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Volume 6   Issue 8               September  2005

Introducing....New Products

TremGlaze Foam Saves Money

Tremco’s TremGlaze branded window and door performance sealants has introduced

TremGlaze Low Expansion Polyurethane Foam, a multiple purpose, UL classified, one-component polyurethane foam designed spec-ifically for window and door installation and retrofit applications. 

A critical advantage is its extremely low-pressure build during cure. The product forms a superior air seal that in turn prevents heat loss and noticeable drafts and is ideal for a variety of application areas, according to the company.

Dispensed through any professional one-component dispensing unit, the product can be applied onto any clean surface to fill, insulate and seal around windows, door frame joints, beneath base plates, mud sills, T-joints, top plate penetrations, corner joints, exterior cracks, around utility panels, pipes, duct penetrations, etc. The product conforms to AAMA 812-04.


Ameri-Can Offers Low-Maintenance Water Slot Machine 

Ameri-Can Machinery Ltd. has unveiled its Univer WS/A and WS/M water slot machines, which have a high frequency motor. Both the breaking (0,2) stopping time and the attention given to the electric panel guarantee the maximum security for the operator, according to the company. The PLC that controls the working cycle permits a good work processing speed, which takes place at the same time on both faces of the profile. 


CINTEC America Anchors Down

CINTEC America, based in Glen Burnie, Md., has unveiled its Blast Window Retention Anchor Systems. The product offers a customized solution for each application and masonry substrate to provide maximum resistance to explosions.

The anchor system process begins with an inspection of the structure by qualified personnel. The structure is then modeled to access the most likely response and the risk inherent to the structure in order to determine the best reinforcement pattern, according to the company.

The anchor system is fashioned out of a steel bar enclosed in a mesh fabric sleeve. At the job site, they are inserted into the masonry and then connected to the frames. A specially-developed, non-polymer, cementitious grout is then injected into the sleeve under low pressure. The grout fuses with the mesh, expands, and shapes itself around the steel to fit the space. 

The company uses dry or low-volume wet diamond drilling techniques to reduce or eliminate water damage associated with conventional concrete wet drilling.

A wide range of the Blast Window Retention Anchor Systems is available, and each system is designed to meet the conditions under which it must perform, according to the company.


D-Latch Reinforces 
Vinyl Windows

Hill Design Products Inc. of McHenry, Ill., has released the patent-applied D-Latch, a window component that provides structural improvement to vinyl-hung window systems by reducing stile deflection. The hardware is mounted in the sash stile at a position to contact with the frame jamb return leg and engages into the jamb when the window is in the closed position, interlocking the sash to the frame. Designed for new construction and replacement windows, the product eliminates the need for typical window reinforcements, providing a cost savings for window manufacturers, according to the company. 


Atrium Selects BuyDesign™ Web-based Sales Solution

TDCI Inc. of Columbus, Ohio, announced that Atrium Companies Inc. has selected TDCI’s BuyDesign software solution as the basis for a new web-based online sales and service system.

According to a news release from TDCI, Atrium, a manufacturer of vinyl and aluminum windows and patio doors, will use the program to offer online quoting, ordering and status inquiry services to the company’s regional dealer networks. Atrium has executed an enterprise-level license for initial use of the software at five divisions, with an option for two more.

“We chose the BuyDesign solution primarily because of its configuration capabilities, including its templates for window and door products,” said Mark Blanchat, Atrium executive vice president of strategy and development.

According to the release, the decision to license the program followed a successful pilot implementation at Atrium’s Washington division manufacturing facility in Yakima, Wash. The division is already live with the new solution, and is now in the process of introducing it to customers in that region.


Kingsview™ Window Line is Royalty Redefined

Hurd Windows and Doors Inc. of Medford, Wis., has introduced the Kingsview window line, with a historic-inspired style and advanced engineering. According to a company release, they are marked as one of the most structurally-sound, aesthetically-pleasing and innovatively-inspired windows available. 

“We engineered this window with passionate attention to detail and the result is a major step forward in window technology,” said Joe Herman, vice president of sales and marketing.

According to the release, the window’s most striking innovation is the elimination of un-sightly jambliners. Utilizing a patent-pending clip and track balance system, it’s an all-natural, all-wood interior single-hung window. A side load removable bottom sash allows for convenient cleaning and easy operation. The bottom sash rail provides slight ventilation when desired without rain infiltration, and reduces the chance of sash rotting. 


Decorative Glass Adds Art to a Home

Meltdown Glass Art and Design of Chandler, Ariz., is a kiln-fired glass studio that specializes in decorative art and architectural glazing. Much of its glass is used for decorative door and window applications, according to the company.


Though identified correctly throughout the article on wind-borne debris protection (see August DWM, page 24) John Bush was incorrectly identified in a photo caption. DWM regrets the error.

The Retract-A-Bit Self-Storing Screwdriver system from Ready Products features integral bits which can be changed by pushing a button. 

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