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Volume 6   Issue 10               November  2005

win-door 2005
Look for Door and Window Products Galore

Win-door North America 2005 in Toronto will create many opportunities for professionals in the fenestration industry. Attendees and exhibitors will be able to view product displays, attend educational seminars and network with other companies. Read ahead for insight on some of the products to be showcased at this month’s show.

Opening the Casement Window is a Breeze
Booth #538

New door and window hardware will be shown at the booth of Aribell Products Ltd. of Woodbridge, Ont. Many new types of products will be on display including ball bearing hinges, window components and the company’s new Exec Palace Panel.

The Exec Palace Panel features steel door inserts. The door, with a steel insulated panel, features steel embossing. It installs in the same way as a regular doorlite and comes in a polytex white finish, according to the company. The product includes a doorlite frame with an interior and exterior PVC standard or interior PVC and exterior aluminum. 

The company will also display its Fold-Down Handles. The new casement folding handle makes casement windows easy to open, according to the company. When not in use, the handle folds easily to its out-of-the-way position. It features a zinc-cast body and an injection-molded socket and fills all standard operators, according to the company. 

The new ball bearing hinges from the company are available in polished brass, back chrome or nickel.


Test Results Straight From the Laboratory
Booth #224

Bodycote Materials Testing will show its comprehensive range of testing and research and development services at the show. The company says its accredited laboratory is a leading center for testing and rating glass, door and window products to Canadian, American, and Japanese standards. Commonly requested tests include CAN/CSA-A440-00, CGSB 82.1-M89, CGSB 82.5-M88, AAMA/NWWDA-101/I.S.2-97, NAFS-1, JIS, ASTM E783-93, ASTM E1105-00, CAN/CGSB 12.8-97, ASTM E773/E774, HIGS and safety glass testing according to CAN/CGSB, British and ANSI standards. 

The company says its test results are accepted by industry certification groups including IGMA and IGCC.


Machines That Maximize Performance
Booth #1221

Protomach Inc. of Québec will be showing its innovative machines, one of which now features a centering device called the PROCD. The simple and efficient machine allows a precise drilling for the fastening of meeting rail or transom/mullion, top and the sill of the window at the same time, according to the company. Users can apply and change different drilling drawers for various window types easily with the help of a special bracket in the center of the machine. 

The company will also be showing its automatic drill device called the PRODCAD. The product was introduced to current PROCD owners who wanted to upgrade their manual drilling to automatic. It can be added to most saws or other machining lines or devices, according to the company. The multi-bit cluster is pneumatic-driven and mounted on linear bearing to insure stability and repeatability. A quick change cluster device allows users to change drilling patterns without tools. 


INEX Shows Excess of Products
Booth #638

Thermo Distribution, INEX Spacer Inc. of Varennes, Quebec, will promote its single-source capability for insulating glass manufacturers in Canada. From materials to machinery, products include its own thermoplastic bendable spacer, traditional metal spacers, bending machinery, sealants, acrylic tape, argon detection kits, corck pads, decorative bars, gas-filling systems, leak finders, profiles and tempering oven rollers. 
The company represents manufacturers worldwide, such as ADCO Products, Profliglass S.pA, FBS Profilati, Allmetal, Bayer Technologies, Sparklike, George Ford and Helantic. 


Get Flexible with REHAU Systems
Booth #339

REHAU of Leesburg, Va., has unveiled a line of vinyl door and window systems that provides design flexibility. Engineered with high-quality polymers, the door and windows systems offer exceptional performance, energy efficiency, ease of use and long-term reliability, according to the company.

The line includes designs that meet stringent weather requirements, including Miami-Dade County’s 2004 hurricane impact testing, and acoustical designs that address sound abatement issues. 


Thermoplast Delivers Superior Performance Levels
Booth #711

Thermoplast of Laval, Québec, says it offers a wide choice of patio doors which are all PVC and hybrid units, and are also Energy Star®-qualified. On display will be a complete line of PVC and hybrid window systems. 

The company has contributed to the One-Tonne challenge by reducing greenhouse gas emissions with energy-efficient products, according to a press release. 


Royal Group Shows Warm-Edge Spacer Technology 
Booth #109
Woodbridge, Ontario-based Royal Group Technologies Limited offers Royalinex™ warm-edge spacer bar, one of the most efficient warm-edge space technologies available today, according to the company.

Made from proprietary second generation thermoplastic-engineered resin, it offers an extremely low thermal expansion co-efficient, as well as outstanding chemical compatibility for use with high-performance glass, according to the company.

The company says it has been formulated to meet both the physical and chemical requirements associated with today’s high efficiency windows.

“We are listening to our customers and their customers’ customers. Royal Group will continue developing innovative products to meet consumer demand. Today’s consumers are educated, savvy and demand the best products and services.” Angelo Bitondo, president, custom profiles division.

The company also has introduced Royal Spectra Coat™, a waterborne and environmentally-friendly colorizing system. The system is suitable for various materials including PVC, composite, wood and metal and is ideal for door and window profiles and various other building products. According to the company, it has been formulated specifically to meet international standards and will not peel, flake or crack; it is presently offered in 25 colors with high abrasion- and humidity-resistance. 

After researching the demand for color in building products, the company learned that there is a growing demand for color coordination in building products among consumers. 


Truth Makes an Encore
Booth #513

Truth Hardware of Owatonna, Minn., has released its new Encore system and Fusion™ lock and latch system. Its Fusion lock and latch system is a product for the single/double-hung window market that allows the homeowner to operate the lock-and-tilt latch from one central point. The tilt latches can be enclosed within the sash. 

According to the company, Encore incorporates all the same strength and performance characteristics as its Maxim® operators, and meets performance requirements that are sought in today’s market of large, versatile casement and awning windows. 

The company has revealed its new line of 2-point mortise locks. The new locks give the added security and increased performance of multi-point locking with a variety of styles to meet the demands of sliding door manufacturers, according to the company. They have a unique anti-slam feature which assures that they cannot be damaged by mistakenly closing the door with the hooks extended. 


A Moose of a Patio Door Screen
Booth #324

RiteScreen of Elizabethville, Pa., has introduced its Moose Advan-Edge patio door screen. The company has combined the strength and styling of the three-inch Moose extruded aluminum profile with the performance of the Advan-Edge roller system to create an upgrade screen option for a patio door program. The inset mortised handle with lock can be added.


New Windows Appeal to Southwest Market
Booth #311

Mikron Industries of Kent, Wash., has unveiled a new color technology for exterior vinyl doors and windows. The new SuperCapSP™ is a patent-pending technology that creates a molecularly-fused color that becomes an integral part of the profile. Unlike painted vinyl, the tough acrylic color layer is scratch-resistant and durable during delivery and installation.
Born from military infrared reflective technology, the technology absorbs less heat to prevent heat-related profile distortion, according to the company.

“We believe this new breakthrough technology gives builders flexibility to ‘value-engineer’ house packages, and durable colors that shouldn’t require job site touch-up. It also offers manufacturers another way to differentiate their brand,” said Dick Morgan, vice president of sales and marketing.


FeneVision®: Anyone Can Use it
Booth #314

FeneTech has developed FeneVision® V2.5. The modularity of FeneVision® family of software products allows customers of all sizes to benefit from a software package that was designed specifically for window and door production. The company’s current customer base ranges from clients that make tens of thousands of windows a day to those who make 50 windows per day.

Available FeneVision modules include remote order/quoting system, production control, machine interfaces, accounting interfaces, bar code tracking system, web-based order and production status, capacity planning, resource scheduler, lineal optimization, eServer, and shipping management.


PowerBids Simplifies Selling
Booth #239/241

Friedman Corp. of Deerfield, Ill., will offer an interactive selling system designed to allow manufacturers to improve the overall relationship and selling process between its field sales team, dealers and distributors. PowerBidsST gives dealers, distributors and field sales reps a common tool that can improve order accuracy, reduce lead-times, and promote more effective communication, according to the company.

The selling system prevents costly pricing errors and insures that all parties are presented a clear, concise presentation of the quotation or order. 

“With PowerBids, a manufacturer can deploy and implement a stand-alone quoting solution in a record time of 60 days,” said Alan Russell, product manager for Friedman Corp. 

This solution also has the capability to grow when manufacturers grow, according to the company. The data driving PowerBids can be re-used if the Frontier ERP system is implemented. The company says that some manufacturers have chosen to implement PowerBids as the first phase of a Friedman’s Frontier ERP implementation enabling them to provide the dealers with a quoting tool for immediate use while working on the Frontier ERP implementation.


TruSeal’s One Spacer System Called DuraSeal
Booth #311
TruSeal Flexible Spacer Technologies of Beachwood, Ohio, will be promoting its DuraSeal, a versatile, flexible spacer system constructed using composite laminating technology. It allows the window manufacturer to produce IG units with one spacer system. This is an important factor in today’s market, where a high percentage of manufactured units are non-rectangular, according to the company. 

The design of the spacer incorporates a polymer stiffener that gives a smooth sightline and corner and a smooth edge. The large volume packaging of the product can produce more units per spool with less downtime and waste, according to the company. 

With its high condensation resistance and long term durability, the product is suitable for anything from beverage coolers to high speed trains, according to company literature.


This Film is No Wimp 
Booth #25

American Renolit Corp. of Whippany, N.J., has developed a new window and door profile wrapping film that it says withstands extreme exterior environments. Fast film is a patented three-layer composite of clear polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDV), polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and opaque acrylic films, according to the company. It is intended for surfacing of PVC, aluminum and wood profiles of windows and doors, as well as other products.

The film is stocked in three colors: dark brown, dark green and cocoa chocolate brown. It is also available in a golden oak woodgrain pattern and in custom colors.

According to the company, the PVDF top ply is a tough and stable fluoropolymer that remains virtually inert when exposed to harsh thermal, chemical and ultraviolet environments.

The middle ply and bottom ply are of PMMA, an acrylic polymer which offers clarity and light transmission and the ability to be colored using heat-reflective, exterior-grade pigments, according to the company.


Sika Continues to Expand Product Offering
Booth #222

Sika Corp. of Madison Heights, Mich., offers SikaPlan®-SAF100, a self-adhered flashing product as part of a new installation sealant and accessory package for window and door ASTM E2112 and InstallationMasters™ installation practices. It’s a non-asphalt, heat-resistant, flexible self adhering flashing that is compatible with Sikaflex® and SikaSil™ sealants. Accessory products include SikaBoom expanding polyurethane foam, Sika Backer Rod and Sika Glass and Surface cleaner. 


Cutting Edge Cutting Machines
Booth #435/534

On display by Ameri-Can Machinery Ltd. will be the Univer 50 single head cutting machine and the Univer 500 D2K double head cutting machine. 

The Univer 50 semiautomatic cutting machine for aluminum and PVC profiles has a single head with the ability to raise its blade and rotate its surface to seven set points, from 90 to 22.5 degrees right and left side. It has the possibility of intermediate degrees with a manual mechanical stop and comes complete with two-hand anti-repeating safety device.

The Univer 500 D2K electronic double head cutting machine is designed for the cutting of aluminum and PVC profiles. It is equipped with a fixed left-hand head and a mobile right-hand head. The carriage has an automatic linear positioning by means of an asynchronous motor and has a magnetic rule length control system, according to the company.

Both models have an electronic programmable control unit, a retro-illuminated 80-character LCD, a protected touch-sensitive keyboard and a RS 232C serial line.


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