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Volume 6   Issue 10               November  2005

Introducing ..... New Products

Plastic Extrusions Get Lift 
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Group of Hoosick Falls, N.Y., has debuted a disposable laminate fabric and tape useful for improving the durability and success of corner welding of plastic windows and doors. The fluoropolymer laminated fabric CHEMLAM® 6-GX and the tape CHEMLAM® 6-GXS, has been designed specifically to solve a long-standing problem in producing strong, failure-proof welded vinyl doors and windows especially in the fabrication of extruded plastic corners, according to the company. 

The fabric and tape has been used widely in Europe and was tested in the United States recently as a disposable release surface in corner welding of plastic windows. 


DDS: “The Window Carrier”
Dedicated Distribution Services Inc. (DDS) specializes exclusively in transporting for the fenestration industry. When it comes to door and window delivery DDS says it is dedicated to its customers in a joint quest to provide logistic excellence.

The company has adopted the guiding principle “thinking ahead, moving forward.” 
Its expert team can create a custom tailored delivery system to distribute multiple stop loads in a professional manner with the commitment of driving costs saving opportunities and operational efficiencies back into the customers’ business, according to the company.


The Right Solution for Edgebanding Entry Doors
The Homag KAL Door Machine, available from Stiles Machinery of Grand Rapids, Mich., is designed specifically to apply edgebanding on entry doors. The unit will process a pre-sized, square workpiece with a 0-5 degree bevel required on U.S. entry doors. 

The machine applies edgebanding from .4 mm thin to 3 mm thick and is capable of processing solid wood strips up to 20 mm thick in the non-beveled position and up to 1 mm in the beveled position, according to the company. 

The infeed fence is designed to accommodate various size workpieces. Feed speeds range from 18 to 24 m/min (59 to 79 feet per minute). The machine is built to withstand a demanding production schedule for any size operation and can be a solution for interior/exterior residential or interior commercial wood door manufactures, according to the company.

Key features include a zero to five degree bevel tools on pre-milling units, glue roller and pressure zone manually tiltable up to five degrees, heavy-duty snipping unit and top and bottom rough trim unit, bevel trim unit and buffing.


Environmentally-Responsible Core Material
VT Industries of Holstein, Iowa, now offers a new generation of environmentally-
responsible architectural wood doors manufactured from rapidly-renewable agricultural fibers. The new core material is manufactured from materials like wheat straw, soybean straw and sunflower hulls, and is bonded together with formaldehyde-free resins.

The company says that agrifiber core doors can assist in achieving LEED® credits in several categories including Materials and Resources, and Indoor Environmental Quality. According to LEED, rapidly-renewable materials “reduce the use and depletion of finite raw materials and long cycle renewable materials by replacing then with rapidly-renewable materials.”

Architectural wood doors manufactured with this new core material, meet ANSI particleboard LD-2 standards. Doors can be manufactured with agrifiber cores as non-rated or to meet Category A 20-minute positive pressure fire ratings. All the same door sizes are available with agrifiber as particleboard core. Limited sizes are available with the 45-minute and 60-minute fire ratings.

Agrifiber core doors are available with a variety of solid colors, patterns and wood grain laminate of a variety of wood species with WDMA TR-6 factory finish.


Mouldings for the Art Deco Fanatics 
To help Art Deco enthusiasts recapture the styles of the 1920s and 1930s, Fypon has introduced a selection of durable urethane Art Deco mouldings. Using popular Art Deco era elements such as rounded corners, stepped forms and geometrical rhythm, the mouldings feature simple formats that can be incorporated into both interior and exterior projects.

“For the new Fypon mouldings selection, we use clean lines and simple formats to create designs that replicate Art Deco styles made popular years ago. These elegant mouldings can help transform a room with Art Deco style and can be used to accent special areas of both residential and commercial projects,” said Greg Wolf, marketing director.


P.H. Tech Boreal Windows Pass ASTM Performance Tests
P.H. Tech has announced that its System Boreal window line has met North America’s tough impact standards—the ASTM large missile impact and cyclic pressure test protocols (ASTM E1886-03 and E1996-03). The company developed window assemblies that now meet international building and international residential code requirements in force in most coastal states, according to the company. Successfully tested to ASTM wind-borne debris standards, the windows incorporate sealed insulating glass to provide energy efficiency. 
According to the company, 3.25-inch casement and fixed casement window combinations are rated DP 65, and are available in sizes up to 194- by 72 inches (maximum casement unit width of 36 inches and maximum fixed casement width of 60 inches). Also, 3.25-inch double hung and picture window combinations are rated DP 55 and are available in sizes up to 169 by 76 inches (double hung maximum width of 54 inches and picture window maximum width of 60 inches).


FrameSaver Guarantees a Rot-Resistant Solution 
FrameSaver, based in Nacogdoches, Texas, says its wood door frame is the only one with a lifetime rot-resistant guarantee. Utilizing patented, rot-resistant ends, the company says it produces the only wood frame that eliminates callbacks for the building and construction professional. 

The new FrameSaver Fat-Boy “T-Mulls” are available in dimensions of 2.5 inches by 3.5625 inches and 2.5 inches by 4.375 inches. The product eliminates the labor of joining frames back to back for patio door units. It comes with pre-cut end-work for ease of installation.

The company has also announced the introduction of its stain-grade door frames. The frames feature the same FrameSaver® technology and money-back guarantee in a stain-grade option.

Built for entry and patio doors, the frames are offered in widths from 4.125 inches to 7.25 inches with lengths of 6 feet 8 inches and 8 feet. The initial stain-grade product offering is available in Radiata Pine. 

“Recently, our customers have asked us to develop our one-of-a-kind solution in a stained option,” said Rafe Hagel, vice president of sales for FrameSaver. “The timing of the request is optimal as it builds on our commitment to expanding the product line in 2005.”


Spotnails has announced a change in its packaging and labels for stainless steel fasteners. All of the fasteners are now packaged and labeled in yellow.

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