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Volume 6   Issue 2                March 2005

Introducing...new products

Vinyl Doctor Presents the Nail Fin Kit
The nail fin kit from Vinyl Doctor restores broken corners and cracked or damaged nail fins. The new product was designed by the company's repair division in Portland, Ore., to eliminate water infiltration. It also reduces product returns and warranty issues, according to the company.

A broken fin no longer means replacement, as the nail fin kit eliminates the need to replace the entire window, according to the company. The kit uses flexible PVC material over the damaged area with liquid PVC. The product cross links and welds the PVC material to the existing flange, according to the company. The product also fits warped flanges. 

Ameri-can’s New Semi-Automatic Double Cutting Machine 
The 400 IP Semi-automatic double cutting machines by the Canadian company, Ameri-can Machinery Ltd. features two head cutting with manual positioning of right hand carriage by a hand wheel. The machine uses a pantograph metric ruler for measurement readings, according to the company. Rotation of the RH and LH heads are 45 degrees with the possibility of tilting the cutting the unit to 45 degrees to the horizontal axis. The machine comes with a two-hand anti-repeating safety device and a low voltage auxiliary system. 

The components supplied in the system include No. 2 carbide saw blades, vertical and horizontal pneumatic clamping cylinders and movable supports. It also includes a blade lubrication system and quick action heads approach drive.

The Sash Flipper Transports Sashes During Assembly 
Advanced Manipulator Specialists Inc. of Hoffman, Minn., has announced the release of its new window sash handling system, the sash flipper. The machine is mounted in-line with a roller conveyer which transports sashes during the assembly process. 

After hardware has been applied to one side of the sash, it is received into the flipper and is automatically flipped upside-down, according to the company. The sash exits the flipper and is positioned to receive additional hardware.

The inversion process is accomplished without an employee touching the sash, according to the company. A programmable logic control manages sash recognition, clamping, rotation and the powered receipt and discharge of the sash.

The flipper can handle sashes with dimensions of 14 by 16 inches and 48 by 72 inches, and may be added to a manufacturing control system.

New Cleaner Uses Four Servo-driven Axes
Carlson Wegoma LLC of Omaha, Neb., has released its new SHX CNC weldseam cleaner, which offers control of upper and lower tool carriages by four servo-driven axes. 
The machine was designed for complete cleaning and processing requirements of both frame and sash, according to the company. The standard programmable tools include a cutter disc for cleaning outside vertical contours and upper and lower vertical and horizontal scarf knives. Optional tools include programmable upper and lower vertical drills and horizontal inside routing. 

An industrial grade programmable logic control operator system directs cleaner movements. It features a 5.7 inch flat panel, color liquid crystal display, VGA graphics and touch screen functionality.

Use SikaTite® for Fenestration Installation and General Sealing Applications
Sika Corp. of Madison Heights, Mich., has unveiled SikaTite, a self-adhered flashing membrane. The product combines a self-adhering proprietary mastic to a flexible polypropylene backing to form a flexible, moisture blocking, flashing material. 
When joined with SikaFlex®, it becomes an installation system compatible with the recommended practices in Installation Masters™ and ASTM E2112, according to the company. 

“SikaTite represents Sika's commitment to offering a “Total Package Expert” approach to the fenestration industry,” said Barry Kutch, vice president industrial business unit.
The product is compatible with most commonly-used sealants, and is currently offered in 6-inch by 50 foot-long rolls, four per carton.

Alcryn® Melt-Processible Rubber™ Selected by Amesbury-PPI
The plastics profile division of the Amesbury Group (Amesbury-PPI) has decided to use Alcryn melt-processible rubber from Advanced Polymer Alloys, a division of Ferro Corp, in window and door extruded accessory components. 

Amesbury-PPI is using the 2000 series of Alcryn MPR for weatherstripping, seals and other window and door components. It was selected because of its resistance to extreme weather conditions, durability and ease of processing, as well as its ability to bond with PVC in a co-extruded profile, according to Amesbury-PPI. The product is also compatible with chemicals used in self-cleaning glass.

“The combination of Alcryn MPR’s superior performance properties, easy processing and design synergy with PVC in a co-extrusion make it a significant material in the window and door industry,” said Jeff Senich, business development manager of APA.

The company is using Alcryn MPR in bulb seals, hinged sealing applications, nailing fins and other products with similar profiles.

Scapa Reveals Duofoam for Window Manufacturing 
Windsor, Conn.-based Scapa has introduced its Duofoam S3632W, a double-coated white polyethylene foam tape specifically designed for window manufacturing applications. The product is American Architectural Manufacturers Association certified for window glazing.
It is double-coated with a solvent based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive and supplied on a silicone coated kraft release liner. The product, which will perform over a wide temperature range, offers high-load bearing ability, uniform unwind and easy die cutting, according to the company. 

Duofoam has been awarded UL-recognition QOQW2 as polymeric adhesive system for electrical equipment and components. It is approved for bonding, wire mounting, gasketing, spacing and sound attenuation in assembly applications.

New Coating System From TechLine America 
TechLine America, a group of six Italian companies, has unveiled Naturall “powder-in-powder” polyester coating system, which reproduces wood grain, marble and other special effects on aluminum profiles and sheets. The patented process creates these patterns in a wide range of colors and textures, according to the company. The results can be smooth, wrinkled or matte finishes. The product allows customers to have advantages of polyester and kynar powder coated aluminum, and its resistance to ultraviolet, weathering and abrasion. 

The process requires a powder base color application that is partially cured, followed with a second, darker layer of polyester powder applied by screen printing, thus creating the wood pattern. A final curing of the two powder painted coats fuses them together. 

The equipment for Naturall unique coating can be manual or automated. The typical production capacity is about 260 length per hour, and the line requires four workers, according to the company.

TruSeal Technologies Offers GridLoc™ for Muntin End Clips
TruSeal Technologies Inc. of Beachwood, Ohio, has recently released GridLoc muntin end clips, which are designed to prevent grids from shifting. The product has a thin attachment lip which allows easy repositioning and secure retention of the muntin bar within the IG unit, according to the company. The narrow lip locks the end clip in place between the sealant and the glass. 

The new clips can be used with any of TruSeal's flexible spacer systems, including Insuledge™ and DuraSeal™, and they can accommodate a variety of airspaces and muntin bar profiles, according to the company. The clips are available in black and gray.

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