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Volume 6   Issue 2                March 2005


Take a Look at the Latest Hardware Available to Manufacturers

Hardware is always changing and getting better, which is why we are bringing you up to date with some of the products now available. From handles to locks, and hinges to spreaders, see what is on the hardware horizon this year. 

Ultra Hardware Introduces New Casement Products
Ultra Hardware of Pennsauken, N.J., has delivered a range of products to the casement hardware market. New to the line are casement operators, handles, mounting tracks and multipoint locks. The items are designed to retrofit most existing configurations for quick and simple replacement, according to the company.

The products feature a one-piece housing casting because an air seal gasket has already been applied to the housing, and is included in the price. 

Ultra has also made advancements to its snubber. The company has added to its line a patent-pending, adjustable snubber packed in a set with one square and one radius corner snubber. 

A fold-down crank handle is also new to its casement line. It adjusts into fully-extended, half-stopped and fully collapsed positions.

Truth Makes an Encore
Truth has unveiled its new Encore system and Fusion™ lock and latch system. Encore is an operator that offers an interchangeable cover and folding handle design.

According to the company, it incorporates all the same strength and performance characteristics as its Maxim® operators, and meets performance requirements that are sought in today’s market of large, versatile casement and awning windows. 

Its Fusion™ lock and latch system is a new product for the single/double-hung window market that allows the homeowner to operate the lock-and-tilt latch from one central point. The tilt latches can be enclosed within the sash.

The company has revealed its new line of 2-point mortise locks recently. The new locks give the added security and increased performance of multi-point locking with a variety of styles to meet the demands of sliding door manufacturers, according to the company. The locks have a unique anti-slam feature which assures that they cannot be damaged by mistakenly closing the door with the hooks extended. 

New Sash Lock and Casement Folding Handle By Vision Industries
Vision Industries has unveiled its newest sash lock and latest casement folding handle. 
The sash lock, called 600GT, has a cam mechanism, which makes it smooth to operate and resistant to tampering. 

The company’s new casement folding handle, 1670, features a zinc die-cast body and a plastic injection-molded socket. The handle grip swivels and is able to open the sash in windy conditions. When it is not being used, the handle folds easily to its out-of-the-way position, according to the company. 

Patio Handle Set from Fasco
Fasco has released its new 9300 series patio handle set. This one-piece set, manufactured in a sturdy zinc die-cast design, can be mounted for left or right handed users without having to change the locking mechanism, according to the company. The sleek design and the ease of installation has made it popular among original equipment manufacturers and consumers. The handle also has a durable exterior finish, according to the company.

Adjustable Hinge From Amesbury
Amesbury Group’s BSI-Door Hardware division, of Sioux Falls, S.D., has introduced its 3D lift-off adjustable hinge for swing entry and patio doors. The hinge features easy three-way adjustments upon door installation. 

The common route tilt latch and pivot bar, which is still pending a patent, is designed for single- and double-hung windows. It cuts the set-up time, processing time and tool requirements in half, according to the company. The latches and bars do not require screws and are available in a wide variety of powder paint colors. 

A and S Enterprises Introduces Frame Spreader 
Ocean Shores, Wash.-based company, A and S Enterprises has unveiled its door frame spreaders for aluminum, hollow metal or wood door frames. The frames may be ordered in aluminum, clear acrylic or lexan plastic. The spreader comes in any desired size. 

The company offers single-piece spreaders, single-size folding spreaders, four-door combination folding units, universal and single egress, and double-egress units.

There is an added 1.25 inch flop-piece at one end of the spreader, which allows the installer to set it against inside door stops wider than 3.5 inches, according to the company.

The spreaders fit any door width up to 96 inches. They can be made in a one-piece unit with end flop, or with a center hinge that allows spreader to be folded in half for storage, according to the company web site.

Single Operating Internal Blind 
Alpha Deco Glass of Millburn, N.J., has introduced its internal blinds that are uniquely operated with a single magnetic operator. The new concept features one vertical slide which both raises and lowers, and tilts to open and close the blinds. 

The glass units come insulated and ready for installation into a door or window product. They can be installed into any standard polyurethane or polypropelene frame and can be produced for any size door or window product, according to the company. 

The units are shipped in container load quantities, direct to the customer location at prices that will produce increased profit margins in this product category, according to the company. 

Select Hinges™ Passes the Test 
Select Hinges, a full mortise geared continuous hinge from Select Products Ltd., has recently surpassed 15 million open/close test cycles. The hinge continues to function into its third year of testing. The test simulates a real-world situation, such as a school entrance, and uses a piston to initiate the open and closing cycle 16,600 times per day, according to the company. 

“We are not aware of any other independent test that has put a hinge through this many cycles,” said Bob Cronk, vice president, sales and marketing.

The company reports that Architectural Testing Inc. of St. Paul, Minn. has been running the test continuously since September 2002. So far, the testing cycle has broken one cycle counter and worn two door closers out, but has created no measurable change to the hinge or door since the test began, according to the company. They plan to continue the test until the hinge fails.

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