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Volume 6   Issue 9               October  2005

Companies Get Ready For
InterGLASSmetal/FENESTRATION World 2005

IGM/FW is coming to Boston Nov 1-3, and it’s not a show to be missed. It will be a time for viewing product displays, discussing industry issues, networking and socializing. If you need more reasons to attend, take a look at some of the latest products being displayed at the show. For the seminar schedule, see September DWM, page 66 or visit www.igmfw.com.

Reduce Window Manufacturing Costs with Back-Bedding Sealant
Booth #1005

Tremco of Beachwood, Ohio, has introduced TremGlaze S900, an AAMA-approved, reactive back-bedding sealant with quick green strength and a three- to four-hour set-up that is ideally suited for the door and window fabrication process.

“TremGlaze S900 enables plants to lower their material and application costs because they can use conventional ‘cold-applied’ pumping and automated XY application equipment, instead of purchasing expensive ‘hot-applied’ pumping and XY upgrades,” says Troy Miller, national sales manager of residential glazing. “Its quick green strength speeds up productivity and unit handling while reducing potential sash distortion.”

Designed for back-bedding of door and window products, the cold applied sealant is a two-component, high-performance, reactive silicone that has quick green strength and is compatible with existing pumps and XY back-bedding equipment.

The company says that no hot-melt pumping equipment is needed. According to the company, the product has a one-to-one mix ratio, is safe to handle, non-hazardous and contains no volatile organic compounds. It is also available in cartridge packaging for in-plant repairs and remakes. 


Angle Pile is a Sealing Sensation
Booth #437
Ultrafab will display its recently-introduced extensive line of angle pile for use in all types of roll screen and bug seal applications. A variety of angles, sealing fibers and densities are available. The product is also designed to be an integral part of an active sealing system that promotes predetermined water and or air flow in applications such as the outside seal on casement and double-hung windows. 


First-Time Exhibitor to Show off Capabilities
Booth #1130

Advanced Global Technologies, of Moorestown, N.J., will be exhibiting for the first time at this year’s show. Its mission is to assist companies in securing products and components beyond existing domestic sources, blend cost values and enhance fabricators’ bottom line.

The company’s booth will showcase its core competencies such as screen mesh and aluminum, vinyl and cellular reinforced PVC extrusions. 

President Rick Lipski will be available to answer questions about products and additional services including tooling, die casting, design and engineering that are offered by the company.


Sill and Frame System Designed for Entry and Patio Doors

Booth #707
Merrill Millwork Inc. of Merrill, Wis., manufactures a well-engineered sill and frame system for patio and entry doors.

Pultruded fiberglass sills and Merrill Millwork’s patented weep door end plug system make for an efficient Slider and In Swing patio door sill, according to the company. The same system is also used for entry doors. A thermal barrier and a system to weep any water outside are the keys to making the door efficient. The sill/end plug system also keeps the wooden jamb core away from the floor and moisture. 

With the In-Swing Patio Door frame system, an in-swing patio door can be converted easily from a single active panel to a true French door. 

Merrill Millwork also manufactures an extruded aluminum clad/wood frame system for entry doors, as well as their own line of Park-Vue Patio Doors. 


Withstanding Extreme Climates
Booth #900

A new window and door profile wrapping film developed by American Renolit Corp. of Whippany, N.J., can withstand extreme exterior environments. “FAST” film is a patented, three-layer composite of clear polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and opaque acrylic films intended for surfacing of PVC, aluminum and wood profiles of windows and doors, as well a variety of other building products requiring exceptional weatherability.

The film is available in dark brown, dark green and cocoa chocolate brown and one golden oak woodgrain pattern, and also offered in custom colors. 

According to the manufacturer, the PVDF top ply is a tough, stable fluoropolymer that remains virtually inert when exposed to harsh thermal, chemical and ultraviolet environments. The high fluoride content provides a high level of chemical resistance and resists strong acids and bases as well as organic solvents. It is untouched by commercial cleaners or natural exposure to salt spray, smog and moisture. Due to its low surface energy, it also resists mold and fungus, and cleans easily, according to the company. Since it is transparent to ultraviolet light, PVDF is not degraded by sunlight. 

The middle (clear) ply and bottom (opaque, printed) ply are of PMMA, an acrylic polymer said to offer extreme clarity, transparency, and light transmission, and the ability to be colored using heat-reflective, exterior-grade pigments. It is highly resistant to ultraviolet light and general weathering and offers outstanding mechanical strength and toughness and low permeability to most gases and liquids. 


FeneVision®: Anyone Can Use it
Booth #1102 

FeneTech has announced the release of FeneVision® V2.5. The modularity of FeneVision family of software products allows customers of all sizes to benefit from a software package that was designed specifically for window and door production. The company’s current customer base ranges include clients who make tens of thousands of windows a day to those who make 50 windows per day.

Available modules include remote order/quoting system, production control, machine interfaces, accounting interfaces, bar code tracking system, web-based order and production status, capacity planning, resource scheduler, lineal optimization, eServer, and shipping management.


Erdman’s Glazing Table Provides Consistent Bead of Sealant
Booth #724 
Erdman Automation Corp. of Princeton, Minn., will show its Hand Assist Glazing Table. The company says it is a servo-control system that utilizes the company’s fluid metering technologies to provide a consistent diameter bead of sealant to products at rates up to 30 inches per second. The precision sealant applicator reduces waste up to 85 percent and clean up as much as 95 percent, according to the company.

The machine control will allow any operator to apply a proportioned bead of sealant. The tables are available to perform hot, cold or two-part glazing and can be set up for bead sizes from .060 inches up to .50 inches in diameter. Custom models, configurations and sizes are unlimited, according to the company. 


CHEK Out EDTM’s New Meters

EDTM Inc. will be displaying its’ GLASS-CHEK+ glass and air space laser meters. This tool measures the thickness of both lites of glass and the air space of a dual-lite insulating glass unit from a single side, according to the company. Customers can evaluate the meter at the show, and learn why some glaziers use this product to eliminate measuring mistakes in the field and reduce the amount of time necessary to conduct a field-measure. 


Gossen Corp. Shows Moldings and No Draft Products 
Booth #1023

Gossen Corp. of Milwaukee, Wis., a manufacturer of cellular PVC millwork profiles, produces profiles for interior and exterior applications. Its exterior mouldings contain ultraviolet inhibitors for weatherability and overall performance, according to the company.

The company also produces entry door jambs made from cellular PVC and laminated wood. Under its “No Draft” brand name, it also produces window lineals for new construction and replacement windows designed to achieve air, water and structural DP-35 and DP-50 ratings. The insulation value is 60 percent better than wood and 214 percent better than hollow rigid vinyl, according to the company.


Wood’s Makes Glass Handling Easy
Booth #605
From factory floor to final installation, Wood’s Powr-Grip of Laurel, Mont., offers a full line of vacuum hand cups, below-the-hook lifters and other products designed specifically for glass handling. 

Two versions of Powr-Grip’s Quadra-Tilt Lifters, the Quadra-Tilt 300 and Quadra-Tilt Rotator will be featured at the show. These lifters are equipped with a unique four-bar tilt mechanism to minimize the effort of tilting loads between flat and upright positions, according to the company. In addition, multipurpose pad arms enable the lifters to handle a variety of load sizes and shapes.

Other products on display will be Powr-Grip’s manual rotator, positioner, tilt table and hand cups and Gorbel’s G-Force™ integrated hoist control. 

Gorbel’s G-Force™ is a part of a new family of material handling equipment known as intelligent assist devices (IAD’s) that bridge the gap between automatic, robotic handling and purely manual solutions. It delivers a degree of lifting precision and speed, and enables operators to lift and maneuver naturally, as if the device were an extension of their own arm, according to the company. Coupled with the company’s Quadra-Tilt Lifters, the G-Force™ helps to increase profitability by improving productivity, reducing product damage and minimizing work-related injuries. 


Insulating Glass that Saves Energy 
Booth #801
XYG Glass, based in Vancouver B.C., will unveil a new series of insulating glass called the Energy Saver IG series at the upcoming show. The glass is designed to provide door and window manufactures and glazing contractors with high-performance low-E IG units capable of controlling heat transfer while maintaining high levels of visible light transmittance.

The units can also incorporate special features such as pattern, tint, tempered and laminated glass and ceramic frit. 

The company says it is ISO 9001 accredited, with OEM capabilities to facilitate customer’s new product development. Through vertical integration from float glass production to tempering, laminating, silk screen printing and IG production, the company says it can ensure product quality, delivery reliability, excellent services as well as competitive pricing.


A Moose of a Patio Door Screen
Booth #1123 
RiteScreen of Elizabethville, Pa., will show its Moose Advan-Edge patio door screen. The company has combined the strength and styling of the three-inch Moose extruded aluminum profile with the performance of the Advan-Edge roller system to create an upgrade screen option for a patio door program. The inset mortised handle with lock can be added.


BSI Adds Additional Capability to Balance System
Booth #1201 
BSI-Balance Systems of Sioux Falls, S.D., has released a 7.5-and 9-pound coil for its Universal Constant Force Balance System. Both of these new springs are available with full travel of 35 inches. 

“The Universal System is the most flexible system on the market, requiring the fewest components to meet your needs,” said Howard Babbitt, director of sales and marketing.

“This is a great expansion of our existing product line. The addition of the 9-pound coil allows customers to balance an egress window with a single carrier and single springs, whereas with competitors systems, they require dual carriers and two springs. This product expansion saves both time and money.”

“This new combination is an expansion of the existing product line and a direct result of input from our customers needs. Our team worked hard to create this expansion. The Universal System meets or exceeds the AAMA 902-99 guidelines,” added Wayne Steinhauer, general manager.


PowerBids Simplifies Selling
Booth #1019
Friedman Corp. of Deerfield, Ill., will offer an interactive selling system designed to allow manufacturers to improve the overall relationship and selling process between its field sales team, dealers and distributors. PowerBidsST gives dealers, distributors and field sales reps a common tool that can improve order accuracy, reduce lead-times, and promote more effective communication, according to the company.

“With PowerBids, a manufacturer can deploy and implement a stand-alone quoting solution in a record time of 60 days,” said Alan Russell, product manager. 

This solution also has the capabilities to grow when manufacturers grow, according to the company. The data driving PowerBids can be re-used if the Frontier ERP system is implemented. The company says that some manufacturers have chosen to implement PowerBids as the first phase of a Friedman’s Frontier ERP implementation enabling them to provide the dealers with a quoting tool for immediate use while working on the Frontier ERP implementation.


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