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Volume 6   Issue 9               October  2005

Spotlight on Hardware

Exciting Advances from Ashland Hardware Systems
Ashland Hardware Systems of Lowell, Ind., has unveiled an innovative new adjustable swing door hinge employed in wood, vinyl, aluminum and steel doors. Central to the door hinge design is the innovative, patent-pending adjustment mechanism to achieve extremely low adjustment torque in both the vertical and horizontal direction. The cycle test performance has also surpassed expectations for both industry standards and competitive offering, according to the company.

In comparison with conventional adjustable hinges, the new hinge uses a standard hex wrench for easy adjustment and positive engagement to avoid stripping, which is commonly experienced with Philips drives. The hinge can adjust to 0.25 inches vertically and 0.1875 inches horizontally.

The company has also released an innovative new operator design that showcases stainless steel construction and removable compact premium visuals. 

The operator boasts industry credentials passing AAMA 901-96 cycle testing and AAMA 101 commercial hardware load rating on large windows, according to the company. The new series of operators also includes an integrated folding crank handle.

Ashland recently expanded its line of LX-series sash locks for both hung and slider windows. The new LX-3, LX-4 and LX-5 host a range of improvements that include strong positive-feel operation, a variety of popular styles and competitive pricing to fit a range of market requirements.


Patio Life Offers Security Advantages
Roto Frank of Chester, Conn., has unveiled the new sliding hardware system called Patio Life. The design of the hardware system makes opening and closing large sliding units convenient and safe.

With the new system the door doesn’t have to be lifted, and only the gasket components are retracted. They are activated by a smaller handle, providing optimal and easy operation.

The hardware is for standard lift and slide profiles up to a maximum sash weight of 660 pounds. The sash width spans from 36.375 inches to 127 inches and the sash height from 27.125 inches to 105 inches.

High-quality gasket component provide protection against air permeability and driving rain at the crucial joints on the door. By not having to lift the door, both light and heavy sashes can easily be operated by using a smaller handle than is required for lift and slide hardware.


KFV Lock Defies Hurricane
Germany-based KFV says that all its tested products have met the latest requirements and of the Dade County test. The double door was provided with the KFV multi-point lock AS 7006 on the inactive sash and with the AS 7961 - with two hook bolts in the additional lock cases - on the active sash of the door. 

The multi-point lock is also provided with a mishandling device, which means that the handle can only be actuated, when the door is completely closed. A small latch in the main lock case provides this function and neither the hooks nor the bottom or top pin bolts can be driven out when the door is open. Therefore, no damages on the frame or floor can occur. The mishandling device can be applied right or left handed.

The deadbolt projection of the main lock drives one-inch out. A floor bush/nut was also used for the test.

A routing jig for the subsequent mounting of such a hurricane proof multi-point lock is also available from the company. 


Hardware That Takes You Back in Time 
Grandeur by Nostalgic Warehouse of Denver, Colo., has introduced a line of vintage style decorative door hardware for new construction. Forged in solid brass, the hardware line offers a broad spectrum of finishes and designs. 

The company says it offers top quality construction together with intricacy of design. 

Knobs are available in solid brass, genuine porcelain and 24 percent lead crystal. 

Any knob or lever style can be mixed and matched with rosettes or long plates to create a unique look. Exterior locks, cabinet hardware and matching accessories are available. The integrated trim and spring-assisted design is easy to install, according to the company.


Single Design Theme Makes a Unified Statement
The North American division of the HOPPE Group of Fort Atkinson, Wis., has released specialized hardware that features a single design theme for residential doors and windows. In the past it has been difficult for designers, builders and architects to find a complete set of matching hardware for every opening in a home, according to the company. 

The recent introduction of HBL, the company’s cylindrical lock system, complements the existing product line by providing European style lock sets for interior and exterior doors that fits standard North American door prep. 

The company offers multipoint locks, handle sets with cylinders, plus adjustable hinges for door and turn-and-tilt hardware for windows.


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