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Volume 6   Issue 9               October  2005

Introducing....New Products

Good Things Come in Small Packages
A new version of Bradenton, Fla.-based Intertape Polymer Group Inc.’s Pro-Mask® Blue masking tape is now available in a 30-yard roll. Formulated for use on windows, trim and walls, the 14-day painter’s masking tape can withstand direct ultraviolet exposure without leaving residue. The tape features a Fine-Structured™ crepe for cornering, conformability and tight paint lines. It removes easily yet is strong enough to hang visquine and masking papers for spray applications, according to the company. 


E-Bolt® is E-ffective
Schlage Lock Company of Olathe, Kan., has unveiled E-Bolt, a key management system for multi-family and property management applications. The system eliminates deadbolt replacement and re-keying costs while providing security against break-ins and managing property liability, according to the company. It features time and date access control, audit trial reports and a pick-resistant cylinder. 

The deadbolts never require re-keying, according to the company. They meet ADA requirements and all grade 2 requirements, and are covered by a lifetime mechanical warranty and a one-year electronics warranty. 


Screened-In Porches Feel the EZE-Breeze® 

PGT Industries of Nokomis, Fla., has debuted custom-sized panels. When left open, they let in the breeze while screening out insects and debris, and when closed, they provide protection from the sun and changing weather. EZE-Breeze sliding panels can be sized to fit existing openings without expensive re-framing, according to the company. Durable aluminum frames hold both screens and sliding panels in place.

The side slider is available in two- and four-track versions and moves back and forth on corrosion-free nylon rollers, then latch securely in place and can be lifted out easily for storage and cleaning. They can ordered in tinted colors. 

The product can be raised or lowered easily to open three-quarters of the window area to the breeze, or can be removed and stored, leaving screens in place. It comes with a lifetime warranty on aluminum frames and a limited 10-year warranty on vinyl glazing, screens and parts. 


Interlayers Add Imagery and Design Textures
DuPont has released its new decorative glass innovation in window technology called SentryGlas® Expressions™. The computer-based digital-imaging system allows textures, company logos and images to be incorporated onto a range of architectural glass applications, such as entry doors. The product also provides the benefits of laminated glass including safety, security, outdoor weatherability, protection from ultraviolet rays, noise reduction and solar/thermal control, according to the company. 

Dupont works with qualified glass laminators to provide printed interlayers which are bonded permanently between two pieces of glass. It sells decorative interlayers that are digitally printed in full-color using patent-pending, high-definition ink jet technology. The result is high-quality imagery and design textures in safety glass, with reduced design-to-production time, increased flexibility in image customization and continuous tone control, according to the company.

It is available in laminated glass interlayers ranging from white to clear.


New Composite Building Material Adds Mix of Beauty and Brawn 

Royal Group Technologies of Woodbridge, Ontario, spent the last two years developing and rigorously testing Celucor™, an advanced generation composite material that provides a low-maintenance alternative to hardwood. It blends the beauty of wood grains, brawn and flexibility of composites, and weather-resistance of vinyl into an optimized material structure with the characteristics of wood.

Boasting wood’s natural beauty without the maintenance and eventual replacement hassles, the product is composed of natural fibers encapsulated with cellular PVC, capped with an advanced, weather-safe thermoplastic resin.

“Royal Group has patented the unique process used to manufacture Celucor and is bringing this innovative material to high-end home exterior product markets, which include decking, porches and a full complement of product lines,” said Peter Kotiadis, director of sales and marketing for decking, fencing, and railing. “Celucor gives residential builders and homeowners an optimum material for achieving the traditional, long-lasting, finished appearance of imported hardwood.”


Laser Marks the Spot
Billco Manufacturing Inc. of Zelienople, Pa., has introduced a uniquely-engineered laser marking system to be used prior to the glass cutting process. According to the company, the system provides the customer the ability to mark any glass surface, including coated glass, with any combination of characters including tempering identification, company logos, product tracking codes or 2D codes. By marking at the cutting station, unnecessary handling of glass is diminished, floor space is well utilized and risk for potential errors is reduced, according to the company.

The laser operates on a separate bridge from the cutter to allow for careful precision and motion control. The marking module provides a 70-mm square marking field, marking at speeds up to 250 characters per second. Marking software is provided for the field, template and parameter customizations to assist production.


Moving Large Window Units is a Cinch

LCS Precision Molding of Waterville, Minn., has introduced a window slide plate and bottom protector called the LCS601. The product facilitates easy transport of oversized, heavy and awkward window units. It is more economical than a wood skid and will protect window bottoms when moving or transporting, according to the company. It can be stapled or screwed to window bottoms and will raise the window unit one half inch off the floor. The LCS601 helps prevent window damage prior to installation. 


Action Windoor Technologies Gets HAECO Auto-Glaze Table 
Loveland, Ohio-based Henline Adhesive Equipment Company Inc. (HAECO) has produced a high-production automatic glazing system for Action Windoor Technologies.

The Auto-Glaze 7296 Table applies glazing sealant (at up to 70 feet per minute) to wood, vinyl and aluminum windows, according to a company release.

The system offers three different glazing heights with the Nordson BM200 bulkmelter. As a result of the three height options, the system is able to run three different styles of profiles without requiring the operator to make changes to the machine.

The table features a twin-selector switch that allows the operator to unload and reload a sash while another sash is being glazed, resulting in continuous production. Additionally, the system is equipped with laser optics that provide a red locator light for easy positioning and placement of glazing. The mounted bracketry locks the lasers into place for repeatable and consistent readings. A wave of the hand starts the cycle, eliminating the need for a footswitch or start cycle buttons.

According to information provided by the company, glazing tapes were applied by hand prior to incorporating the machine into their process. The table allowed the company to automate the glazing process, resulting in increased output with reduced production time.

CM Specialty Tooling Inc. is a European Tooling importer of TC Insert Tooling specifically for American door and window manufacturers. Tooling is available for casement, double hung, arched and tilt turn windows in addition to lift slide and folding doors ... TruSeal Technologies Inc. has introduced version 2.2 of the compact disk Line Layouts - Maximizing IG Production. It features customized solutions that can result in greater manufacturing and production efficiencies to meet the demands of large and small IG door and window fabricators ... FEN-TECH Inc. of Superior, Wis., has introduced architectural casement windows in a range of styles and patterns for new construction or replacement. The products include Truth E-Gard coated hardware, stainless steel temper-proof hinging, multi-point locking systems and glazing options. y
... Beveled Glass Works (BGW) of Malibu, Calif., has expanded its line of beveled glass designs that can be installed in Marvin Window and Door systems. BGW can add low-E glass to mimic the standard insulating units that accompany Marvin Windows and Doors, according to the company ... Zircon Corp. of Collierville, Tenn., has new products in the lucrative upper-end decorative laminated glass market, including unique colors, pearlescents or decorative films added to the interlayer to transform ordinary laminated glass into art ... Gloves In A Bottle of Montrose, Calif., has released a lotion that it says turns the outer layer of skin into what works like an invisible pair of gloves to keep the moisture-robbing irritants out while retaining natural moisture ... Spotnails has announced a change in its packaging and labels for stainless steel fasteners. All of the fasteners are now packaged and labeled in yellow ...

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