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Volume 6   Issue 4                May 2005


What Builders Want

In an attempt to reveal what major factors affect the window purchase decision, Ed Hudson, the director of the market research division for the National Association of Home Builders, collected data from a number of studies including the Annual Builder and Consumer Practices. In his presentation titled Selling Innovation to Builders, Hudson used a survey of 300 builders to address the top ten factors that are considered. 

These include:
1. Reduced callbacks;
2. Good warranty;
3. Durability;
4. Energy efficiency;
5. Most for the money;
6. Availability of replacement parts;
7. Purchase price of window;
8. Ease of operation;
9. Manufacturer support; and
10. Style in relation to home architecture.

Hudson noted that brand awareness ranked 27th out of 28 influences. 

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