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Volume 6   Issue 4                May 2005

Introducing...new products

TremGlaze Low Expansion Polyurethane Foam Sealant Prevents Heat Loss
Tremco’s sealant/weatherproofing division in Beachwood, Ohio, has introduced TremGlaze low expansion, one-component, polyurethane foam sealant designed specifically for window and door installation and retrofit applications.

The product has a low pressure build during cure, and creates an air-tight seal to prevent heat loss and drafts. Applied to any clean surface to be filled, it insulates and seals around windows, door frame joints, beneath base plates, mud sills, T-joints, top plate penetrations, corner joints, exterior cracks, around utility panels, pipes and duct penetrations. It conforms to the AAMA 812-04, according to the company. 


Edgetech Introduces Super Spacer TriSeal™ for Structural Glazing
Edgetech of Cambridge, Ohio, has introduced Super Spacer TriSeal, a silicone foam warm-edge spacer system engineered specifically for the commercial glazing market and used in combination with a new fully-automated TriSeal Lisec line. TriSeal’s unique triple-seal design incorporates an inner acrylic adhesive seal for immediate unit handling; captive polyisobutylene primary seal for enhanced gas retention and low moisture vapor transmission; plus an outer structural seal for proven structural glazing performance, according to the company. This design makes the spacer system compatible with silicone structural sealant, as well as with other secondary sealants for captive glass including polyurethane, polysulfide, DSE/DSA’s or hot-melt butyls. The new spacer system works effectively with both structural and fixed window applications, according to the company.

Like other Super Spacer products, TriSeal consists of desiccated silicone foam material, acrylic adhesive to hold the spacer in place on the glass, and continuous moisture vapor barrier. As with all Super Spacer silicone foam spacers, TriSeal provides excellent UV resistance, extreme temperature performance, fast dew-point drop, superior compression-set resistance, color stability and enhanced sound dampening, according to the company.

Since the introduction of Super Spacer TriSeal at glasstec in November 2004, two fully automated Lisec TriSeal lines have been sold in North America and Europe respectively.


Flexalloy® Offers Toughness and Elasticity

Teknor Apek of Pawtucket, R.I., has introduced its 9100 series of Flexalloy vinyl-based thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds that feature rubber-like fatigue resistance and compression set with weatherability of standard flexible vinyl. It also offers the same capability of being readily co-extruded over rigid vinyl substrates, and provides tear strength and low-temperature flexibility, according to the company. 

“In developing Flexalloy products, Teknor Apex starts with ultra-high molecular weight PVC polymer, which differs substantially from the vast bulk of PVC resin used for compounding vinyl,” said Philip Morin, industry manager. 

Companies who uses these products often regard them as a trade secret because of their cost and performance advantages, and because the compounds are not duplicated by rubber, flexible vinyl or any other TPE, according to Morin. 


New Operator for Casement Windows Boasts Stability and Performance 
Ashland Hardware Systems has launched its new casement operator, which offers stability and structural performance with a snap-on crank handle. The operator attaches to a sill and eliminates any wobble during operation. It incorporates a two-axis mounting system instead of the traditional stability tab, which fastens to the optimum area of the window sill. 

Designed to have a slim, compact design, the operator blends with the window system. The crank handle snaps quickly and securely onto the operator spindle without a screw attachment. Corrosion resistance is achieved through from a wear-resistant powder paint formula over a durable zinc yellow-dichromate surface.

Ashland has also expanded its line of LX-series sash locks for hung and slider windows. The new LX-3, LX-4 and LX-5 include strong positive-feel operation, a variety of popular styles and competitive pricing, according to the company. 

The LX-5 contains a new spring-action lever that delivers a firm feel and response to the lock’s open and closed positions. The spring design reassures that the lock is not left between the open and closed positions. 


Window Screen System Adjusts to Varying Sizes
EDL Packaging Engineers Inc. of Green Bay, Wis., has introduced a window screen application that handles a variety of window screen packages ranging in size from 12 by 13 by .4375 inches to 75 by 44 by 6 inches. They are accepted by the machine in random fashion, according to the company. The system is designed to automatically adjust for screen size and sets and automatic side-seal/trim system. A 66-inch wide seal jaw functions in conjunction with the side seal system to produce high quality ship-ready packages.


CMI Introduces Extira®
CraftMaster Manufacturing Inc. (CMI) of Chicago, has unveiled its treated wood composite panel that is moisture, rot and termite resistant, according to the company. Extira can be used in any non-structural paint-grade application. It also works well for high moisture interior environments, according to the company.

These qualities are not available in MDF, plywood and wood, which makes it popular for a range of non-structural applications in residential and commercial markets, according to the company. 

The product is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, is smooth on both sides and is treated with zinc borate. Extira has a 5-year limited warranty.


IG Performance Art Glass from DGI
Designer Glass International (DGI) has introduced a lightweight spacer-neutral system that it says combines real art and high-performance IG insulation. The glass allows builders, remodelers and homeowners the chance to add a personal designer look. It provides window and door manufacturers a profitable new sales niche without disrupting present fabrication processes, according to the company.

DGI glass sample kits, which include rendering of popular designs and configurations, samples of beveled and colored glass and high-quality bar stock, are available.


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