ultra Hardware Unveils Innovative Hardware

Ultra Hardware of Pennsauken, N.J., has delivered a range of products to the casement hardware market. New to the line are casement operators, handles, mounting tracks and multipoint locks. The items are designed to retrofit most existing configurations for quick and simple replacement, according to the company.


The products feature a one-piece housing casting because an air seal gasket has already been applied to the housing, and is included in the price.


Ultra has also made advancements to its line of snubbers. The company has added a patent-pending, adjustable snubber packed in a set with one square and one radius corner snubber.


A fold-down crank handle is also new to its casement line. It adjusts into fully-extended, half-stopped and fully collapsed positions.





Edgetech Introduces Super Spacer TriSeal™

Edgetech of Cambridge, Ohio, has introduced Super Spacer TriSeal, a silicone foam warm-edge spacer system engineered specifically for the commercial glazing market and used in combination with a new fully-automated TriSeal Lisec line. TriSeal's unique triple-seal design incorporates an inner acrylic adhesive seal for immediate unit handling; captive polyisobutylene primary seal for enhanced gas retention and low moisture vapor transmission; plus an outer structural seal for proven structural glazing performance, according to the company. This design makes the spacer system compatible with silicone structural sealant, as well as with other secondary sealants. The new spacer system works effectively with both structural and fixed window applications, according to the company.


Like other Super Spacer products, TriSeal consists of desiccated silicone foam material, acrylic adhesive to hold the spacer in place on the glass, and a continuous moisture vapor barrier. As with all Super Spacer silicone foam spacers, TriSeal provides excellent ultraviolet resistance, extreme temperature resistance, superior compression-set resistance, color stability and enhanced sound dampening qualities, according to the company.


Since the introduction of Super Spacer TriSeal at glasstec in November 2004, four fully automated Lisec TriSeal lines have been sold in North America and Europe.




TruSeal Gets Decorative

TruSeal Technologies Inc. of Beachwood, Ohio, has unveiled DecoSeal™, a specially engineered warm-edge spacer insulating glass system for decorative glass used in windows and doors. The product reduces the assembly steps necessary in fabrication of triple glazing by accommodating and supporting the center lite of glass or decorative panel, according to the company.


It provides a new level of thermal performance in decorative windows with multiple air spaces. The system is wrapped around the perimeter of a decorative panel and then placed between two additional lites for an efficient and aesthetically pleasing unit, according to the company.


Other features include a low moisture vapor transmission rate, concentrated desiccant layer for rapid dew point development and low profile to accommodate secondary sealing or structural reinforcement in large lites, according to the company. It also can incorporate high-performance glass and gas options and be used in single- or dual-seal constructions.





PVC Trim Repels Water and Insects

Fypon of Archbold, Ohio, has introduced a new PVC trim available in sheets and boards. The trim comes in woodgrain and smooth styles. It has a density similar to pine, and is blended and extruded using state-of-the-art equipment at SimEx®.


The trim repels water and insects, and is mold- and mildew-resistant, and can be cleaned with soap and water and can be cut or fabricated easily, according to the company.


“PVC products are the next logical advancement for a company like Fypon. We already offer more than 6,000 decorative and structural accent pieces for the interior and exterior of a home. Now we’re even more of a ‘one-stop shop’ for builders and remodelers who wish to incorporate low maintenance products into their residential and commercial products,” said Greg Wolf, marketing director.




Liquid Crystal Product Line Gets Addition

RSL Inc. of Egg Harbor Township, N.J., has recently added the Tuscany Series to its Liquid Crystal decorative door glass product line. The new doors are crafted with attention to detail, and features a full range of popular sizes, ranging from 8 by 36-inch sidelight sizes to 22 by 64-inch full patio door light units together with matching rectangular and elliptical transoms.




Strength in Storm Doors and Top Doors

Household Metals Inc. of Philadelphia has announced a new line of aluminum storm doors. The doors’ hinges prevent sagging with heavy duty hinges and strong extruded corner gussets. It features a slim-line mortise lock to be keyed to the entry door, and 14 powder coat colors to match the door. Six styles are featured in the line, and a ventilator system prevents heat and pressure build-up between the entry and storm door, according to the company.


Also released from Household Metals is a line of custom top doors, which are manufactured in full arch, semi-arch, camber and cathedral top doors in both steel and fiberglass. The company manufactures its own steel door slabs, and the line features 20 gauge skins in both smooth and textured steel. Doors have a 19-inch security lock block with a 14 gauge steel reinforced channel, according to the company. More than 30 decorator colors and eight stain colors are available. Fiberglass doors are available in smooth and textured finishes.




Extruded Aluminum Clad Door Resists Dents

Weather Shield Windows and Doors of Medford, Wis., has added an extruded aluminum clad full radius door to its line of doors. It offers an array of color, grille and hardware options. The heavy duty .060-inch extruded aluminum clad exterior makes the door durable and virtually maintenance-free and offers a variety of options, according to the company.


“The advantages of extruded aluminum versus the more commonplace roll formed aluminum are significant. Unlike roll formed cladding, which is much thinner, the heavy extruded aluminum we use resists denting, and a .125-inch thick machined top rail provides additional strength,” said Steve Wilkening, director of engineering.


Wilkening said that the curved radius profile requires special engineering and technology to produce, but the company figured out how to manufacture it efficiently, with great results.

The door also has a precision milled top rail to help it operate smoothly for a lifetime and create smooth and crisp lines.


“Homeowners like the door because it’s strong and durable. They also appreciate the door’s aesthetics. It’s a beautiful door that makes a statement,” said Dave Koester, brand manager.




SureSill™ Sill Pan Drains Water Through Built-In Channel

Endura Products Inc. of Greenboro, N.C., has a new SureSill™ sill pan which helps eliminate improperly installed door units and the damage incurred from leaks in the home.


The pan drains water effectively with a unique built-in channel. A patent-pending sloped design combined with integral drain channels ensures that any moisture in the pan is directed to the exterior of the house, according to the company.


The pan is available in 4.5625 and 6.5625 inch widths, and is a three-part design composed of a channel plate and end caps. The SureSill™ lock-in channel plate can be cut to the exact measurement of any window or door opening on site by the installer. The plate is joined with a pair of lock-in corners through a keyed profile and secured and an approved bonding sealant. This creates a sloped and drainable, waterproof sill pan.




ODL Offers New Decorative Door Glass Options

Four decorative door glass families have been added to the products of ODL Inc. of Zeeland, Mich.

“We are really excited about these new designs. We’ve been listening to architects and designers and these new styles reflect current and upcoming trends – the latest in style and function,” said Laura Garza, decorative door glass product manager.


The new Arts-n-Crafts family is a combination of form and beauty, and combines thin reed glass, seedy glass, hammered glass, granite glass and clear bevels into geometric designs defined by a nickel caming finish.


The new Allure family offers an array of textures. A semi-circular, floral centerpiece made of clear bevels is enhanced by frosted glass, clear renaissance glass and chrome caming.


Offering a high obscurity level, the Simplicity family combines grooved and frosted glass for a minimalist look. It uses the two styles of glass to create distinct, rectangular and square lines.

Also new for the 2005 is the addition of the Bristol family which features brass caming. It incorporates granite and hammered glass with clear clusters and clear bevels.




Dual-Appearance Doors Capture Two Looks

Peachtree® Doors and Windows of Gainesville, Ga., has unveiled a fiberglass panel with a smooth exterior and textured interior for its new entry door line. It offers the look of a wood door inside and the appearance of a smooth door outside.


“The smooth exterior/textured interior door is often requested because it provides a beautiful, low-maintenance, non-rot alternative to wood doors that also provide greater energy performance,” said Jeff Kibler, brand manager.


The exterior can be finished in one of six standard colors, while the interior panel can be stained to bring out the wood-grain appearance of the textured fiberglass.


All entry systems from the company have a patented, virtually maintenance-free sill that resists moisture and rot by keeping the wood jamb above the water source, according to the company.


An integrated frame system that encases the door panel, sidelites and transom creates a durable unit that is easy to install and provides greater structural strength than mulled units, according to the company.




PVC Sliding Door Gives Distinctive Look

Ventana USA of Export, Pa., has introduced an all-PVC sliding door to complement its product line of architectural vinyl window shapes, garden windows and Quick-Trim casing and jamb. Through a partnership with Thermoplast, the Series 4000 sliding door is offered as a knock-down, mechanically-fastened or fully assembled and welded unit. With its wide styles and rails, it has the look and style of a French door.


Designed for use in new construction or remodeling applications, this door has a DP50 rating. It features a full 5.625-inch frame with 4.5625 inches behind the integrated nailing fin, and the sashes are designed for 1-inch insulating glass. Glass options include clear and low-E/argon filled glass, and grid options are available. The multipoint locking system provides security, and the double continuous weatherstrips add weather resistance, according to the company.





Republic Guarantees Savings with Ultra-Performance Glass Packs

Republic Windows and Doors of Chicago, has introduced high-performance glass packs yielding R-values to 9.62. Remodelers and replacement contractors can choose from five energy-saving glass packs for Enhancement, the company's highest end window line.


“We're so confident in the performance of these glass packs that we are guaranteeing fuel consumption savings of up to 40 percent,” said John Neely, vice president technical services.


The Enhancement Seasonpro HM™ glass pack combines Heat Mirror™ 88, a one-inch double Super G™ glass spacer system with low-E on two surfaces, and krypton gas to achieve an R-value of 9.62.


T.U.F.® Glass and Stay Clean Glass® are optional, adding safety, security and low maintenance benefits for all five of the glass packs, according to the company.





Form a Strong Bond with Gaskets from LAMATEK

LAMATEK Inc. of West Deptford, N.J., now offers the fenestration industry a combination butyl/foam gasket specifically designed for joint sealing in aluminum and wood windows and door threshold applications. The butyl provides a superior bond with greater resistance to water and air infiltration than typical foam gaskets, according to the company.


Manufacturers may find this to be a high-quality, cost-effective replacement for narrow joint seam sealers, according to the company. The gaskets can be custom-cut and designed to fit any profiles.




Strybuc Produces Concealed Balance In-house

Strybuc Industries of Sharon Hill, Pa., is now manufacturing the Invisible Sash Balance in-house. The concealed balance has been used for more than 25 years for wood windows.


They are ideal for historic window renovations, eliminating exposed hardware and maintaining the original window appearance, according to the company. Custom mill workers use the product when jambliner aesthetics are not acceptable. They counter-balance certain weights, regardless of the thickness of the sash, according to the company.




Significant Features Found in New Tapes

Frank Lowe Rubber and Gasket Co. Inc. of Farmingdale, N.Y., has added a foam wrap tape and a glazing tape to its line of fenestration products.


Foam Wrap Tape, FWT-2000, also known as Window Wrap and Jamb Foam, is used to eliminate air flow around replacement windows by filling the void between the window assembly and the frame. Designed specifically to adhere to vinyl lineals, it is made with a pressure-sensitive tape.


The company’s new AAMA-approved glazing tape is made of high-performance cross-linked polyethylene foam coated with solvent-based acrylic adhesive on both sides.


The tape is designed to block water, moisture, light and dust, according to the company. It also has resistance to ultraviolet rays, weatherization, and oxidation and temperature variation. It is supplied with a non-tear film liner.




TremGlaze Prevents Heat Loss

Tremco’s sealant/weatherproofing division in Beachwood, Ohio, has introduced TremGlaze low expansion, one-component, polyurethane foam sealant designed specifically for window and door installation and retrofit applications. The product has attained a current listing as an AAMA verified component back bedding glazing compound, according to AAMA 800-92, Voluntary Specifications and Test Methods for Sealants. 

The sealant has a low pressure build during cure, and creates an air-tight seal to prevent heat loss and drafts. Applied to any clean surface to be filled, it insulates and seals around windows, door frame joints, beneath base plates, mud sills, T-joints, top plate penetrations, corner joints, exterior cracks, around utility panels, pipes and duct penetrations. It conforms to the AAMA 812-04, according to the company.




Devcon Adhesive Promises Flexibility and Strength

The Flex Welder™ from Devcon, is a high-performance adhesive that has been re-formulated for increased toughness and flexibility. The structural methacrylate adhesive has a tensile elongation of 130-140 percent and fills up to 0.375-inch gaps. It also bonds plastics, composites and metals in applications involving flexing, shock or vibration, according to the company.


The product has a working time of eight to ten minutes and a functional cure time of four hours. It can be painted or sanded within one hour of application, according to the company. Flex Welder is recommended especially for bonding nylon and its alloys, modified polyesters, epoxy composites, standard plastics and other flexible or semi-flexible substrates. 


It is a thixotropic gel which does not run, drip or sag on vertical or inverted surfaces, according to the company.





Bystronic Introduces New Machines to Residential Market

Bystronic Inc. has released another new machine for the residential window market--smart’lamicut, a new cutting and separating table for the economical processing of laminated glass. According to the company, the machine ensures fast and accurate cutting and separation of glass sizes up to 126- by 100 inches.


Critical processing parameters, such as cutting speed, cutting and breaking pressure and heating periods, are controlled by smart’lamicut’s user-friendly software system. Digital stops ensure accurate and fast manual glass positioning. With automatic scoring on both sides of the glass, glass separation is clean and accurate, according to Bystronic.



Erdman® Fluid Metering System Stands the Heat

Erdman Automation Corp. of Princeton, Minn., has unveiled the Erdman® Fluid Metering System, which can comfortably handle 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The system features a modular design and can be replaced as a whole system or by individual module.


The fluid meter features redundant high temperature, high pressure and self-energizing seals on the drive shaft and a hardened D2 gear plate for abrasion resistance, according to the company. The high-flow capacity valve features five redundant seals with a packing gland nut for adjustability.




Basic Solar Kit Educates Customers

EDTM Inc. has continued its line of pitch kits by introducing the SK1430 basic solar presentation light kit. The kit utilizes the company’s SP2065 Solar Transmission and BTU Power Meter with its infrared heat lamp. Designed to help educate a customer about a manufacturer’s windows, the demonstration uses common language such as percentages, instead of BTU’s. The kit includes a soft-shell canvas carrying case with shoulder straps. Up to five different window samples can be added, but is not included in the package.



Ameri-Can Offers Low Maintenance Water Slot Machine

The Canadian company, Ameri-Can Machinery Ltd., has unveiled its Univer WS/A and WS/M water slot machines, which have a high frequency motor. Both the breaking and the attention given to the electric panel guarantee the maximum security for the operator, according to the company. The PLC that controls the working cycle permits a good work processing speed, which takes place at the same time on both faces of the profile.




The Sash Flipper Transports Sashes During Assembly

Advanced Manipulator Specialists Inc. of Hoffman, Minn., has announced the release of its new window sash handling system, the sash flipper. The machine is mounted in-line with a roller conveyer which transports sashes during the assembly process.


After hardware has been applied to one side of the sash, it is received into the flipper and is flipped upside-down automatically, according to the company. The sash exits the flipper and is positioned to receive additional hardware.


The inversion process is accomplished without an employee touching the sash, according to the company. A programmable logic control manages sash recognition, clamping, rotation and the powered receipt and discharge of the sash.


The flipper can handle sashes with dimensions of 14 by 16 inches and 48 by 72 inches, and may be added to a manufacturing control system.




Diamond Wheel Eliminates Changeovers Between Sizes

Glassline Corp. of Perrysburg, Ohio, has developed an edging line that it says relieves some of the problems associated with conventional edge-grinding systems. The new system is a single-sided finishing machine for seaming or pencil-edging glass. The system eliminates changeovers for part size, as is required on typical double-edger-type systems. This allows processing any size part, one after the other, in a continuous fashion without stopping, according to the company. It utilizes diamond wheels and provides a higher quality edge, with higher edge strength than processing with belts, according to the company. The system is especially suitable for companies seeking just-in-time and lean production processes and/or companies with low volume and highly variable production runs.




Pistorius Introduces Single Cut-Off Saw

Pistorius Machine Co. has a new precision manual and semi-automatic chop-type single cut-off saw. Manual and pneumatic models are available in 12, 16 and 20 inches. The unique modular building design and the range of available accessories allows for custom-designed machine jobs to match specific cutting requirements. It also provides quality cuts for wood, metal and plastics, according to the company.


The saw is equipped with high-efficiency sawdust ducts, has low operating noise and when mitering aluminum, is available with Protex® metered pulse type lubrication system. It is also available with mechanical, digital and electronic powered automated positioners.




Kanefusa USA Introduces Tooling System For Wood

Kanefusa USA Inc. of Erlanger, Ken., has a new double-sided finger joint tooling system for wood material. Kanefusa EN2RO™ uses advanced composite material technology which allows it to last up to 20 times longer than any high-speed steel fingerjoint tooling, according to the company.


A specially-designed head provides a constant cutting diameter, and eliminates the need for adjustment after rotating or replacing teeth. It can reduce downtime for tool changes and resharpening time needed to improve fingerjoint quality, according to the company.





Crestline® Simulated Transoms Sheds Light on Rooms

Crestline Windows & Doors has introduced a simulated transom for its CrestWood™ double-hung windows. The simulated transoms offers easy installation and a lower cost than stacking a transom above a window, according to the company. They are structurally sound and created by enlarging the top sash of a double-hung window and adding a 3.5-inch profiled rail to the interior and exterior of the glass. The extra window brings added sunlight into a room.


They are available in multiple double-hung shapes and sizes, including rectangular, segment, half round, one quarter round and gothic configurations.


They feature PVC exteriors with titanium dioxide stabilizers to help preserve the white or almond color, and high-impact acrylic modifiers to resist dents and scratches. Builders can either choose from pine interiors or white pre-finished PVC composite interiors.


Builders and homeowners can choose from a number of grille options, including snap-in wood grilles, grilles in airspace, value divided lites and simulated v-groove glass grilles.




BFRich Launches Comprehensive Window System.

BFRich Co. Inc. of Newark, Del., has redesigned its Cabernet Window, which now includes a new master frame to house its beveled sash. The company’s unique gray/gray system includes a gray dual-durometer coupled with TruSeal’s gray DuraSeal™ spacer.


“This is one of the most innovative window systems that BFRich has launched since its inception in 1957. The Cabernet window has always been our undisputed leader when it comes to performance, and we wanted to revitalize this premium window,” said Terry Rex, director of marketing.


Another feature of the redesigned window is its unique multi-unit mulling system, which includes a zero clearance standard U-Mull system. It also consists of a 0.1875-inch L/175 structural U-Mull.


“The Cabernet 2 and 3 lite slider combines outstanding features which include Preferred Engineering Products’ award-winning Tilt’N’Slide™ window hardware system and a completely integrated, full-surround screen track,” said Rex.




Vinyl Window Line Gets Impact-Resistant Option

CertainTeed of Valley Forge, Pa., has a new impact-resistant option available for its Bryn Mawr II™ and New Castle XT™ lines of vinyl windows. The windows meet wind-borne debris testing standards of the International Building Code by passing tests ASTM E 1996 and ASTM E 1886 for impact resistance, according to the company.


“During high-wind conditions, one of the most vulnerable parts of any building is its windows and doors when they are unprotected. Our new impact-resistant windows are designed to keep wind and debris from penetrating this part of a home’s exterior during volatile weather conditions,” said Jerry Habeck, manager of design.


The windows are designed to withstand the impact of an eight-foot long, nine pound 2-by-4 traveling at 34 miles per hour. They feature an insulating glass unit with a laminated piece of glass on the interior. According to the company, the laminated glass may break upon impact of debris or wind, but the pieces adhere to the interlayer keeping the unit intact, thus protecting the structural integrity of the house. The windows do not require special installation procedures, and also offer hardware that is designed to add strength to the entire window unit.




Vetter® Unveils Hurricane Impact Products

Vetter Windows and Doors revealed its new insulated hurricane products that are designed to meet the stringent wind-borne debris codes of the eastern United States, according to the company.


The products have a durable layer of .090 or .100 inch gauge polyvinyl butral (PVB) bonded between two lites of annealed laminated glass. If the glass should break, the laminated layer is designed to remain intact, protecting the home and its contents.  The lites of glass offer strong insulating properties. Greater insulation can be attained by filling the airspace with argon gas.


“Many architects, custom builders and homeowners have been asking for these products in order to meet the demanding codes of the Eastern seaboard and gulf shore states,” said Jeff Kibler, brand manager.


The products include an out-swing patio door in French and traditional styles, and double hung, casement, and direct set/picture windows.




Hidden Beauty Found in Kolbe & Kolbe Window

Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co. Inc. of Wausau, Wis., compares its new window to a piece of finely-crafted furniture only without unsightly plastic tracks or latches. The company’s Sterling double-hung windows feature a hidden jambliner, with no visible vinyl parts. A multi-functional sash lock incorporates a dual positioning lever, allowing the sash to be unlocked and tilted in for cleaning by turning a lever. There are no tilt latches applied to the interior sash of the window, according to the company. It is available in numerous wood species and in 22 standard colors, as well as custom colors.


“The Sterling double hung combines the traditional appeal of a wood window with state-of-the-art technology,” said Bob Kasten, vice president of marketing and sales.




Thermoplast Releases Hybrid Series

Thermoplast of Laval, Quebec has revealed its new Hybrid series, which consists of casement, hung and slider windows. The windows offer the aesthetics and durability of aluminum products with the energy-efficiency and ease of fabrication of vinyl products, according to the company.


The company’s Hybrid casement window features a PVC interior and aluminum exterior. 


The interior frame is PVC-welded with fully-welded sashes. Mullion assembly ensures strength, rigidity and luminosity, according to the company.


The hung window features double-glazed insulating glass PVC sashes, sash tilt in for easy cleaning and double continuous weatherstrip for insulation. It has an efficient cam locking system and a fully-integrated one-piece interlock, according to the company.


The Hybrid slider features fully welded PVC sashes with .75-inch double-glazed insulating glass. It has a double continuous weatherstrip for insulation and smooth operation with brass tandem rollers.




Injection-molded Geometrics Deliver Perfect Shapes

A new series of injection-molded Geometrics has been added to Simonton’s ProFinish® product line.


“One of the best benefits of these windows is that the frame is made in one piece in a customized mold. This means that the shapes are perfect every time,” said Christopher Burk, product manager.


The Octagon window is sized to fit a 24 by 24-inch rough opening. The window features plain glass or can be ordered with a colonial grid sandwiched between the glass, according to the company. The circle window is available with either plain glass or a standard grid. The 24 by 36-inch oval window, which is also available in plain glass or a standard grid, can be installed either vertically or horizontally.


“The three windows in this series are offered with a variety of glass options and the choice of hard coat or soft coat low-E glass with argon gas for increased energy performance,” said Burk.






Remove Scratches with SRP’s Surface Wizard™

Shat-R-Proof (SRP) of Savage, Minn., has developed an all-purpose surface restoration system to stop scratches from cutting into a company’s bottom line. SRP Surface Wizard™ is a hand-held tool that removes scratches from pieces of glass or plastic.


It contains a series of different quick-change attachments to remove hard water stains from glass and restore plastics and acrylic surfaces that have been damaged by scratches, hazing and discoloration, according to the company. Items that can benefit from the surface restoration system include headlamp lenses, collapsible windows on convertibles, motorcycle windscreens, boat windows, emergency vehicle light bars and acrylic skylights, according to the company.


The Surface Wizard kit contains a variety of glass finishing discs, a glass polishing pad and SRP finishing compound for glass applications. For plastics, it includes a 3-step NOVUS® plastic polishing kit, NOVUS polish mates and a plastic polishing pad. The hard water stain removal system contains SRP hard water stain remover, stir sticks and a scrubber pad.






Integrated Software Brings Significant Savings Per Window

GED Integrated Solutions Inc. of Twinsburg, Ohio, has announced i-3 Technology, which offers total integration of every facet of a plant’s operation, including vinyl, glass, glazing and shipping. Manufacturers can experience savings of $1-3 dollars per window, for a customer using current Intercept technology and $2-$4 savings for a customer using a spacer system other than Intercept, according to Pete Chojnacki, director of marketing and information technology.


The name i-3 stands for innovation, integration and inspiration. The company’s LeanNet® communication software allows information to be passed from the front office throughout the plant, from raw materials to shipping, according to Chojnacki. Spelling is wrong here.


The system can increase profits through reduced floor space, work-in-process inventory, labor and scrap. It also offers door and window manufacturers increased throughput and flexibility to meet daily demands and shorten lead times and increased capacity to meet peak season demands, according to the company.


“Today’s typical plant is challenged by disjointed communications and orders. Supervisors try to balance the schedule coming from the front office with the needs of the shipping department. The balance is consistently being challenged by remakes and rush orders coming from all directions. i-3 Technology coordinates machines, processes, software and people to address these issues and get orders out of the door fast,” said Ron Auletta, president and chief executive officer.




Make Glass Design Easy

Standards Design Group Inc. of Lubbock, Texas, has released its Window Glass Design 2004 software, which allows users to input glass design and loading parameters to calculate load capacity and maximum deflections. Designed to reduce glass design to a few keystrokes, it performs all required calculations to design window glass according to ASTM E 1300-02/03. It also performs window glass design using ASTM E 1300-98/00 and ASTM E 1300-94.


According to company literature, the user enters the shape, edge support, width, height, short duration load and/or long duration load. The program then calculates and returns the load resistance and approximate glass center deflection for the design. It also returns the non-factored load, the glass type factor and approximate glass deflection in the details portion of the program.




Edgenet Announces m2ō® Version 2.0

Edgenet Inc. of Nashville, Tenn., has released it industry standard m2ō software, version 2.0 in both stand-alone and web-based versions. It is designed to allow manufacturers to conduct business within their distribution network easily and efficiently, said Yash Talreja, senior vice president of products and technology.


The standalone version has more benefits than earlier releases to allow manufacturers to leverage their product knowledge within their distribution chain, according to the company. 


The software features picture-prompted selling, flexible pricing and custom shapes and grille 

designs. Multi-unit mulling allows composite units made up of two or more single units can be created and mulled together. The software has a customizable user interface so manufacturers can import their own logos and arrange the buttons and icons to customize the look and feel of the system. Easy integration with ERP systems is achieved because product knowledge is built in XML and open database formats.


In addition to features of the standalone version, 2.0’s web-based version offers instant product software updates, selective visibility and web-based technology that enables dealers and distributors to service and manage individual data needs, according to the company.




PMC Software Maximizes Efficiency

PMC Software Inc. of Flemington, N.J. brings three new software systems to the market: Scoremate™, Recievemate™ and the improved Linealmate™.


Scoremate provides real-time generation of numerical control cutting instructions specific to the cutting table. It maximizes efficiency by tracking all processes at the cutting work center, insuring that glass is processed quickly and efficiently and turnaround time is decreased, according to the company.


Recievemate™ tracks the status of purchased glass, which may be damaged or received out of production sequence. Damaged or missing lites can be reordered immediately to insure on-time shipment of finished windows.


Linealmate™ software has been expanded to include Flexmate™, which allows manufacturers to balance production between lines. It prevents downtime that is associated with equipment malfunction, according to the company. When production floor supervisors make changes to an entire line, a saw or a welder, the system provides a list of possible reassignments based on data within the cross-reference matrix.






Eliminate Warning Labels with Corner Key

The Safety Warning/Tab Corner from Vicksburg, Miss.-based Magnolia Metal & Plastic Products eliminates the need to use rolls of adhesive safety warning labels and secondary application pull-lift tabs found on most window and door insect screens. It can also be inverted for a top-of-screen application, if needed, according to the company.


The Safety Warning/Tab Corner is an external or partially internal window/door insect screen frame corner key that integrates the pull/lift tab from Magnolia with the industry-recognized safety warning. It combines three basic components of a fabricated window/door insect screen into one fabricator-friendly component. Cost and additional time savings are achieved because there is no need to perform scheduled and routine inventory on the rolled adhesive safety warning labels and the older style pull/lift tabs. Also, it eliminates the need to discard damaged or soiled adhesive safety warning labels or older style pull/lift tabs daily. It is 100 percent capture on every screen produced to ensure it has a safety warning, according to the company.





Resista® Finish Prevents Tarnishing

Hoppe North America Inc. of Fort Atkinson, Wis., has a new finish that is available for its solid brass handle sets. Resista® finish prevents tarnishing, peeling and cracking for a rich luster, and is covered by a limited lifetime finish warranty.


Also new from Hoppe is its introduction of HBL, its cylindrical lock system that complements the company’s existing product line. It provides European-style lock sets for interior and exterior doors that fit standard North American doors.





CMI Unveils Extira for Exterior Applications

Chicago-based CMI has revealed Extira®, an exterior-grade, treated wood composite panel, which can be used in a wide range of non-structural exterior applications, including window and door manufacturing.


Manufactured by CMI’s TEC™ patented technology, Extira is 90-percent wood that is physically and chemically bonded under heat and pressure with phenolic resins. It is designed to provide exceptional moisture resistance, machining capabilities, yields and stable pricing and availability, according to the company.

The panels are treated with zinc borate, a wood preservative, and resins that make it moisture, rot and termite resistant. As a result, it withstands exterior environments and is warranted for five years, according to the company.



Want More New Products? Visit Win-door 2005

The large show floor at Win-door 2005 will offer an opportunity to view a variety of new products and services. Win-door 2005 is scheduled for November 15-17 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto. For more information, visit www.windoorshow.com.

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